Apply Primer for candle 121547 or Primer for Gloss Surface 317019. Dry it 48 hours. Tear the images out of rice paper 21504 and 45494. Glue the images with glue for decoupage Cplus. Glue the images with glue for decoupage Cplus. Tear the pieces out of the rice paper with metal flacks RSP112. Glue the pieces of the rice paper with glue for decoupage Cplus. Glue the pieces of the rice paper onto the top of the candles. After drying apply glossy varnish KADL1 or 3219. Fix masking tape around of the all candles. Apply Glue for metal leaves MIXION. Remove the masking tape. Dry the glue 15 minutes. Glue the Gold Metal Leaves CAD202G. Remove excess gilding leaves by soft brush. Apply Solvent based varnish CL001 onto the metal leaves onto the bottom of the candle ONLY! Shop online Thank You!


  1. There are English subtitles on all ours videos. Ci sono i sottotitoli in Italiano. Hay subtítulos en español. Our online store Materials: Candle 6,5 cm x h 25 cm, Rice paper 21504 and 45494, Rice paper with gold flacks RSP112, Primer for candle 121547 or Primer Gloss Surface 317019, Glue for decoupage Cplus, Finishing varnish Glossy KADL1 or 3219, Glue for metal leaves MIXION, Gilding Metal Leaves CAD202G, Solvent based finishing varnish for metal leaves CL001, brushes KR11284.

  2. Hermoso trabajo, por favor quisiera que me lo indicara como suplir el papel de arroz, muchas gracias, saludos desde Perú.

  3. Molto belle….Molto raffinate brava cara come sempre baci baci baci 😘😘😘👍👍👏👏👏👏👏❤💜🧡💛💚💙

  4. Love finding your channel & your work is very inspirational!!!!
    Thank you for translation too!!!
    My question is: can the rice paper with metal flecks be decoupaged on first & then the rice paper scenes added on top?

  5. Светлана, 👍👏💗подписка! Браво, настолько работа сделана мастерски! Спасибо огромное за М К, сейчас очень актуально для меня. Успехов в творчестве и процветания! 🍀🍀🍀🌹🌹🌹💗

  6. These are absolutely beautiful! Can you actually light them up as there is decoupage glue and varnish used, is it safe? 🙂

  7. They are beautiful! My question is: Are you able to burn these since they have paper and glue? Or, are they for decorative purposes only?

  8. SVP je colle n importe qu'elle image et quel sorte de cole utilisez vous et merci de me répondre

  9. These are beautiful, but are they safe if someone burns them? I would think the glues and varnishes would be flammable.

  10. У красоты нпт границ и политики. Я верю, что красота спасёт Мир. Поэтому с меня подписка. И ещё если можно такой вопрос, работаете ли Вы с зарубежьем?

  11. Hi Svetlana,
    I have been following your tutorials. Lovely work and clear instructions. I have some doubts. Iam from india. I have seen many videos where you can make your own decoupage napkins. When we do laser prints, colour bleeding is not an issue. But when we print on an inkjet printer, the colour tends to bleed when we apply modpodge. Please suggest remedies. Would be grateful if you can post videos to make our own napkins and how to use them. Thank you. Best wishes.
    Anandhi Ayyappan

  12. Tolle Motive, gefallen mir richtig gut. Der Shop ist jedoch nicht in Deutsch und ich kann kein Englisch etc. Hast Du eine Idee, wo ich diese schönen Servietten noch bekommen kann?

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