Debunking Fake Videos! Can you dye clothes with spinach? (TroomTroom, 5-Min Craft) How To Cook That

Debunking Fake Videos! Can you dye clothes with spinach? (TroomTroom, 5-Min Craft) How To Cook That

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and today because you asked me to … I’m doing another debunking video,
where we take viral videos of Facebook and YouTube
usually DIYs and recipe ones and see if they’re real or if they have just been
faked! This first video we’re going to look at today this recipe is on both
five-minute crafts and so yummy but the similarity between them is uncanny. I’m
not sure who is copying who but you can see this is shot by shot it’s not merely
a coincidence. Did you notice something funny about the So Yummy one there? If
you didn’t rewind back and watch it again and see if you can pick it up … for
those of you who’ve already done that let me go ahead and spoil it and show
you what the difference was. This is the carton before it goes in the microwave
and after it’s in the microwave 🤪 obviously there’s nothing in that carton
it’s completely empty because they’ve cut the bottom off it and then magic at the end
of the video it’s back to the full size of the carton again! Let me actually make
this one because just by watching it I can tell this is not going to work. It’s
not the ingredients that are the issue is the method that’s the issue here. So
Yummy said to use 475 milliliters and 5-Minute-Craft said to use 300 … I’m gonna go
with the smaller volume because I think it’s gonna boil over anyway so we’ll
give it the best chance of working. Add the other ingredients, now these
ingredients as I said technically could make a dessert you’ve got gelatin and
sugar in the marshmallows that should set it and make it sweet and the protein
in the egg should make it rich and also hope it’s set. There’s just no way it’s
gonna work using this method. Now we’re supposed to shake it and then we’re
supposed to put it in the microwave for 10 minutes! 10 minutes is a long time for
anything in the microwave … this is what happened after 30 seconds … the
marshmallows melted and expanded which is what they do when you put them in the
microwave. Oh no it fell out! I’ll just put them back in again and then after 1
minute the milk starts to bubble up and boil over as expected and the eggs
curdle in there and make it lumpy because they’re being cooked for too
long. This is not how you make an egg custard and after ten minutes hmm 🧐 why
are these debunking videos always so messy? I guess I’ll let that chill … yummy! Milk
flan mm-hmm … this looks like one for Dave to try. It’s bad! Is that like … is that supposed
to be good? Is that like something people order at a restaurant? Oh excuse me
waiter, I didn’t order the baby spew 🤮Next
Troom Troom’s gonna show us how to make it easy. These bananas are so delicate
they are so quick to turn spotty and go bad to fix the situation take a piece of
foil wrap the fruit in it. Wow so much time has passed but the banana in the
foil is still as yellow and appetizing. So to test this one I’ve got two bananas
from the same bunch so they’re the same age. I’ve tried to find ones without
marks on but this one does have a bit of a bruise on it here already so I’m going
to make that one the one that we leave and we’ll put the better one in foil so
that the one with less bruises is in the foil straight away. I’m pressing it
really gently because I don’t want the foil to market and then we’ll set that
apart for five days like they said and we’ll check that later on in the video.
While we’re on the topic of keeping it fresh … So Yummy says that to keep your
bread fresh and to stop it from going mouldy just add a stick of celery in
with the bag of bread then when you come back a week later there’s no mold and
it’s done its job. Well let’s test that one out too. I’ve got two bags of bread
that have the exact same use by date so that the exact same batch same brand
putting a stick of celery in with one and nothing in with the other. I actually
came back five days later on this one and there was no mold on either of them
so I’m actually going to have to leave them another five days and then we’ll
see what happens then and I’ll show you that at the end. The next video is from
5 minute crafts for KIDS and this one has six million views. The description
below the video says: “cooking is such a pleasure and it’s even more fun to eat
everything you cook afterwards”. So let’s have a look at what we’re going to be
eating after we cook what’s in their video today … we’ve got skittles and then
we’re adding VODKA because it’s for KIDS! and making sweet colorful alcoholic
drinks for kids that they can have fun consuming afterwards. If you see a video
that you think shouldn’t be on YouTube screenshot the advert that’s on it and
send it to the advertiser send them a message saying you’re paying for this
content you’re paying for alcoholic drinks to be promoted to children. 5-minute-crafts for teens puts butter and Whethers into a pan and then they melt them
over the stovetop now we know this must be sped up otherwise it would just burn.
And then they’re adding corn kernels into the pan that looks really really
burnt! There’s only a few kernels popping then they flip it over and there’s a
full bowl of caramel popcorn and magically it’s not too hot to touch even
though it’s just come out of the pan. So we’re gonna try this one of course. I
know I’m gonna regret this because it’s gonna be a pain to clean my pan but
anyway let me fast-forward the melting process for you give that a bit of a
stir because their next shot looked perfectly mixed in they didn’t have the
butter in the caramel separate then add the corn kernels. Put a bowl over at the
top it’s a bit fogged so it’s a little bit hard to see but the caramel is
starting to burn at the bottom and the corn is not even popping yet. This pan is gonna be a pain to clean. oh there it is
the first pop … now we’re popping! It’s starting to smoke as well so I’m gonna
stop it there and flip it over… My poor pan! I’ll try and save these
popped ones for Dave. It’s ahhh… it’s quite well done! Mmmm … you can really taste just a hint
of charcoal in the caramel! If you do want to know how to make the best
caramel popcorn you’ll have to watch the gravity defying popcorn cake. This is the
sort of food that Dave is used to me serving up and now onto a Blossom video
they’re putting hot coal into peanut butter and then freezing it for 24 hours
and then magically you have a crystal. Now quite a few of you sent me this one
I’m not going to repeat an analysis with this because number one there is no way
in the world that can work and number two The King of Random channel has done
a great video dedicated to just this one “so pretty much everything about this is
just 100% nonsense they definitely faked it”. So I’ll link you to that one
underneath if you want to watch that. back to baking take some melted candy
melts and add straws and let it harden then pull them out add a sunflower seed
which looks cute to think that cute little candles light them up and it’s an
edible candle. The thing that’s strange to me about this one is that candy melts
don’t melt like that … they don’t drip but they’re very thick when they’re melted.
So let’s try and make it. Melt the candy melts add the straws let it set and then
struggle to pull them out. The candy melt candles are broken because of the
struggle to get them out so I’m going to milk more candy melts and use a piping
bag to fill a straw because that’s heaps easier and then run a knife down the
straw and take that off add a sunflower seed to the top and now to get that drip.
Light the sunflower seed wait a minute I can’t get it to light let me hold the
flame on it for a lot longer hmm how am I gonna get a drip if I can’t get it to light?
Once more… we have smoke and a little flame and now it’s gone out with
still no drip. Let’s try another one yes look at that I got one candle to
light out of all of them whew but no drip and it’s gone out again. okay
forget the sunflower seed I’m going to add an actual candle wick so that we can
see if we can replicate that drip. Light it up and still no drip because candy
melts don’t drip like that. The flame is burning the sugar in the candy melts and
the candy melts are soft when they heated up but they don’t drip like wax
does. So what did they do in their video then? Well if we have a really close look
you can see here there’s a little bit on the side that’s there before it’s
started even heating up and then in the next frame
there’s blue up the sunflower seed like a wax drip has been dropped from above
and then your eyes get distracted watching would go down and yet another
drop magically appears on top.. In case you were in any doubt this is
not how you make a drip cake candy melts are not going to drift down like that
you need to make a ganache which is cream and chocolate or you could use
cream and candy melts and then you let it cool to just the right thickness and
then just pipe it around the edge letting it drip down just a little bit.
This next one lots of you sent to me and asked me to
review so I’m quickly going to run through this one … so first thing says to
grab some grapes put them in pantyhose pull them over a glass add water and the
skin in purple grapes creates a pink pigment. Now I don’t know about that
because I think a lot of you have actually washed grapes before and would
know that nothing comes off than when you wash them you can actually make a
die from grape skin but you need a lot of skins and it’s not gonna make that
brighter color it’s more a muted thing as all natural dyes tend to give you not
bright vivid colors but muted tones. But let’s try it anyway put the grapes in
the glass add the water and no color is coming off them. If I take the t-shirt
out so we can just get some good footage and add some gel food coloring then I
can get some nice shots. Let’s get rid of the food color wash the
glass and put t-shirt back in and add the grapes on top and I’m gonna leave that
overnight I’m gonna give it a long time just to see what happens and 24 hours
later … surprise surprise the t-shirt is still white! Now for Rosemarie I’m going
to just copy what they do for each of these … add the rosemary and the t-shirt
into a pot of water and I assume we heat that up. Then this has yellow coming from
the Rosemarie but there’s no yellow coming from my Rosemarie. I’m going to
leave that for 24 hours and now we’ve got some color that’s leached into the
water and the shirt is a very slight creamy color. Now turmeric. Turmeric does
stain things if you’ve ever got it on your countertop you’ll know it’s hard to
get off so if anything’s gonna work it should be this one. Add the hot water
then the baking soda now we have two reactions happening here number one the
baking soda if you add that to hot water is going to fizz and make carbon dioxide
bubbles because that’s what baking soda does in a cake when you heat it up it
starts to fizz and make bubbles so the cake rises and number two the turmeric
is acting as an indicator it shows you if something is basic or neutral. If it’s
basic it will turn red if it’s neutral it will turn yellow. Now I’ve left this
one overnight as well so we can see if it colors it … the shirt definitely looks
red but the question is will it hold that color. Interestingly when you rinse
it in water which is neutral those shirt turns yellow again and then if I add
washing powder which is basic it turns a reddy color again and that’s because
this is still acting as an indicator the turmeric is still in the shirt.
Once it’s properly rinsed I wonder if it’ll still keep doing that I’ll wash it
and then we’ll test it again. All right so this has been washed and dried and
it’s a nice light lemony yellow not the bright red but let’s just get a little
bit of soap which is basic on to my finger and we’ll put some on and see
what happens… ah look it’s still changing color as you
can see it’s clear on my finger but it is still changing color when I put
anything basic on it. I don’t know about you but I don’t really want to wear
clothes that if I get something basic on it it’s going to indicate the color on
it I don’t want to wear a basic indicator. But it’s quite fun if you want
to do that experiment with kids I just wouldn’t die my clothes that way.
Onto another indicator red cabbage now this is another fun experiment you can
do but you don’t need to do it with clothes if you put red cabbage into a
container with hot water leave it overnight then you can strain out the
cabbage and just use that bright purple liquid that it gives you if you add an
acid it’s going to turn pink so some lemon juice and vinegar if you add a
base like baking soda it’s going to turn blue and it’s a good indicator and it’s
a fun reaction to do with kids whether it or dye clothes or not I don’t know
and then if it’s going to keep having this reaction if it does that’s probably
not ideal but let’s test it out and have a look. Here’s the cabbage that’s been
soaking overnight and as I said that gave off a great purple color it looks
good so far but I don’t know if this will hold when it’s washed. I’ll test
that in a minute add some vinegar in and it will go pink and now for some baking
powder that’s fizzing because of the vinegar and it’s reacting with the acid
in the vinegar if you didn’t have the vinegar in there it wouldn’t fizz and
that’s turning blue. I’m gonna label these so we know which one was which when
they’re washed … so C is for cabbage and then P for purple not that that looks
super purple is a bit bluish. Now because these haven’t been washed they are of
course still soaked in the cabbage water so they’re still gonna be acting as an
indicator so even if you didn’t wash them and you just dried them so you had
this colour they’re still gonna be reacting like you saw a yellow shirt so
the issue with that is if you add something acidic like lemon juice it’s
going to turn it pink. Now sweat is acidic … so I want you to
imagine someone wearing this shirt and sweating in it this is not going to be
the best look! anyway let me wash those so we can
see if the color holds. So after washing here is the cabbage blue and the cabbage
purple and they’re cabbage pink! If you want to dye the stick to fabric you
actually need to add a chemical called a mordant to your dye so that the color
sticks and doesn’t just wash out or you could just buy the clothes in the color
you want them to be. Eucalyptus leaves we have plenty of these in Australia. I
hated this for a long time and then left them overnight to soak and managed to get
a little bit of color out of them and we’ve got a nice creamy color actually
quite like that color. Moving on to spinach wilted spinach
releases a turquoise dye apparently but if we rewind back this and it isn’t
wilted at all. Here’s the spinach in my pot if I just freeze frame it then isolate
the background from the leaves and use color correction to make it whatever
color I want to make it. Next if avocado and I think you know by now how this is
going to work out… 24 hours later … gross! it stinks and it’s not pink. I’m gonna
wash all of these after dyeing and washing here we’ve got the three
cabbages spinach grapes turmeric avocado gum leaf and rosemary. Next they have
faded black jeans plus coffee makes your jeans really dark black like they’re
brand new. now I’ve soaked one leg of these jeans
in coffee and the other one I didn’t … can you tell which one? hmm me neither
but look I can’t change the exposure on my camera and now I can do it before and
after shot. I was speaking to Jeff Horowitz from The Wall Street Journal
the other week … he has written a great article about fake DIY videos and I’ll
link you to that one below as well. In the article he said that in response to
this video that got more than 34 million views toaster manufacturers
came out in a statement and said you should never put foil in a toaster
because it can cause fires and electric shocks.
Smeg which is the toaster that’s featured in the video says they do not
under any circumstances suggest that you do this. The co-founder of First Media
called that video regrettable describing the company’s decision to take them down
as evidence of its industry-leading standards. Well I just went over to the
so yummy channel and I just found that exact same video has just been re-uploaded
to the channel and it’s still there! Anyway let’s check up on the bananas
they look pretty much the same whether they were wrapped in foil or not so
wrapping them in foil is an absolute waste of time and money. Next for the
bread after five days as I said there was no mold so I left them for another 5
days and if we have a look at the one without celery first … it has a circle of
white mold here and a couple of little dots of mold growing there and that’s
about it. now for the one with celery and we’ve
got some mold here and there a little bit there and here and then the
disgusting bit … the celery itself is moldy and gross which has made the bread
down this end very moldy 🤢 Hacks are supposed to be helpful they’re not
supposed to be destructive! That’s just disgusting. I’m gonna leave you with
another clip from blossom and you can tell me in the comments what you think
is wrong with this particular clip rather than me telling you because I
think you guys are pretty intelligent and you figured this stuff out by now.
With thanks to my patrons for supporting me and this channel without you none of
this would happen you guys are legends thank you so much. Subscribe to how to
cook that for more cakes chocolates and desserts. You can click over to watch
more debunking videos or watch recipes that actually work on the channel. Make
it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday 💕

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    However, this recipe seems to be all over the web – including WikiHow – who normally doesn't partake in viral stunts. The difference in WikiHow's content is they specific to boil until dissolved, colour over medium heat, then let cool for 30 minutes, and to test the temperature of the wax with your hand before applying to sensitive areas.

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