99 thoughts on “Dancing “magnetic” puppets – How it is done

  1. Интересно!
    Злучайно попаднах на това видео и се изненадах, че е българско. Нормално не гледам български клипчета в Youtube ама това е доста интересно 🙂

  2. Why you put english title and speak….NOT english? Im not dumb so i still understood how its done by just watching but have no idea what u were saying lol

  3. Man so many lazy 'muricans complaining because they have to actually read subtitles. Wow must feel horrible

  4. Ами пробвайте сам другият път преди да купите. Никога не се вярва на такива.

  5. Title is in English
    He speaks something that ain't English
    Proceeds to hit dislike button
    Btw the video ain't in English so yeah
    Y'all hav been warned

  6. Wtf with the English title if this idiot is not going to speak English. Smh, i hate videos that do that, kinda like click bait.

  7. Ohh, this makes total sense now. When I first saw a video of these, I couldn't wrap my head around how they were moving. I've never seen these in real life.

    Also, to all the comments saying "don't put the title in English if you're not speaking English": piss off.

  8. As a younger back in 1996 i see the same in ibiza but it wasn't micky or Minnie some little plastic dolls with wires attached to them…you stick the wires to your speakers the vibration makes them bounce looks like there dancing

  9. I don't understand how can people buy it without realize there a string at the back. If me, I would stare at the toy and try before buy it

  10. I get it, but how do they then get the legs to criss-cross like that and connect so sturdily to the ground? It is a fascinating technique if used for good rather than evil…

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