Decoupage sobre Tabla de Picar

Decoupage sobre Tabla de Picar

What a blessing for us to be with you again in a step by step program that brings us details of blessing, this is the
today’s proposal for you learn
step by step how to make projects from the comfort of your home this
we make it with “Decoupage” and we go to use what are the breeders and
add these little pieces of wood that they also help us a lot to decorate
our projects then the video okay now let’s see how we do today’s project, we’re going to make the little cutting board today, we’re going to make a small variation, but with the same the technique of “Decoupage” this I am going to
paint not with acrylic paint on the case of all the cutting board but I’m going
to use what color bitumen is that that will qualify us
the wood in a very nice way Because it’s not acrylic paint I’m going to use a sponge
slightly damp to achieve that the bitumen run better
in this way if you see me I apply and I clean
I apply and clean what I want is to qualify it in various shades
for a matter of the napkin I’m going to put one that is a little bit more
dark to give that shade to the wood here we have the whole table
with the bitumen color if this is a stalemate
I have applied several colors at the same time when it’s completely dry we’ll see
the difference right now in the remaining space I will apply white
because it’s where I’m going to put my napkin and only in this space will I apply the
acrylic paint this will go as
let’s see my napkin in decline, more or less over there is where I want the napkin, it’s just a space The advantage of making “decoupage” is that
avoids be drawing and decorating in a way
simple our projects
ok, let’s go here I will show my napkin always
we must present our work before cutting it
I’m going to mark here I want him to come by Here more or less
and this is the space that I’m going to do it I’m going to rip I mainly like doing it like that
It’s a matter of taste with a brush
And that is a matter of taste I want these little flowers
and so I’m going to tear my napkin out of everything the space that I want it to be
included in this cutting board ok here we have the blank
let’s apply the rubber for “decoupage” slightly for
paste my napkin and do not apply it at all because as it is a little bit bigger what are we going to apply napkins
better do it by parties here I go
applied here to fix this side now let’s apply from the center towards
outside enough product and so we’re going to go with our napkin so it looks pretty let’s let it dry and right now we remove
the surplus I want to show you that this time I’m going to work with these woods that I
they like us a lot let’s see let’s put here I have the word kitchen over here is the salt shaker, the garlic, spoons It’s a matter of taste if you have another
thing you can put here depending on the napkin so I’m going to decorate it good in my case
like that If I put or I take this, I put the peppers beautiful
Now let’s color to our woods, in my case I will continue with the
bitumen but giving it a stronger color for
so that it looks nice I do not like to give more color because here the
color has the napkin, the rest Of the wood it will be, nothing else, the napkin and the pieces we are going to make them with bitumen let’s leave these aside see how beautiful
what are those are some pots because all that is for the kitchen, what are the potholders, onions more chiles
but good and that’s decoration that You want to put each one I’m going to do my
little board on the side and I’ll come with my pieces apply them
I’m going to paint them with the sponge the sponge
nothing else I will apply a little bit of bitumen and I’ll put
here I have my little board presented
we are going to paste only the fruit and vegetable design without
kitchen utensils to make it look nice in this case I am using this rubber for wood so that they are well glued as simple as this in the case of
napkin I put a little bit of
dimensional in this case it is when it dries, we’ve seen it in other videos, when it dries up it expands a little more than what
we have applied with the heat that is to give movement to our
napkin missing this kitchen in my case I’m going to leave my little board so we’re going to wait for it to dry to see if it is I need to add something else that I think
that has not been the project that we bring today again with the technique
of “decoupage” but using other tools such as bitumen putting this in this case the ornaments
of wood very pretty allusive to what we are
doing in a matter of cooking this is the project that brings details of
blessing step by step so that you learn, take advantage and besides that
share we want you to subscribe to our channel so that he learns with
us step by step and they can share with all your friends this has
been everything for today we see ourselves in the next tutorial

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  1. Disfrutando como siempre tus bellos tutoriales.Una pregunta donde puedo conseguir esas piezas tan lindas aquí en Costa Rica

  2. Precioso como todos tus trabajos..!!! También me gustaría saber cómo hiciste el cuadro de láminas que aparece justo detrás..!!! Muchas gracias

  3. hermoso!! me encantan sus trabajos!! me dirías si la bandeja en rojo que esta en tu mesa de trabajo ya la enseñaron? abrazo desde Uruguay!

  4. Qué hermosa quedó la tablita!! Muy lindo el proyecto, gracias Zary querida por enseñarnos esos bellos trabajos!!!!

  5. Me encantan tus trabajos Dios te siga bendiciendo cada día una pregunta adonde puede conseguir el papel de cerbilleta saludos desde Ecuador

  6. Hola que linda te quedo la tabla dé madera tengo unas preguntas, qué clase dé betún aplicaste ? Sé puede con betún dé zapatos líquido ? Las figuras dé madera las puedo pegar con cola blanca dé carpintero ? Espero tú respuesta bendiciones

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