D.I.Y Decoupage Dining Table

D.I.Y Decoupage Dining Table

hello beautiful people so today we’re doing a dining table decoupage this is my dining table and I’m really excited for it you’re going to need some supplies you need a sander sand everything down that is going to get any paint or any decoupage we want that you know raw serface after you’re done with your standing your going to want to wipe everything down you can use vinegar or just water. i used 409. then i sprayed with this metallic can here turns out really great you dont want to over coat it one to two coats at max is perfect just a side note do not paint the areas that your going to be decoupaging the decoupage will not stick as well to the paint as it will to the raw surface american decor cream wax. this ended up being an unnecessary step i ended up painting over it with the clear gloss it leaves this mat finish witch is real pretty it just wasnt what i was looking for in this project you are going to need ploycrylic or any type of glue adhesive this is the one i most prefer. a brush and you’re also going to need
photographs I decided a bunch of painted artworks for my favorite artists your going to want to place them what i sugest and forgot to do was marking where all the photos go. so taking a pencil and literally just drawing on table. like okay so this white picture here it goes between this picture and this picture , you know put a line on top of that picture showing where the other photos are going to go laying on top of it by the time this was done my table looks completely different it is just as great it just didn’t look the way i laid it out here I messed up if you can see okay watch i dont push from the middle i push from the very bottom with my card
you dont need a brayer I don’t think brayer is necessary. i think
that if you just do the process of squeezing out all the glue from under neath it you will be fine so that picture right there is the most bumpy picture i have on my table um and it was just because i did it wrong. you’re also going to want to pay attention to your edges so making sure they line up and that the edges of the picture dosent overlap the edge of the table so i recommend doing it a little bit inward or just like perfectly on the edge i recommend having some scissors with you it took me a little while to get used to the process you want to glue the table and the picture you can see that I laid the picture side of it on the glue and there’s
nothing wrong with that I mean you just gonna squeegee it off in you know two seconds anyway so it doesn’t make that big of a difference here I had already done about quarter of
the table and i really started to get the hang of it you want to make a star-shap with your card going from the middle outwards in every
direction so i start off making an x and then a plus sign and then i go in the in between areas and i just make sure its completely flat you’re going to want to look at it from an angle and just make sure that its completely against the table because anything you need behind will stay any bumps any wrinkles so you don’t really necessarily have to work extremely quickly but you want to work at a you know at a at a decent pace here you can see the
wrinkles that are in the page and how they just kinda disappear after you’re done squeegee out all of the glue from under the image your going to be left with little pools of glue kinda around the image on the other pictures you’re going to want to make
sure you get all that up. so look at it from an angle and make sure you got all of it up otherwise you going to be left with dried clumps of glue all over your table and then you’re gonna have to like
sand them off uness you looking for like anantiqued look work which I mean could be cool on but
that’s not what it’s like here at this point I already done two layers of gloss on this table the first layer i put a very vary light coat a gloss just because i didnt want over
saturate the images that were on the table before there was any kinda protective service over them onece that layer dried i did one more layer kinda poured that out realized i should have don eit more toward the edges is my third layer gloss it’s gonna be my
final layer I’m just pouring out all over
the edges and smearing it out all over
everywhere and I really should’ve put a tarp down it dripped down below you know its fine it is what it is what i do next is i take a step back and i look at the table and i try to look at the areas where i missed and here you can actualy see it i missed that area with glue once ive done that i kinda go back and fourth with my brush really lightly with my brush to kinda remove any bubbles hello beautiful people so I hope you guys enjoyed watching this
video as much as I enjoyed making it. there is going to be another video of the chairs so if you were curious as to what i did with the chairs i will be making that video soon. at this point i have not even started making it yet once thats done i will put a link right in here if you would like to see what ive done with the chairs please like and subscribe you know nothing else leaving comments
your guys is feedback helps out a lot cuz you know i have no idea what im doing here um yeah i think thats it so after this ill post a picture of what the final product looked like thank you for watching bye

100 thoughts on “D.I.Y Decoupage Dining Table

  1. I saw this type of table at a coffee shop years ago. I make wooden boxes and have lately been wanting to incorporate drawing, painting, and even glueing maps onto my boxes. I appreciate this video. Question: is there a specific reason you used water-based acrylic instead of mod podge?

  2. Love the video. I learned a lot! I'm new to decoupage. I was wondering what type of paper did you use? Is it a magazine? Printer paper? Bc I saw words on the back and I'm just wondering what the best types of paper to use are.

  3. If i am not going to cover the whole table with pictures, can I still cover the whole table with gloss for the gloss finish?

  4. Heather, Love this ! where did you get your images that you used? im trying to do a Grateful Dead one but for the life of me I can not find high resolution pictures to print off the internet. Do you have any insight?

  5. I like the comments about the mistakes and How to correct them.
    Most people try to seem like they did a perfect the first time and itโ€™s not realistic:) Subscribed

  6. How did the table top hold up? I am wanting to do this to the top of an Ikea console table (Hemnes) which is wood and not laminate, using postcards of the town/state (Austin and Texas) and collage-ing it as you did your table with your art. I might add a glass top later, but at this point, it will stand as is, using the water based polycrylic. I imagine a urethane would turn it yellow. I would be afraid to use resin, as I have no experience with it, and don't want to mess up this piece.
    Has using the Polycrylic held up for you and could postcards be used instead? I do not plan on overlapping them due to their thickness.

  7. Would yatch varnish work as well? It takes 24 hrs to dry so I'm thinking I'll varnish the whole thing then place my pictures exactly where I want them. Wait for it to dry then varnish over the top. What do you nice people think?

  8. yea.. pretty sure poly acrylic is a water base which you don't want for tables… you may get heat clouds and water rings.. epoxy resin is a little extreme I think… id go with an enamel… poly acrylic is good for wall dรฉcor kinda stuff that wont get abused or wet

  9. This was helpful, I recently picked up an old Children's encyclopaedia in a charity shop with loads of nice black and white line drawings, thinking of doing a coffee table with them.

  10. Great tutorial. Thanks for the sanding tip before decoupage. This is a very informative video. Have you ever used the polycrilic with fabric?

  11. Hi Question…Where did you get the images? I mean, are those just magazine cut outs or specially printed on special paper? Thanks!

  12. Hi, nice project! Could you please list the products you used and where to get them. Some of us are new to decoupage and could use the assist. Many thanks

  13. Was it really neccesary to show the whole sanding and sticking process..??, boring as watching paint dry. Thumbs down..!!!

  14. Okay, so I wanna do this with a table my kiddo eats at regularity and she plays with her toys on ect ect. So I wanted to put resin on mine to make sure she doesnt ruin the decoupage with spills and toys ect. Does your table hold up to spills and scratches well?

  15. Is it possible to use polycrylic on pictures printed out from Walgreens. Trying to do a wooden letter with pictures but mod podge leaves lines after itโ€™s dry

  16. Thanks! So helpful. I'm starting a decoupaged table to give to my dance teacher that will be covered with dancers of all types. It's so fun!!! (and she deserves a fun table for her dance hall)

  17. Awesome work and Idea!!! I love your table after it was sanded down giving it that washed out beachy look and your art deco style with the collage!!! Beautiful both ways!! LOVE your style!!! also another idea to is number the back of the photos & the # on the wood table knowing exactly where it goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Have you ever tried this process with actual photographs? Would I use the polycrylic with photographs? I have a crate of old photos that I want to use to cover a Japanese Tea box (wood).

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