Day at Work: Video Game Designer

Day at Work: Video Game Designer

Designers have to be gamers if you don’t play video games you’re not
going to be able to make it as a designer uh, it’s just the way it is. Like, in my last job I played World of Warcraft, right. Everyone knows what World of Warcraft is. So, I’m uh talking about it one day and my boss goes “Oh yeah I play on this server” and I was like really? And he was like “Yeah, I raid. Want to come raid with me?” And I’m like, “Awesome.” So here we are, it’s like,
11:30 at night one night, our raid decides we’re going to continue going for another hour and I’m like, “Man,I’m going be late to work tomorrow.” And somebody goes, “Well, call your boss.” And I was like, “Hey boss, do you mind if I am late to work tomorrow?” And he was like “Nah, it’s alright.” (laughter) which of course, I mean, how is that at all fair to anyone else
who has a job, ya know? Most days I spend my time building levels. I go into our editor which is our
program that we used to actually build the levels and I go in and I place objects. I make racetracks. Everything that’s in the world is put there because, you know, I’m the one that puts it there. The best design process actually always starts on paper. Its always a good idea to start a paper
because you just kind of think things through and you plan things out better. Plus paper’s really cheap, right? This idea that you you do something on paper it doesn’t take very long. It’s very quick. Ah, and, you can even throw it away and you don’t care. So if it comes out bad you’re like “Oh, okay I wasted like an hour.” Once you have a fairly decent idea on paper and that fairly sure is going to be good then you start building in the editor, but you don’t build it pretty. You build a very ugly, very quick fast, you know, as as quickly as possible. And it’s called blockout stage, and so, then once you
have blockout and you put it in the game, then you play it. And you have to keep playing after every single step you have to play. Because things that you think are great and fantastic will play horribly. (laughter) And at the in end of day
gameplay trumps everything right? I mean, I…. you can have game looks abysmal ,l but if
it plays really well it’s going to play really well and people are going to enjoy it. And then I get other people play it and say, “Hey, tell me what you think?” And uh, if it’s a good idea then we keep building it and keep making it prettier. That’s polish, right? So you just keep polishing it up. I graduated college with a liberal arts degree and I was actually going to be an English
teacher. Like, that was my goal and I got into a a
very prestigious uh, English, um, program with a full
assistantship and everything. The only thing that I ever was more interested in while in college than class was video games. Like, that was the only reason I ever skipped class was to go play a video game. And it happened more than
I’d like to admit, ya know? And so, literally I was browsing
the web and I saw this thing it was like oh the Guildhall SMU we have a 95 percent hire rate. And I was like, wait, ninety-five percent of their graduates get
hired and, wait, wait, wait! I could be making video games, and like, at that point there was almost no discussion, like, my mom was so sad. ( laughter) So went to visit the school to meet
these professors, and so like, I went in and the level design professor at the
time he goes, “Well, name some of your favorite games.” And at the time I was very engrossed in
this game called Morrowwind. And I was like “Morrowind, I love it. It’s a fantastic game!” And he went, “Oh, you know why the dark elves are
blue?” and I was like, “No, I don’t.” And then he goes, “because I wanted them to be blue.” (laughter) I’m going… ah….(laughter)…. I’m going to do this. And, the first Mother’s Day after I
graduated actually happen to grab a t-shirt at a convention, at a game convention that says, “My mom said playing video games would
never pay off.” And she wears it religiously. Like,
every time she’s, uh, like there’s like a family event or something,
she wears this this video game t-shirt.

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  1. How long does it takes to make a completely video game?

     I learned by myself with C, C++, Python, and now I learned a little bit of Unreal Engine 4 to make games….. but it take like forever to get to the "video game" level    =(

  2. this is the job i want to get if i dont manege in football btw im not a nerd i have high chances of ending up on either jobs. But just thinking all you do is make something YOU like and others like for pleasure not being forced to and making it beautifull then get paid for it MAN !!!!

  3. +Trizard I am also interested in being a game developer. The language you should learn is java. not JavaScript or c++. All other programming languages are based off Java, so you learn Java, everything else should be easier to learn.

  4. GOOAALL'SS I would love to have her job or hell for that matter go to SMU. Like to have SMU down on your resume as where you went to school is like saying "Oh I went to see GOD" like that's huge like real freaking huge. Right now I'm actually designing levels for my own game so hopefully I can use it in my profile for getting a job in this field. If anybody out there has any tips hit me up ^_^

  5. Hi, My name is Garrett and I am 12 years old…I want to become a game developer for like call of duty or anything like combat that is realistic not like halo. I have learned "a lot" about Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and some JavaScript and very little PHP. I know those won't really help with game development but I just need a language to start off coding with. I do not know where to start on my adventure of game making. Could any Help me such as programs (w/ links to them) or videos (w/ links to them) or what language to learn please?

  6. Hi, I would like to be a video game designer but I don't like to talk very much to people. I have poor communication skills.I know communication skills is very important but I just can't do it… I'll panic and starting to sweat. I rather show you what I can do instead of talking about it what I can do. What should I do about this issue?

  7. Can any body tell "video game designer field requirements education..?(FOR Ea,CAPCOM, Ubisoft…)"Iam an 15 year old and i want to decide my future..!

  8. So many people want to become a Games Programmer without really knowing what your day to day workload will be like. I use to really want to do it until at Uni where I was given the chance and discovered the amount of maths involved and was put off. I hope I can get into more one day but I prefer programming non-3D programs like user interface development. Still kind of searching for that dream job 🙁

  9. I currently left my old high school and joined ITT Technical Institute to learn how to program and design, my dream job is to become a game programmer, designer, or developer, I know it will be hard, but I've spent almost all my life playing games and I would love to spend the rest of it making them, their is no better job than making something you're compassionate about

  10. this is really inspiring, at first I was scared of pursing video game development because I heard it was a bit difficult finding a job in that area but watching this video, I feel like I should go and follow this path because I love playing video games like everyone else out there

  11. Morrowind is still one of my favorites. that game definitely was a milestone for Bethesda, and it still has the most beautiful soundtrack composed for a video game ever 🙂

  12. i want to make my game. i have in my mind that has actoin and family moments some great talking moments thats are funny

  13. Hey i wanted to know what is the most important coding language is at the moment because i heard java is dying so i need help

  14. My dream job is to work for neatherrealm studios like creating models of how they will look, but what do I study 4 that??

  15. Im a game designer of 6+ years on AAA games, and this video should be titled "Day in the Life: Video Game Level Designer. As a "Game Designer" for 3 different AAA studios the video game designers and I were first and foremost Scripters. You'd come in sit down grab the latest build files from P4, build code and art assets, then get to work in a script editor like SlickEdit, Crimson Editor, Notepad++, or some studio-created script editor. And you start writing script code. Level Designers either build BSP maps like Hammer Editor or Unreal Editor, or work with Environment Artist to build levels based on a modular toolset with pre-built art assets that piece together to make a level. If you want to become a "Video Game Designer" please for the love of God learn to code in C++. And for college please for the love of God get a Computer Science degree from a state U and not from Full Sail.

  16. I'm 15 and in high school. I plan to go into video game design myself. In fact, I have already picked next hour courses in video design at my high school. I'm also thinking about colleges. Any colleges you recommend me checking out for this field.

  17. u can save money for a laptop computer a gaming computer my cost 1000 dollars but it was were it is want to try to be a video game designer but I hope it is easy to learn and fun

  18. sorry that's not what I said in the taping what I meant Tuesday who was that's my computer cost 1000 dollars it is a gaming computer Lenovo look it up on Google save money and try to get to computer

  19. I really like playing the game destiny. I love the design and feel of it. I would love to work at bungie. Anyone know what I should aim for. I want to build character models and stuff like that

  20. This is rubbish. Real game development studios are chilled but very professional. Anyone interested in making games should really get used to the idea of crunching a lot and being totally burnt out on gaming.

  21. "Hey you know why the dark elves to be blue? Because I wanted them to be blue." What a badass way of introducing yourself.

  22. Do you have to be good at drawing in order to be a video game designer? I suck at drawing on paper but I'm not having any problems learning codes and scripting using unity to make games.

  23. I'm just moved to a new school and I am taking information technology and they just finished teaching game design and we're starting another topic, I'm interested in game design are there any apps or anything I can do in my free time to learn

  24. I'm an aspiring game/art designer! I'm only fifteen, and here's a list of problems I'm so hoping someone can address for me.

    1) Expensive. I used to have an interest in culinary arts, but found that to be too expensive and much of a commitment. I'm looking at these videos and seeing all the programs and computers and fancy electronics they are using. Is this an expensive career path? I don't have a lot of money, and can barely afford a $9.99/month payment to keep Photoshop.

    2) Skills. Game and art design. You'd think that all you need are drawing skills and a love for games, right? I'm not sure about that. Looking at job descriptions, a lot of them tend to be very broad or vague. You don't just draw. You don't just design or make concepts. There are game and art/graphic designers who CODE — and a lot of other technological/IT stuff and I feel like my desired career path is way too specific, and that I won't be able to develop the necessary abilities to fit job requirements.

    3) Employment. One of my family members used to be a game designer, he lives in California, but was unemployed for long periods of time due to him not being able to find a job. I hear this career path is a dead end, even with the growing level of gaming these days. Is it true it's hard to find a job, one that could even pay well? Maybe even decent jobs would take years to form a sustainable wage, and even then you could end up being a starving artist.

    4) Age. I'm fifteen. I don't have that many artistic skills. I can barely draw a duck. But I love designing. I want to be a game/art/graphic designer. I WANT to be able to draw. I draw in my mind e.g. "It'd look so cool if this looked like that, or if this went that way and this did that…" I'm so scared I'm not going to develop the necessary skills I need, and I'm dedicating my entire high school lifetime to developing skills as early as possible. My Junior and Senior years are all art and digital classes, coding classes, basically me scrambling to get as much experience as possible. (I can't code or draw yet but I'm hope I can learn.)"

  25. some people says you have to be literally a genius in math, but i consider myself good at math i know how to do very easily fractions, decimals, equations and that kind of stuff isn't that enough?

  26. to be frank, i need an advise here… i've did my under-graduation in B.Tech design and planning, which consists of architectural design, I.T, CS, Film & other media production techniques and G.I.S. well you can go to any field from this. But i'd like to say that, i'm weak at math but can do graphs,algebra and geometry good. and i'm not that brilliant but fairly ok at drawing, i can do coding fairly (like if u give me any task like make the player sprite jump, or anything i can do it) but cant explain it well. So is it ok for me to enter the game designer field. Do i have the qualifications?? i'm confused. Note : i've made a game from top to bottom with music and sounds on my own with limited deadline for my grad project (in RPG Maker) even though anyone can do but i have no guidance here..

  27. Learn Linux.
    Not only is it less susceptible to viruses, it's also what the internet RUNS on.
    It's taking over the world – covertly. If you program, leave the toy os's for the end-user masses.
    OK… keep a windows rig for gaming until Steam gets off its ass.

  28. whoa, mind opening. We never know where life would take us ? can multimedia student be a video game designer ?

  29. im currently in a university studying computer sciences aspiring to be a programmer. i really think designing video games is a very cool profession

  30. You know, this is a very bad depiction of a "game designer". It's just an advertisement for a college. You won't get a job in the game industry if all you do is sit all day and play video games. You youngsters on the comments should focus on school for now, especially math. Download GameMaker and try out some coding tutorials. Game development is nothing like the video. Even the woman right there is just referred to as just "Kim". Kim who? Where is she now in the industry? Make yourself a favor and don't trust videos like these so blindly. Reply to me if you want more advice.

  31. I have a question though, did Kim have any special drawing skills before integrating the Guildhall design program? Because I'm really thinking of going next year for the same program but I'm not a special artsy guy.

  32. 3:33 he wanted the Dark Elves to be blue in Morrowind ??? was he Todd Howard, Ken Rolston, Mark Nelson or Julian LeFay your professor at video game college ?!?

  33. Hi, I have a question. I want to be a game designer, but I have no experience in doing one. The most I have done is a little of rpg game program and a little Photoshop. I am going to graduate high school this year, is there any way that I can get and game design job at all? ( sorry about the bad English)

  34. hey if i made games can you guide me on about how to sell them i need money and i got talent a bit but my mind power is extremly high and within days i learn cartoon making just like americans do and game making in months and 3d and animations,it knowledge ,my compony is not game making compony but my boss is actually so deer guy he giving me that opportunity to create anything i can think of so as commercial basses i think you are more superior then me and if you like me to help a bit then i posted you my demos and expected you to correct if that you can't do then no problem can you telling me how do i sold my games ofcource i knows a bit few things but you are professional looks like.

  35. wait.. so what i learned from this video at least at the start is that game designers do the job for the level designers?

  36. this is the career I choice for myself! So I hope I made the right choice because I do want to create games but I'm not good at math 🙁

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