Decoupage em Porcelana

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how about you serve that afternoon tea with a whole crafted porcelain like that?
well, today’s step-by-step tip will be turn this porcelain
smooth with decoupage and in vitro ink 150º in a porcelain so worked, and if you
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of the video and now let’s go to the walkthrough, to do this work i will use this decoupage paper you can also use the napkin, this decoupage paper
I’ll cut, already the napkin you have to take both films off and only use the
up ok? I will cut some figures I already left some cut too
to advance the video, already cut the figures that I
I chose my decoupage role, and here are the dessert plates, the background, the
and the other parts, I’m going to start decouping with
150 ° vitro ink, this ink after burning allows washing of parts,
but of course you will serve snacks cold cuts, a cake, cannot pass the knife and the
fork on top of the picture because it will come out, and the indication of not putting in
microwave or in the dishwasher is from the dish that’s right? when you buy the dish he
comes with a tag saying what can and what can’t,
so these here can’t even go to the microwave not even for the dishwasher ok so
let’s start with a soft brush you will apply the in vitro ink to the paper, so as soon as you apply the picture
you come with a cloth over it to avoid possible bubbles and will
rubbing over the figure, passes the vitro ink over the figure too, and look how it went then you will get the
decoupage paper, will apply directly to in vitro ink, placed the
paper passes the cloth back to remove the bubbles, then passes the glass paint
new on top and waiting for 24 hours to dry hours
I will repeat this process in all other pieces, come on? so I’ve done the decoupage here in the three
plates, I chose for this kit here the
teapot, cup and a snack, and you can add other pieces that you
find better, I will apply the decoupage of both
sides but as I just applied here I’ll wait to dry first then
do the back as it may stick here and the whole figure will come out, I’ll go to
cup, the cup will also do both sides, I finished the decouping process with the
150th vitro ink, now I’ll wait for the drying process which is 24 hours and
after 24 hours yes i can move on to the next step what is the
next step? I’ll take all these pieces to the oven
still cold, later I put in the temperature of 150º
degrees and leave it there for 30 minutes and after 30 minutes you turn off the oven
and leave the pieces there, it will just take the parts when the oven is
completely cold, then yes it will be ready for you to wash,
let’s wait? already passed 24 hours now I’ll take it to the oven to make
the burning, come on? and here is our work finished
of today, look how beautiful it was but before
finish I want to give you a hint if you remember at the beginning of
video, the little flowers in the role of decoupage were in this pink color,
you see here look? After I I applied the in vitro paint it changed color,
it turned orange, see? it was good happen this for me to take the test
to know what can be changed, I took the decoupage paper, I passed
the colorless shellac, I waited for it to dry and then I applied the in vitro paint,
I took another piece for you See, see? it was really pink,
this one I made with the napkin, with the napkin doesn’t change anything, you take the
two films apply, do not change color, stay the same
now in the decoupage role gave this difference, although I liked the color like that,
but I had to take the test to show to you is not it?
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