D.I.Y. Hairy Underwear | Art+Therapy | Tatered

D.I.Y. Hairy Underwear | Art+Therapy | Tatered

Welcome to Art Therapy,
a show about creating and crafting in order to escape the horrors
that we face that every day. Each episode we’ll be creating something
that’s gonna help us face our fears. So join me. Let’s get crafty. So today, we’re going to be making
panties covered in fake pubic hair. This is not only going to be
a beautiful decorative piece. But this is gonna be a way for us to get comfortable with this
bigger idea of body image. Specifically, pubs. Could this hairless demand in our culture be about an existential fear
of growing old and dying? Does the man want us to look like
a 12 year old girl for fucking ever? Take it all off, laser that shit off,
burn it off, dry ice that shit off. We’re paid less and
tampons are still taxed. Botox.
Fucking lip injections. I’m still supposed to be hot on
Instagram every fucking day? You’re too prude. You’re too slutty. [SOUND] It’s like biting into
a popsicle with your front teeth, that freezing cold sensation like over and
over and over and over again. They almost gave this
crafting show to a dude. I’ve been crafting for like 6,000
years in my soul, and I deserve this. I deserve to be here. [MUSIC] Guys, body hair serves a purpose,
all right? It not only regulates our body
temperature, but, more importantly, it protects us from infection, yes. This protective layer is
crucial to keep us clean. And as my grandmother always used to say,
it works of people spirits. [MUSIC] The first thing you’re gonna need is just
any pair of panties preferably one that matches your skin tone so that we can get as believable as possible.
>>Panties.>>I couldn’t get real pubes today, but yarn should work just fine.
>>Yarn.>>You’re gonna want a lot of yarn. You never know when
you’re gonna want to make a friendship bracelet super last minute,
so I like to just keep my hair substitute
on me at all times, in a safe place. [MUSIC] Okay, that’s that. So, if you guys are feeling wild, you can totally use a needle and thread
to do this, I’m gonna use my glue gun. I love my glue gun, so Grab my glue gun.
>>Glue gun.>>[SOUND] Super crucial that we grab our favorite trusty pair of scissors.
>>Scissors.>>And of course a->>Banana.>>Nanner for potassium. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I was gonna start to cut my string
at about four to five inches and lay it out in a pile here. You can add to it, you know you can braid
it is the thing the kids do these days. We really get to experiment
with that today and we’re gonna get pretty bushy here so
hold tight. Now that I’ve cut my pubic
yarn to the desired length and thickness that I’m feeling
today we’re gonna glue it on. I’m just gonna plug my glue gun in. And while this shit heats up,
let’s take it over to my comfort zone. [MUSIC] Let’s get into some breathing. We’re going to start with big,
Buddha belly breaths. That’s right. Everyone, inhale. Bring it down into your belly, and exhale. Up and out through the lungs,
out through the crown of your head. Bring it in through the nose. Just getting in touch with the natural
ebb and flow of the universe here. Out through the nose. Moving on now to some
quick breaths of fire. [SOUND] In through the nose. [SOUND] This one’s called dragon’s breath. Inhale. [SOUND] Guys, I feel like a million bucks. Let’s get back to crafting. Feeling so much better, hope you guys
are too, now let’s get to gluing. So as you can see here,
we’ve got our pubic yarn and you can really just take
it by the clump here. Little bit of glue starting at the bottom
of the panty, just doing a line across and literally just sticking
the top of the yarn on. If a couple strands fall,
it’s only natural. I did consider using my own hair for
this project. It has been falling out because of average
stress, being a woman in the world today. And don’t even get me started
on magazine headlines. 65 ways to shave your whole body. All the ways nipple hair ruined my life. Reasons why your better bear. The benefits of bleaching your asshole. The connection between body hair and
witchcraft. As you guys can see here my
hairy underweary turned out freaking phenomenally. It’s very possible that yours
didn’t turn as well as mine did. Just kinda give them one more
little trim on the bottom, clean them up a tiny bit, and
yeah, let’s get these bad boys on. [SOUND] What’s up, guys? I’m feeling fucking lit in my very
own pair of hairy underweary. Now that I have these bad boys on,
I’m feeling ready to conquer the world. I’m going to be wearing these
things out on the town today. All day, all night. And I’m hope I’m inspiring
everyone I walk past. I wanna know all your
thoughts on this craft, guys. If you are inspired to make your own,
let me know. Comment below your fears and
anxieties about body hair, so that we can start this
discussion worldwide. This was so fun today. Join me next for more ridiculous shit. I love you guys. [NOISE] If you guys enjoyed these
freaky deeky crafts as much as I did, please let me know, like, subscribe,
talk to me in the comments. And don’t forget to check out this super
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100 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Hairy Underwear | Art+Therapy | Tatered

  1. Super deluxe wouldn't want to buck the trend by using a fat ugly chick.
    Only pretty pixie chix can tell us how unimportant looks are.

  2. Walmart took Cosmo out of their stores so now she doesn't have to stress about bleaching her anus to please her man anymore.

  3. I've always shaved my pubes, not for anyone else but for myself, it feels a lot cleaner and less itchy and I can honestly say that I've never had an infection. No hate to people who keep their pubes, you do you but don't go hating on people who prefer it hairless

  4. More tabasco sweet – less of this. I haven't shaved in 20 years but this is mockery of those of us who don't.

  5. If I’ve never shaved and naturally look like this, can I just go out “on the town” without the panties?

  6. Hygiene wise,,,? I prefer to be clean. I feel a lot cleaner when it’s at least trimmed down there, you know?

  7. This topped it all, i dont even give a shit about tabasco sweet, he better just make his own channel. Im fucking unsubscribing finally

  8. This is great 🖒😎👍

    I don't give a shit about your demographics, as most are male, I'm a gay one 😄

  9. Thank you! I stopped shaving my pits and fanny last year and it has been fantastic. I do still feel pressure to shave my legs but hopefully I get over that.

  10. OH GOD I LOVE THIS SHIT😂😂 But I live in South Korea, and if anyone wears that, well they will go STRAIGHT TO THE POLICE OFFICE OR… HOSPITALS… Korea sucks🖕

  11. I'm pro-pube except for leg hair, but I could probably be convinced that that's good too if I had some examples of ladies making it work.

  12. As a man I find a woman with no hair a little weird, but I must admit I prefer a nice trim job! 😆 weird video!

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