Dark Souls Story ► Pinwheel

Dark Souls Story ► Pinwheel

Pinwheel the necromancer who stole the power of a Gravelord. A mother, a child and a father all fused into one form. His tale is one of guilt, regret and a desperate desire to fix his mistakes. Death masks are mementos of the
dead representing the wearer before they passed away. Mask of the Father: this mask
belonging to the valiant father represents great burden and equipment load. The father made a mistake and he carries that burden with him. It’s literally a constant weight upon
him. Mask of the Child: this mask belonging to the naive child
represents the limitless energy and stamina of youth. Mask of the Mother: this mask belonging to the kindly
mother represents the life giver and her
vitality. A long time ago, something happened to this family and they were brought together through necromancy. The father bears the weight of his wife and his child on his back. A family woven together to become
Pinwheel. It seems as if in another time long past the human mother and child died tragically and the father was overcome by grief. Without family, it is said that man is
alone in the world. But he was valiant and in his
desperation to be reunited with his family he took great risk to steal power from a Lord of Death: Nito. With this power he attempted necromancy reviving the corpses of his wife and
child… But something went wrong. In his desperation to be reunited with
his family, his necromancy backfired and the family
became… Whole. A mother, child and father reunited in a physical grotesque form: Pinwheel In his current form, Pinwheel resides in the crypt filled with his tireless efforts at necromancy and revival. The creature is still sane and continues to devote itself to experimentation and research into necromancy. But why? While the corpses of the mother and child were restored, but at what cost? They live on as an abomination. The only thing Pinwheel has managed to do so far is split itself into various forms, which are dumped and discarded at the entrance to Nito’s tomb. Assumedly, Pinwheel is trying to split
itself into separate beings so that the Father, the Mother and the Child can be properly restored as was
originally intended. But nothing works… For some reason, his crypt is open when you meet him. Imagine how shocked he must be to see an intruder after all these years. Someone who would interfere with his
attempt to make things right. Who knows how close he was to success. How close he was to fixing his mistake…

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  1. Say hello to Leeroy! Dude somehow blasted Pinweel to 1 hit left and I did the last hit. I'm like, what the heck I was just scared at the boss intro seconds ago

  2. Wow this made me feel so bad lol. Thanks for making me feel terrible. Next playthrough I'll give pinwheel a hug… With my greatsword.

  3. Just started the game. Hardest Souls/Borne game I played. Until I came to this, I thought what a lame boss then I stumbled to this video… I guess I murdered a family :/

  4. On my 5th run, I finally died to pinwheel. I did the catacomb skip pretty early in the game with a bad weapon. When I landed, I was out of estus and had very little health. "It's pinwheel. I can't die" I thought. How could I be so foolish… I did very little damage and got overwhelmed with clones. Please forgive me…

  5. Kid: flapping the top two lanterns Mommy, Daddy! Look, I'm flying!
    Mother: Sweetheart, not now daddy has to wo–
    Father: stops research and begins shambling Wow! Look how fast your going!
    Mother: half amused sigh

  6. Maybe the fight with him is so easy because he's just given up in life and doesn't even want to fight you and just wants to end it all

  7. And it also explains why the bossfight is so easy in comparison to others.
    Demons, Gods, Dragons, Knights of the highest order… And then you have Pinwheel who is just a mortal man who's "attacks" are likely nothing more than impromptu uses of things he's learnt in pursuit of reviving his dead family.

  8. Honestly Pinwheel is a pretty cool and interesting character that kinda creeps out a bit. But the fight in the game is too easy

  9. Prepare to cry? More like prepare to slaughter every living thing in the entire game with no remorse.

  10. For those of you who feel bad about attacking him, you didn’t. He attacked you first when he had literally no reason to because he’s not insane or hollow or anything, he just went ahead and tried to kill you for no reason.

  11. It really disappoints me that pin roll is a joke of a boss like everything about him is amazing his lore, his design, his boss room, even his theme is amazing

  12. It would be amazing if show where you get the idea that this is the story… you know just like your DS2 videos…

  13. I think he maybe saw the Chosen Undead as something that could be USED. If he had a fresher corpse to experiment with then it could possibly help him learn to revive bodies, which could lead to reviving older cadavers. The Chosen Undead is no mere human he can kill, however.

  14. Imagine pinwheel's reaction when he turns and sees a headless suit of giant armor with a zweihander

    "I've come for your face, bitch"

  15. well that may be but he attacked us first he could of just showed us the exit an we would have no qualms with it. man had no chill plus he was weak as hell so who actually cares.

  16. Sometimes I come back and rewatch all the lore videos just so I can walk this journey with you again! Much Love for all your videos!!!

  17. I think we did him a favor I think deep down he knew there was no fixing it and in the end him and he’s family can finally rest

  18. First time I killed this boss, it's easiness literally made me suspicious. I thought it was trick and was prepared for some sort of phase two. When nothing happened I was left utterly confused. Then I stepped into giants tomb, and huge skeleton emerged from the pitch black darkness making me scream like a little girl.

  19. Imagine if he got to half health, Pinwheel finally fixes his mistake and splits the Mother, Child, and Father into three and you have to fight all three of them. That would have been cool.

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