33 thoughts on “DECOUPAGE for beginners – how to decoupage video Step by step tutorial – decoupage on wood

  1. Thank you so much for this detailed tutorial, I think I finally know what I was doing wrong! Can't wait to try once again! <3

  2. very cute! I really like the napkin colors– different for a valentine which is usually reds and pinks.  poppies look happy!  ;  )

  3. thank you so much i understand it so well. each step mentioned so clearly i m beginner soon to try it.
    i hv a one small query that is after applying second coat of glue did we have to use sand paper all over again to smooth the surface or not

  4. i would also like to know is there any method to photo print on decoupage . i was thinking if i could make a gift for my son of decoupage were i place photos of my both son .

  5. thank you so much after watching yiur video i learn this art and made decoupage mobile holder my first attempt as there is no option to attach pics i cant but really thanks to you.

  6. Love your tutorial!! No talking. Everything was shown step by step. Looking forward to watching more of your tutorials. Thank you!!

  7. love ur video… found it quite informative. I want to decoupage on eggshells. what type of paper did u use plz?

  8. salut Roxana rusu, imi plac foarte mult tutorialele pe care le prezinti, as dori sa stiu de unde pot cumpara toate cele necesare pentru a incepe acest gen de arta decorativa.Este posibil sa le achizitionez de pe un site de specialitate?poti sa-mi sugerezi toate tipurile de materiale de care as avea nevoe pentru inceput? Multumesc.

  9. Bonjour laquelle est mieux pour appliquer le gesso éponge ou pinceau. which one is the best sponge or paint brush. Thanks for reply me please

  10. Roxana could you tell me what size the heart and napkins are.? i am new to this hobby and would be grateful for more information. many thanks

  11. This is a lovely project,I am looking to decoupage some letters and found this video while looking for tutorials on how to do it properly,Thanks for sharing.

  12. I have the same napkin ' was thrilled to see it unfortunately it is so thin that moment i glued it the wrinkles appeared and the porcelian plate i used is looking pathetic . Need your advice

  13. Beautiful job. I really enjoyed watching this. Thanks for sharing.
    May I ask what the third language in the titles is? I recognize of course English and French. Is it Romanian?

  14. Buna.Adezivul de la pasul "sigilare" este același cu care am lipit șervețelul? Mulțumesc frumos pentru răspuns.Te urmăresc cu mare interes.

  15. This was a beautiful project and it came out sooooo pretty! However, I'd just like to add a few things for your readers so they don't get confused. You, of course, did everything correctly on the video itself, but neglected to put in the notes the following: when using a napkin it's a big "no-no" to pat it down with your fingers. Try ONLY to use the plastic wrap (a lot of beginners may be frustrated when they first use their fingers). Also, after the glue and napkin are dry, use the sandpaper as you did, but make sure your audience knows to sand it in ONE DIRECTION (away from you). You were doing it on the video but then again neglected to put it in the notes.Also can I use black paint to highlight the flowers? Do you think that might be a good or bad idea? I LOVE the way this heart came out!! 🙂

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