Customer Service | Awkward Puppets

[PHONE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING]>>DIEGO: Customer service.>>SARAH: Hi, yeah, I’m calling because there’s something wrong with my phone.>>DIEGO: Customer service, hello?>>SARAH: Yeah, hi. I’m calling because there’s something wrong with my phone.>>SARAH: My, uh, my texts won’t send.
>>DIEGO: Mhm.>>DIEGO: Mhm. Okay.>>SARAH: Um, can you help me fix it?>>DIEGO: Yeah, I’m gonna need your name and your phone number please?>>SARAH: Yeah, it’s Sarah and why do you need my number?>>DIEGO: Yeah, I’m gonna need your number. Um, I’m just gonna need your number.>>SARAH: Sure it’s 555…>>SARAH: 2 1
>>DIEGO: Okay, 5…5…5…>>SARAH: 2 1 8
>>DIEGO: Okay. Calm down.>>DIEGO: 2 1 8
>>SARAH: 8 1>>SARAH: 8 2
>>DIEGO: 8… stop going so fast.>>DIEGO: 8 1 8 2. Got it, got it.>>SARAH: Okay, now what?>>DIEGO: Sarah, are you married?>>SARAH: No.>>DIEGO: Okay, do you have a boyfriend?>>SARAH: No! What the [BLEEP] does that have to do with anything?>>DIEGO: Hey, just please answer the questions lady. Please.>>SARAH: I’m so confused.
>>DIEGO: I need to fix your phone.>>DIEGO: Do you want to fix it? Yes or no?
>>SARAH: I mean, I would like to fix the problem, yeah, but…>>DIEGO: Can we continue?>>SARAH: Yes.
>>DIEGO: Can we continue?>>SARAH: Yeah.
>>DIEGO: Okay, are you attracted to hispanic guys?>>SARAH: Alright that’s it! What the [BLEEP] is going on? This is ridiculous.>>DIEGO: Okay, calm down, calm down.>>SARAH: No, no! This is absurd. I’m calling because I have a problem I need to fix and you’re blatantly objectifying me.
>>DIEGO: Excuse me, lady. Excuse me lady.>>DIEGO: Okay. Okay.
>>SARAH: This is so typical of a man!>>SARAH: Misogynistic, entitled, disrespectful and immature.
>>DIEGO: Lady excuse me. Please don’t raise your voice.>>DIEGO: Excuse me, please don’t raise your-
>>SARAH: This is why men are ruining the world.>>DIEGO: Okay, hmm. Please, don’t raise your voice.>>SARAH I want to speak to your manager.
>>DIEGO: Okay. Please hold.>>SARAH: Right now please.>>DIEGO: Customer service.>>SARAH: Yes, hi. Is this the manager?>>DIEGO: Yes. That’s exactly who I am.>>SARAH: Well, you sound a lot like the last guy I talked to.>>DIEGO: Yeah, everybody says that. Can I help you with something?>>SARAH: Yeah, um, I’m trying to fix the messaging on my phone, and the last guy I was talking to was asking me like ridiculous questions.
>>DIEGO: Mmhm. Mmhm. Mmhm. Okay. I’m really sorry about that. I apologize deeply.>>SARAH: Thank you, I appreciate that. So, can you help me with my problem?>>DIEGO: Of course, that’s why I’m here, what’s your name?>>SARAH: It’s Sarah.>>DIEGO: Okay and what are you wearing right now Sarah?>>SARAH: Are you [BLEEP] kidding- You know what? A guy like you isn’t even worth it. You are incredibly pathetic and I feel sorry for you. And you know what the sad thing about someone like you is? You’re probably so disappointed with your life and so unhappy in your marriage. Yeah, I feel sorry for your wife, she deserves better.>>DIEGO: So, um… So you’re not going to tell me what you’re wearing?

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