DAY 14 | The 2019 Craft Beer Advent Calendar Review | Sexton Brewing

DAY 14 | The 2019 Craft Beer Advent Calendar Review | Sexton Brewing

Hey beer fans! Ashley here from, and we are back with day 14 of the craft beer advent calendar
Belgian Edition so yesterday we have the triple from boxing uh no ifs from
Canadian reaction see what we get today gonna plain Oman cap there and we have
Wow okay tenancies I’ll let you look at that and then I’m gonna try and
pronounce it it’s the ten of clubs by a Verity n of Arts and straf Wow
okay so what we have is a ten percent alcohol by volume beer of some sort it
doesn’t really tell me ingredients water barley malt hops yeast sugar and herbs
so looks okay we’re just gonna call this a Belgian dark out I’m just gonna go
with that I’m just taking a guess I do like the label though that is pretty
cool dig in the label so let’s see what we get yeah I send to these bottles you have no
idea what you’re really opening it till you get to it okay yeah so this is uh
the big dark beer which is sort of the exactly after the day of Christmas
retail work and a night of wrapping gifts ahead of me so she comes across a
little like pretty dark brown getting some ruby red on the edges there so not
not fully black just a nice dark brown bordering on black really inviting
looking mocha colored head thin but sort of sticking around there for a little
bit looks nice let’s see what we get from the aroma mmm it’s actually smells
lighter and body than what it looks like it’s gonna be getting a lot of like
fruit notes prunes maybe something a little bit brighter
than that cherry yeah no cherry with dried cherries it’s but some sweet malt
not really much on the roasty side of things just a residual sweetness aroma
yeah some sweet dark malts some brown sugar and yeah I pick up as being
cherries that smells nice let’s get into her Cheers let’s face this one’s nice I like this one it’s got
medium to town and of all of the yeah the beers we’ve had so far I think this
one’s had the fullest body to it but even still it’s a comedian body lately
carbonated maybe a touch spritzee on the tongue nice dark chocolate notes it’s a
nice rich fold like knife full round chocolate flavor a little bit of a
shiness on the back end there some of that sweetness comes through I’m still
getting a little bit of a cherry cordial but just very very faint finishes pretty dry touch a black
licorice on the finish as well I really like this beer this one’s very nice I’m
not too sure what the spices would be that they say on the label getting some of that yeast driven fruity
nuances as well you know there’s a lot of a lot of different layers to this
beer and they all work really well together get the chocolate get a touch
of sweetness get some like fruitiness from the yeast getting touch of licorice
and I just a little bit of yeah and then just a nice finish like an
ashy dirty type of finish from like some dark roasted malts overall I think this
is probably not my favorite beer of the calendar so far maybe my second favorite
yeah I’m gonna go with that so again we have the ten of clubs from oh I’m so
butchering this one called Eric’s en Bart’s and straf Belgian dark ale 10%
pretty awesome beer there we go that is day 14 we shall see what we get tomorrow
cheers and have yourselves a good one

2 thoughts on “DAY 14 | The 2019 Craft Beer Advent Calendar Review | Sexton Brewing

  1. Yeah, this is me ALL DAY LONG! Honestly, seems like the best of the box so far. I know you said it's your second favorite, but this would definitely be mine based on tasting notes.

    Another nice review, duder.


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