Cyclohexane Chair & Boat with Models

Cyclohexane Chair & Boat with Models

Hi. I wanna show you using your model kit to understand boat and chair of cyclohexane. After you build your model you wanna go
ahead and have all the carbons planer. You will hold two bonds
across from each other parallel to the floor. This carbon you need to pull up. This carbon over
here you need to pull down and keeping these
two parallel to the floor or your table. And when you put this down on a table. When you put this down on the
table you should have three feet like table legs. So I’m gonna go ahead and
make sure these are exactly straight up and down. And I want you to notice that they
alternate. This is down this one’s up. I’m gonna make sure this one’s straight up. This one’s down. Straight up. So it alternates where you
have three of them straight down three
straight up. In fact what’s touching my hands right now are
the axial positions. And the ones coming around are
the equatorial. To convert it to the boat, I mean I’m sorry to convert from the
boat to chair. Go ahead and start the starting position.
Start it flat, holding two of the bonds across from each other. Pull both sides up in this case. And there you will have the boat. So how
do you see the boat and chair with the Newman projection? I’m go ahead and put this back into the chair position. Remember
three down-three up. When you’re looking at this model
to better understand the Newman projection this is the view point you want. You want
two carbons one in front of the other on this side, and
two carbons one in from the other on this side. So take a look at this. This is representing the Newman
projection a chair and you can see how all the bonds are
staggered. This is the model on the boat and when
you’re looking at it from the Newman projection this is the point you wanna look at it, where these two carbons are in front of each other so these would be the two
circles and you can see all the bonds are eclipsed.

7 thoughts on “Cyclohexane Chair & Boat with Models

  1. FFS can you keep your hands out of the way for half a second? This would be a helluva lot more valuable if you slowed down and let us find a screen shot moment where the whole model is visible. Edit: oops it was not quite making sense because I made a cycloheptane. I am advanced at math, but 'rithmatic is beyond me.

    Edit, you should redo this where you aren't confusing boat and chair.

  2. this kit has limitation . it's too small. many atoms get too close and distract my view. molecular vision kit is better on chair and boat.

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