Cute and Easy Origami Heart – Francis Ow

Hi this is Leyla Torres of In this video you will learn how to make this origami heart. Also, you will learn how to make a decorative insert. Making this heart is very good training to make this “Key of Love” which is presented in another video. To make this heart, we need a rectangular piece of paper. The proportion is 1:2. For example, if this is 2 inches, this has to be 4 inches. If we have a square, then we can fold it in half… cut it, and then we have the perfect rectangle. To make the insert we need half of that rectangle. For the heart, for the flower. We begin by making the heart. We have paper of two colors. If we want a colored heart, we begin with
the white sidefacing up. Rotate and fold in half. Bring the edges together. Unfold and bring the lower edge to the center. Rotate and repeat. Turn it over. Bring this edge to the center, but we are going to allow this flap underneath to come out. Rotate and repeat. This will be the front and this is the back. We have this pleat fold here. We are going to fold the corners in. Fold this flap to the left. This edge will align with this vertical crease. Bring the two flaps to the right, and repeat here. Bring this flap to the left. We make a fold starting at this corner… and finishing at this corner. Hold the upper flap and bring the upper edge to match the vertical edge. Crease the upper section. This aligns here too. We crease here, the lower diagonal. At this point we are going to also bring up
this corner. Fold the flap to the right. There will be a new fold here too. From the center to the upper corner. Fold from left to right, and make that new fold inside. Now we create a fold from this corner… to this corner, and this is much easier. We have all the flaps there… We bring it to the left. Fold this corner up, matching what we have underneath. and we have this flap here. We are going to be turning it to the left, but only what’s underneath this layer. And we blunt these corners. We have the heart with the pockets. We make the insert flower with the square. If we want it to be white, we begin the opposite color facing up. Fold in half and unfold. Fold the edges to the center. Turn it over. We are going to bring this folded edge… to the center, allowing the flap underneath to swing to the front. Rotate and repeat. Bring this edge to the center. Turn it over, fold at the center. We have an accordion. Holding it like so, we are going to unfold one of the sections. Fold in half. This will be our flower. We are going to fold along here, this edge aligning with the vertical edge. Unfold. Open and press from the bottom. We have the flaps that will insert into the heart. Fold in half. Each flap goes into one side of the heart. Then we can open it. Now I’ll show how to make the detail of the points. You have your fan at this point. Fold in half. We’ll fold each of these corners to the folded edge. This is a pre-fold. Then fold the first one. Press from here and inside-reverse fold. we turn it over and repeat on this side. And then we make this fold for the flap. So one goes to one side and the other goes to the other side. We can insert it. For more ideas, visit our related blog post at

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