Decoupage em lata

hello welcome to my channel in today’s video project I’ll be making napkin decoupage in the can and if you already liked this idea leave the Your like subscribe to my channel. share my videos on your social networks and now we go to step by step so here we will be using this can this can here was soluble coffee I already took the description of it and washed it I left her clean and now I’m going to spend the primer that primer that I’m going to be using is for metals pets and glass there are people who prefer to give a little tap with the sponge is also valid I’ll move the hand with a brush and then I’ll smooth with Rolino not to get that brush mark Then, after drying, I’ll give another coat of primer and then I’ll ink I already gave the second coat of primer and now while it’s drying I’ll make the Same thing in the cap and now I will also wait to dry so here I already gave the two coats of primer now I gave one on the lid I’ll give one more on the lid and it stays White so now our tin is ready to receive ink the paint that I’ll be using here is extra matte pva for crafts the color is ivory now while I dry the can I will ink the lid too now I will wait to dry, and now after dries I’ll give another hand paint to stay the color evenly ready now I’ll wait for the drying so we can continue the process of our tin so now it’s ready, it’s already dry, the tin looks now I’m going to be using this napkin, as the tin is small I’ll see here the size that will stay Good here, the little flowers I’m going to cut I’m going to use it, it’s just this part of the rosines to stick here on the can skin the napkin he has three films I took the two of them. Just this one and let’s paste. with the glue gel, I’ll put it here to see where the flower is going, I’ll do the middle over there then you applied the napkin already soon after you put the plastic and it goes smoothing Look how it turned out now, I’ll expect to dry. now here in the back I’m going to use a stencil to make the cup of tea, my tin is going to be tea here I’ll be using gold ocher paint I’ll give a fade away with this pink cyclamen paint so I do not have it all What color is the can now I withdraw so here, look, I already made the cup I’ll put the stencil higher up to Put this one down here Tea So I’m here now with a Sponge I’m going to give a little beat to mix with the rose print Here in the background also I’ll use the stencil here look at handmade product Look how cool it got Done it now to waterproofing the napkin and the paint I’ll be Laying General varnish So now after I’ve passed the general varnish I’ll leave drying Meanwhile I’m going to do the decoration on the little cap and the cap I’ll just wet Sponjinha in the ink then some milkshakes so On the tampon also I’ll be putting the stencil to make the decoration There got so here I’ll repeat the same process I’ll Pass the general varnish too And here is finished our project today Look how beautiful this little tin is, this one I made tea Put mate but you might be putting the tea sachets too, that From here I made coffee powder this I made for instant coffee you might be Using the napkin technique or just using the stencil also gets super cute Pretty cool the three cans to compose their Kitchen is and besides everything is reusing the cans that most people Dismiss, throw away, I hope you enjoyed the video Be sure to subscribe to my channel If you are not yet enrolled, let your Like there your comments share my videos on your social networks and Until the next video

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