Dante’s Peak (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Hot Springs (1997) HD

Dante’s Peak (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Hot Springs (1997) HD

We found two
dead squirrels, Mom. – That’s what this fuss was all about ?
– Don’t touch them. Must be some sort of
squirrel epidemic. Oh, God. They’re dropping like that
all over the mountain. Come on. Let’s go. Phew. It stinks.
l don’t know if l wanna go in. lt smells like your room.
You go in there. Hey, Grandma.
Somebody left their clothes here. Sometimes couples
sneak up here for a hot dip. – And some hot nooky.
– Ruth, for God’s sake. Lauren, move.
Lauren, get out of the way. Watch me, Mom. Graham, no, no !
No, no, no ! No. Stop. Stop. [ Screaming ] Don’t look, pal. Paul, l think we should
monitor the entire area. Get the whole shooting match
in here. l don’t know, but the acidity
in the lake is high enough to bother me. There’s enough carbon dioxide
coming out of the soil to start
killing trees and wildlife– Paul. Paul, you sent me
up here to check. l’m doing that. l think attention
should be paid. All right.
l’ll call you.

100 thoughts on “Dante’s Peak (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Hot Springs (1997) HD

  1. So they found dead wildlife which came from the gasses in the atmosphere which are seeping up from underground fissures but no breathing hazards for humans?

  2. Wow that girl did a great reaction her shocked/scared, her scream facial expressions really realistic.

  3. I've seen some horrifying movies in my life and this one has scared me the most out of all of them. I hate this one scene, but other than that I love the movie

  4. This was just on TV and they totally cut out the bodies, just showing sulphuric fumes (probably panned and zoomed or something). I was like "wtf is the girl screaming at?".

  5. I watched this in high school, the bit where the grandma falls into the acid lake gave me nightmares for week

  6. I was 8 when this came out in theaters and I went to see it with family. I definitely remember that girl's scream because it was so authentic and real. It really scared me at the time. Such a good job by the actor.

  7. Volcano and Dante's Peak had good acting and great CGI but they were hated
    Even now watching Pompeii was a disaterous volcano movie I less expensive GC.

  8. This scene with the music, just seeing them floating face down, the state of their skin, such a horrible death and the idea that kid just narrowly avoided the same fate, f£&@ing disturbed me as a kid. The sister's acting is on point, her facial expressions from shock to horror and such a convincing scream followed by her hand raised to the face. Superd

  9. If I recall, those people didn't die because the water was acidic, they were boiled alive when an active lava tube opened up in the spring.

  10. Harry had found out then he's smart to warned then grabbed Graham not to jump into a hot spring, there's that two corpses doing on the water been burned alive!

  11. My science 🧪 teacher showed this to us in the 9th grade and I have been love with it ever since. Can’t believe that was almost 9 years ago!

  12. Today on why is this in my recommeded.
    But for real though this was a really great movie. Great actors, great story.

  13. Damn, that scene scarred me for life, couldn't fall asleep for weeks after watching those bodies floats there…

  14. Hmmmm I Wonder Where Their Clothes Are?? And Where Are The People?? Looks In Water AHHHHH *In Mind Says Now I Know Where They Went 😐

  15. This film ruined my childhood.
    I watched it when I was 5 years old [im now 15] and it completely ruined me.
    I was young and left alone with the tv on, this movie began to play and I watched this one horrific scene…Just came back ro re-live my nightmare XD

  16. This…this is the movie that I've been trying to find after all of these years…and it's thanks to Netflix and me searching up this clip!!!

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