Custom Sweatshirts – 3 Ways to Print on Fleece Fabric

hi guys i’m carissa with bella+canvas and
today we’re going to talk about fleece in this video Cole from shirt agency is
going to cover everything you need to know about printing on fleece by using
three basic types of ink plastisol water base and discharge let’s go see
how it’s done so what’s the difference between printing on fleece versus Jersey
what really just comes down to fluffiness so a lot of people mess up by
not adjusting their off contact we’ve raised all of our off contact so that we
can have a nice smooth even print off contact is just the difference between
the screen and the actual fabric do you want a small gap so that you can allow
the ink to come through and not be stuck to the fabric so you’ve been doing this
for a really long time I know you’ve been putting on different fabrics
fleece jersey whatever it may be but what is your favorite thing about
printing on the bella canvas fleece well I mean other than the fabric just
being soft and great to wear it has a really smooth surface so our inks go on
smoothly and we don’t have any bumpiness in the texture from the weave of the
fabric so what’s the first print that we’re
going to do today on our 60/40 fleece well the most common ink for a hoody is
going to be plastisol and so we’re going to use a low bleed ink by willflex I’m
so excited to print this first style today because this is actually our
newest style for fast fashion it’s our women’s cropped hooded fleece
it actually has tonal draw cords and it’s definitely on trend with what you
see in retail so I’m excited to see it printed yeah sure it’s going to look
great so what Vlad is going to do is he’s going to load the garment onto the
board and we’re going to do one pass of plastisol flash it and then do another
pass that’s going to give us a nice bright ink so the flash units are
going to be curing it for only about four to six seconds and when it’s cured
it’s going to be dry to the touch so that we can do a nice secondary layer
that’s smooth so you can see the second one has already been flash cured and now
it’s going to have a nice bright print because we have two layers
oh yeah the white and they stay nice and thin and here’s file print looks awesome so
now we’re going to move on to a water-based ink and the water-based inks
are really nice because they kind of get into the fabric you’re going to want to
go with a lighter color garment or you’re going to put some sort of white
base underneath it today we’re just going to be putting water base directly
onto the fabric so it’s a really nice integrated print so for the water base
we created this custom Pantone color and we did it with the pigment so we go in
we measure all the different pigments and we can get an exact Pantone match so
you can see it’s a real thin water-based ink and I’m just going to put it above
the art spread it out a little so that we can start doing our first sample
print of it how long does it take to make these custom inks for somebody
who’s experienced with mixing it’s probably a 10 to 15 minute job per color
but within inexperience it it’s a little rough yeah it looks and feels great I
love it on our peach so today we’re going to print on our storm and then
also our heather forest so for the next inks because we’re going to do some dark
garments we’re going to do discharge and this is going to strip away the pigment
with this type of ink we’re going to have the same feel that we had with that
water-based print okay it’s going to be like real soft premium feel instead of
that thicker plastisoll which I feel like customers are gravitating towards more
just where it feels like it’s a part of the fabric because its next garments a little bit
darker we’re going to have a little bit more of a vintage quality because the
discharge is made for 100% cotton but we’re doing it on one of your heather
blend the darker garments especially because of the polyester that’s where
you’ll see some difference in washing on the lighter garment the pigment holds on
a little bit better but the darker coming when you wash you’ll see that’s a
polyester let go of some of your pigment so if that’s why you’ll get that more
retro feel with this type of thing yes and I’m excited to see it on our heather
forest heather’s fastest growing fabrications in our industry and we
decided to add Heather to our fleece so this is one of our newer colors for this
year and the textured fabric will really make the prints pop so I’m excited to
see it if you guys have any questions about what cole covered in the video
today please leave them in the comments below we’ll also include a link to the
crop hooded fleece that we showed in this video today it’s our newest fast
fashion style and it’s something you don’t want to miss see you next time. Be Different

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