100 thoughts on “Cut Wood Letters on a Cricut — Including Name Puzzles!

  1. Ok, now I HAVE to get the deep cut blade and housing for my Cricut! I love the name puzzle and have a grandson who will too!

  2. Wow another great tutorial! I learned a lot today about cutting wood on my Cricut Maker. Now I’m excited about trying it. Thanks Jennifer.

  3. Yes the monogram info was very helpful. Question….I had the old Cricut Expression 2 machine and I have leftover deep cut blades, are they the same and can I use them? What about the old housing for the blades are they compatible?

  4. This is such an informative video. I am so happy I watched it. I bought a used Cricut Explore Air (the 1st one) and I have been afraid to try it out. THe lady I bought it from only used it a couple of times, so it’s practically new. Your video just might be the encouragement that I needed to get going with it!

  5. I am new to this and have an explorer air 2 (Christmas gift). I am wondering why i cannot use the blade on this machine for wood.

  6. You are the best!! I keep learning so much from you!! Keep the videos coming. You make it so simple and show me exactly what I need. Thank you!! You're amazing.

  7. I FINALLY purchased a Cricut maker last month. Of ALL the different YouTubers, you are by far the best I've seen (as far as teaching). I feel like I can really be good at this. Thank you so much!!! New subbie

  8. I just purchased the Cricut Maker today and I am new to your channel. I really enjoyed your video. I will search your videos for cutting aluminum. I would love to see how thick of aluminum you have cut and where you purchased it. Most of the aluminum videos are cutting cans.

  9. I am new at using a Cricut Maker. My husband got me the bundle with the machine for Christmas. What blade do I use for 65 weight cardstock? I only have the blade that came with it. I clicked on the more button after clicking cardstock 60 weight. I was going to click on the 80 weight, but I wasn't sure. I got the pink and blue mat with it. Do I need the green mat? Do I need another type of blade?

  10. I purchased a Cricut Maker and tried to cut Basswood today and it was a huge failure. I have a knife blade and I followed the settings in cricut design space for 1/32 basswood. It cut right into my new strong grip mat UGH…any ideas?

  11. What a wonderfully in depth tutorial. Love the comparisons and the explanations to go with. Thank you for another great lesson!!! Off to buy some wood!!!

  12. What cutter/system are you using? I have used the brother scan & cut 2 and it was ok, but i didn't feel like it had enough options in the controls for fonts, etc.

  13. Thanks for sharing this. I was wanting to learn how to import fonts into my fonts from places like DaFont. I have a MacBook Pro. But you did that so fast!! lol So, hopefully, you'll do a tutorial on doing that soon. And I can catch how to do it. Thanks a bunch. Love the video.


  14. Can anyone tell me if both blades used here are interchangeable for the maker, I was at JoAnns looking at at blades and was told the maker uses the Explore cutting blades so not to worry? Just my paranoia abt that store (a bit like a walmart for crafters…employee turnover rates are high and they rarely know anything abt anything),, I just need to hear it from users.

  15. How do you get fonts that I have bought or downloaded into my Cricut design space? I have the air 2.
    I’m not seeing them in there but do have them on my computer.

  16. I only have the cricut explore one…is it capable of cutting any kind of wood? if so, would I need to purchase another blade?

  17. Wow! You are an amazing teacher! Thank you so much for walking us through the process! I felt like I was there with you! New subscriber!

  18. Hi Jennifer
    I love all the idea's I think I would make the puzzle for my neices for Christmas so cute, still finding it hard to work out what to do on my phone, think I have it and I loss it again.

  19. Very informative thanks for taking your time and not rush through the video for the beginners such as myself I need a step by step

  20. Awesome! Can’t say enough about how wonderful your videos are. Question: on the puzzle video, when you cut “maker❤️” , you had us put the grain across (horizontal) …but on the monogram you had the grain vertical. I’m just a little confused. Thank you so much:)

  21. Thank you so much Jennifer for taking the time to explain & compare the difference as to what can be cut on the Maker vs the Explore & how well or not well between the two!! Very helpful…..been contemplating getting a Maker but wasn't really sure if it would be a good choice for me to upgrade from the Explore Air 2 to the Maker!! Look forward to learning more from you & watching more of your videos/tutorials!! Again THANK YOU!!!

  22. im studying architecture, im really considering get a machine as another hand on scale model making, this was really helpfull, would like to see a video of cutting gray cardboard or a passepartout kind material 🙂 thanks for sharing, kisses from DR

  23. Sooo maybe just press go again just in case;) Did it miss the M originally or was I seeing things lol

  24. I can't wait for my Cricut to arrive in 4 more days. You videos are the best. I will have them up and running while I am making my first projects.

  25. I need to find 12×24 wood that the Cricut will cut. Where can I get some? I have gone to Joannas, Michaels etc. I don't see it on Amazon either 🙁

  26. Do you have a tutorial on the 3d wood tree , You have a picture on beginning of this but you didnt talk about the tree

  27. I want to make wooden monogram necklaces or material. Can this be done with maker? Like 2 inch x 2 inch monogram with holdes?

  28. Do you have to calibrate your knife blade, someone said you have to do that, and if so do you have a tutorial for that!

  29. Hi, love your videos. I'm new to Mac and DS. I go into Dafont and download fonts, but when I go back into DS they all look the same on the drop down. I have to open each one to see what it is if I'm not familiar with it. How do I get them to look like what they are on the drop down? Please and thank you

  30. i was looking into buying a customized name puzzle for my 1 year old cousin, but since i am in Canada all the online stores that sell personalized puzzles, shipping and taxes cost WAY too much… but then i came across this video, since you can only put pretty thin wood like that in the cricut machine, i thought nah that would just be TOO thin for a puzzle since i like the look of those thicker blocks a typical name puzzle would have, but then i thought hmmm what if you printed out a couple layers of the letters then glue them all on top of each other to make thicker letters then just sand the edges to make it all smooth and flush and paint the letters? As for the base, use the thinner wood, then buy thick wood and just glue down the thin layer on top of a thick wood base, sand edges to make it flush and smooth and paint that to hide any colour differences… anyone think this could work? Im really trying to find a way to get my hands on a cute wooden name puzzle for my cousin as a gift for her 1st birthday!

  31. i followed your link and the basswood is 24 dollars a sheet..is that correct? im shocked at the cost to make this type of project

  32. Hi, thanks so much for this tutorial! It was so helpful. Do you have thoughts or advice on best wood to make earrings? I have the Maker and I wanted to try earrings. I have svg files for faux leather earrings but I wanted to try it on wood instead. Your opinion would be so appreciated!

  33. Has anyone tried to use the thin pieces of decorative wood from the Dollar Tree? Like the holiday shaped ones? (Christmas ornament, big turkey, etc.) i looked online to see what material they are, they stated they were mdf. They are fairly thin and seem very sturdy.

  34. Love your videos. You are such a great TEACHER haha you do not talk super fast and you compare both the cricut! I am definitely getting the maker… seems like the better choice for pretty much all the videos I've watched! ♡

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