Day 1 for Crayola Takeover – Bring your Drawings to Life with Crayola Watercolor Pencils!

Day 1 for Crayola Takeover – Bring your Drawings to Life with Crayola Watercolor Pencils!

hi everyone welcome back to hedgehog
hello and welcome to part of our crayola takeover today we’re working with
watercolor pencils and we’re going to work with a beautiful floral stamp set
this one’s called engagement wishes I can use anything I want which is what I
like about this particular unit pad the reason I’m doing this it’s just so I can
add some extra leaves in here you need to fill in an area and really we’re
gonna guide the eye with color when we get to our watercolor pencils so I’m
just gonna get a quick dry here just to make sure my ink pad is nice and dry so
we have some really nice colors in here I think I’m gonna go with the pink and
the red I’m really gonna make this pop so just kind of start coloring to start
with I do a very loose coloring red in the middle pink around the edges I’d be
quite generous with the color because remember you’re going to add water to it
and you’re gonna pull out some of that color and you’ll notice that I kind of
almost doing like a zig zag coloring again that’s because I’m gonna pull out
some of that color I’m also going to blend out some of my red so I’m going
over at the end of where I colored red with the pink I’m going around the edges
of each petal if there’s heavy shading in the stamp you want that to guide us
to somewhere that you want to put a lot of the pigment in the pan and you can
see how that pink and red is already coming together to give me a couple of
different shades and I’m gonna do the same thing again so I’m going to do my
leaves I’m all gonna do a light down the center you see how we get a nice
variegated leaf and how easy is that for pairing so you do not need to be an
expert colorist these pencils are so creamy right we’re ready to mount it up into a
finished card I’m going to use a piece of pink cardstock just to add a little
bit of something extra so we have our happy birthday in there so I need this
to go down to three and three quarters by five inches and I’m going to pop my
happy birthday along the top fairly central and then I’m going to grab these
crooner glitter glues and I’m just going to squeeze off to the side starting
getting squirts and just add and there’s one in him it’s a little bit brighter I’m just going to add one dot and take
it down like that but isn’t that so pretty really really easy to come
together a perfect birthday card and if you’re one of our parks members this
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and in the meantime happy crafting and have a great day bye

9 thoughts on “Day 1 for Crayola Takeover – Bring your Drawings to Life with Crayola Watercolor Pencils!

  1. Hedgehog Hollow – Did you use watercolor paper? I do not see the glitter glue listed in supplies, which package did you use? Thank you.

  2. I have been trying the Arteza Watercolor pencils and find they do not work quite as well as even Crayola watercolor pencils. They are kind of oily and the pigment almost lightens to nothing with even the smallest amount of water added. Any suggestions?

    I love watching you make your beautiful cards.

  3. Gave a thumbs down because I could not see much of the coloring and blending. Would have liked to have seen a close up of that. But a beautiful card anyway.

  4. Alex, I’m a true fan and love your creativity! I also love the overhead camera but would love it it could be a little closer! Thank you for all you do!

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