Cut Intricate Designs With Vinyl and Weed Them Successfully

Cut Intricate Designs With Vinyl and Weed Them Successfully

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Jessica
with Expressions Vinyl and today we are going to talk about cutting intricate designs with your Cricut or your Silhouette. So the first thing we’re
going to talk about is cutting with a Silhouette Cameo. The first thing I want to
do when cutting tiny things is make sure my blade
is nice and cleaned out. There’s not any bits of vinyl
or paper stuck in there. And then we’re going
to talk about settings, so I like to have my
blade on one and a half. You can have it on a one or a two just depending on your machine, but one and a half works
great for my machine. We also want to cut really slow so you’d slow down your speed. I like to do it on a two or a three. And then your thickness will
be like a four or a five depending on how new your blade is. If you have an older, dull blade, you might want to look
into getting a new one so you’ll have a nice
sharp blade to start with. So, I’m gonna start
this cutting in my Cameo and I am cutting removable vinyl in pink and I’m gonna cut out a pineapple. So, I’ve got my blade on one and a half. I’m gonna change my speed to two and my thickness to a four. (machine whirring) So now we are back and we are gonna cut with our Cricut this time. Again, you want to make sure
your blade is nice and clean. Make sure there’s no paper
or vinyl stuck in there and have a nice, new blade
or a nice sharp blade. You don’t necessarily need
a new one, just a sharp one to make sure when you’re cutting small that it’s nice and clean and sharp. So we’ll put that in our Cricut and then we’re gonna have
our settings on vinyl. Now, on the Cricut, we
can’t control our speed, but we can control our pressure, so we’re gonna start with vinyl. On the vinyl setting. And we are gonna get it cutting. (machine whirring) We’ve got those all cut out now and now we’re gonna weed it out and when you’re cutting intricate things you just weed it really slow. So have some patience and just make sure your
vinyl’s at an angle and you’re just gonna weed it and go really slow and
kinda wiggle it around so all your little pieces stay down and the stuff you don’t
want to come up, stays. Okay, so we’ve got that weeded out. We’re gonna trim it and put
some transfer tape over it and then it will be ready
to adhere to our project. Okay, so we’ve got that all cut out and now I’m gonna put some
transfer tape over the top so we can apply it to our project. Transfer tape helps with all the little, keeping all the little pieces together so we can just transfer in one shot so we’ll trim that off and then we’re gonna take
it off of our backing sheet. Actually, we’re going to rub it down with our application tool
to make sure it’s nice and stuck down and then peel it off of our backing sheet and
this is the same thing. You just want to go nice and slow and make sure all the little tiny pieces are sticking to your transfer tape and if they’re not, you
just push it back down and wiggle it until it does. So, make sure you get every little piece and then we are gonna apply this to our acrylic piece and then use our app tool again and rub it all down and then
peel off our transfer tape and, again, go really slow with all the little tiny pieces. Make sure they’re all
sticking to your project and you’ve got a little
intricate pineapple. Another technique I want to show you is this elephant here. It looks like a lot of weeding and it kind of was, but it wasn’t that bad so I want to show you a
technique I like to do. So get the outside peeled off and then I’m gonna take a
little chuck of transfer tape and instead of weeding out
all these little tiny pieces, I’m just gonna take my transfer tape and stick it on the top and rub it down and then peel off my transfer tape and it’ll peel off some of those dots and I don’t have so many
to pick out with my knife. So just do that all over. Sometimes it takes a few times, but it’s way better than taking your knife and picking out each little piece. And then the ones you missed you can go out and pick out with your weeding tool or your knife. So, that is how you cut intricate things. If you guys have any questions, leave us a comment down below and we will get ya answered. Thanks for watching! (upbeat music)

60 thoughts on “Cut Intricate Designs With Vinyl and Weed Them Successfully

  1. Just curious, what pressure setting do you use for cricut? I tried cutting with the factory setting for vinyl, but it didn't even cut the top surface of the vinyl. I finally switched to cardstock which of course cut all the way thru.

  2. I'm going to try the way you did the elephant on my wolf head. It was all over facebook very detailed want to put on a shirt for my hubby. I just cut it for the 5th time !! Lots of wasted vinyl !!! Wish me luck ! Thank you for the video !

  3. Never have problem with small pieces but sometimes when cutting out large pieces (not using mat) how do you keep it going straight in the machine?

  4. I noticed that you did not use your tool to rub it out right after you take it out of the machine before weeding. is that what you should do? I was always told to use that tool to rub it down before weeding is that what is causeing my problem?

  5. Which machine had more precise cuts? And which machine did you use to cut that teeny tiny pineapple ? I'm trying to decide which one to buy. I do dollhouse miniatures, so precision while doing very very small items is THE most important factor to me. Thank you!

  6. Hi it is me again. I have a Cameo 3 with the self-adjusting blade. I enter the vinyl I am using but I find not all the vinyl gets cut. I can't find where I can change the blade settings

  7. Hello I was wondering what the best pressure for expressions 31 vinyl was? I am having trouble cutting something about 1/2 inch. It keeps peeling up when weeding. Thank you I am using a circuit air 2.

  8. I would LOVE to be able to cut intricate things like this but for the life of me I just can't with adhesive vinyl. Even with clean blade and on speed 1 it picks up the tiny pieces and places them all over, weeding is a nightmare cuz everything sticks or the parts I want to keep just don't stay down on the backing sheet. It's incridably frustrating. 🙁

  9. This seems like an elementary question, but I am new…. your pineapple was inside of a box. Did you add the box to the design so you could easily pull it off of the large piece of vinyl and have a small piece to work with? Does this preserve the larger sheet?

  10. I am a new cameo 3 user , I'm ready to pull my hair out , pack it back in its box and send it back , love your videos and tutorials , would like some of that paper transfer tape , whats it called please 🙂 and can I purchase it from AUstralia? thanks

  11. With easy weed vinyl I have to set my dial between custom and paper. It always cuts through the paper backing if set on vinyl. How do I adjust this.

  12. Today I was trying to cut a very small font script from my Cricut and my glitter vinyl kept coming up while it was cutting. After two fail attempts I just changed the font and the font size. Very disappointing. Any advise?

  13. What type of transfer tape do you use? Also I have a cricut explore air 2 and it doesn't cut small things that well. The blade is brand new. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm only 2 weeks into this. Thanks

  14. New to cricut. How do I cut that elephant out?! I have the image already but when I save as a cut image it’s a gray blob. I want to use it on vinyl (cricut air explore 2). Is there a video on it?

  15. Hi! Love all your nifty tips! I got Cricut Explore Air 2 for Christmas and I am slowly figuring out lots of things. My new project is making book markers for my bible study moms and I am having the worst time getting it to print the words I want without rolling them or making a mess out of them. I am printing to card stock. Help, Please…thanks

  16. You make it look so fast and easy. I bought a Silhouette Portrait 2 recently, and I'm having trouble weeding. I appreciate the tips. Can you recommend a particular transfer tape? The transfer tape I bought from Silhouette seems to be less sticky than the backing on the vinyl. I had better luck using wide painters tape before my transfer tape was delivered.

  17. Great info! Thanks. I have a very involved henna design to weed — will try your transfer tape for the small bits. Nifty idea! Thanks again.

  18. I love watching your videos on how to use the vinyl! I have a request to make for the videographer since I get "seasick" easily. Could you please put the recorder on a stand so the video isn't wiggling? Thanks! lol

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  20. Which machine would you recommend? I have the Cameo 3 but it stopped cutting for some reason… (noo idea). I am debating about changing but I would love your opinion!

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  22. Hi! So sorry if you’ve answered this question before. Whenever I first lift the corner of the weeding box it always seems to stick all together to the whole pic. So I’m lifting everything. I don’t know how to stop that

  23. some of my letters aren't straight lines coming off the cricut and I'm cutting HTV. Should I try it with the dial on vinyl still?

  24. New with cricut machine trying to weed out a wedding design for a wine glass but once I put the transfer tape on nothing happens everything stays in place what do you think I'm doing wrong

  25. So I have the cameo 3 and when I try to cut it pull up some of the smaller stuff. I have used the CB09 blade and the auto blade. What am I doing wrong

  26. I love that last tip! You specify the two brands of cutter, but my Scan N Cut techniques will benefit from this too. Thank you

  27. Again, THANK YOU for another nice video! You mention cutting pressure, but you don't say whether or not you recommend changing the pressure when cutting intricate designs out of vinyl. I've been experiencing issues with cutting on my Cricut and I've wasted a ton of materials, so any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

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