Custom Painting a LOUIS VUITTON Bag?!

Custom Painting a LOUIS VUITTON Bag?!

Oh My goodness. Guys! I have been waiting on this box to come here for two months. Oh, I am so excited but so, so nervous to do this. So nervous. I’m gonna unbox something that a friend sent me. Yeah! Haha. Okay, let’s just open it up, okay. Alrighty! Whoa, oh my goodness. Whoa, whoa. Whoa whoa, whoa. Wow! Look at this guys. Let me get the box out of the way. Girl! do you see this? This is crazy! So I have a friend who collects these bags basically and restores them, re-purposes them, creates other accessories out of them and whatnot. I was sent this one to do whatever I want to it, whatever I want. It comes with this little tag and then here’s this little buckle thing. I asked what this was for. It’s to hold the bag straps together apparently. I don’t know much about this, but I just think it’s so cool. So this is a Louis Vuitton bag, and I don’t even know if I’ve ever touched one of these before. This is crazy guys. So you’re probably wondering why did you just open that on an art channel, what? There is a twist to this. One of my very best friends sent me this. We decided that it would be fun for me to just paint whatever I want on it and then just send it back. It’s a fun thing to do together. That’s we did. So I was also sent these paints. What are these? This is acrylic finisher. Honey, we’re getting into some new territory. I’ma have to be YouTubing this stuff. Leather preparer and deglazier. Oh my word. What? I think before we get started on this I’m definitely gonna do a lot of research cuz you know, don’t really want to ruin a Louis Vuitton bag. Wow, okay. Oh my goodness. These paints are beautiful. Look at this. It is acrylic leather paint, you know, your girl’s been obsessed with gold lately. I want to try this. Wow, this is so cute guys. Look at this. There’s so many different colors. Hold it. I’ll just hold a couple up. Look at these. This is so neat. The only prompt I really got was botanical, which is really cool because we’re both really into botanical things. I kind of have free reign and I don’t know. I’m excited to see where this goes! Let me show you everything up close and then we’re gonna get started! Guys look at this bag. Look at this bag. I’m extremely nervous to do this. I actually -let me get my little charcoal pencil here. I spent all day looking at videos, looking at inspiration, all sorts of stuff. I tested this stuff on the bottom of the bag, just a little swatch and it actually stripped the bag a little more than I would want for what I’m gonna do. I think I’m going to skip that stuff. A lot of you guys ask me why I look up in my videos. That’s because I have a two camera system going. So when I look up like this, I’m just double checking and making sure things are in frame. So I’ll probably do that a lot with this video. All right, we need to back up the camera a little bit. So you’re seeing the edge of what usually doesn’t show my videos. This bag is huge. It’s like a duffle bag. I never even said what model or anything it is. I don’t know much about purses I guess. Unless it’s a fossil purse then yeah. I think it’s a Keepall? I don’t know how to pronounce it. I’ll just put the information over there in the video. You can see it. Okay. So the first thing I’m gonna do is just sketch some stuff and hope it shows up. Oh, it does! This is fancy. Okay. All right, I have a plate here nobody told me that this is like a nail polish bottle. It’s got a brush. We are off to a bumpy start. I was told to do a layer of white underneath the things before I actually paint it. Oh, I’m scared. Okay, but I was told to do this because it makes the other acrylic colors brighter. It’s acrylic leather paint. It comes in such a small bottle. I’m afraid I’m gonna use all this paint and not have any to send back. gotta block in everything. I’m just testing one leaf before I do all the others. (Creepy voice) I’m scared guys! I’m scared. Oh my goodness. My adrenaline is going right now. Okay, we have one leaf outlined and ready. Why am I so nervous though? For real. Okay, look I got tired last night. It’s the next day now. We are going to start doing some color on these leaves and then just see how it looks. I have a couple colors over here. Really excited about this part, you know. These colours are so pretty dude. I hope this doesn’t dry super fast because I just went through a lot to put this on this plate. This is pretty. I can see why I was told now to do white underneath it. Otherwise, this would be super transparent. You know what I just realized? I have to do the entire other side of this bag, too. It’s gonna be a project, that’s for sure. I’m excited. This is something very different than what I’ve ever done before and it kind of scares me. It kind of makes me want to try extra hard. The biggest challenge I think with this entire bag painting, is the bag does not lay flat. Dorvan: Whatcha doin’? Mira: Well, I’m mixing some paint. I wanted to have the tips of these leaves be this pretty pink color. It is not working out. I don’t think I like that so I think I’m gonna do something different. Dorvan: Like what? Mira: Maybe blue and yellow. It almost feels kind of criminal to be painting on this, you know. Dorvan: Are there going to be monkeys? Monkeys on the purse. I don’t know. The leaves look like there could be monkeys. Mira: Oh. No. Dorvan: Okay. Mira: It’s hard to hold the bag and paint on it simultaneously because there’s all these wrinkles. Dorvan: It’s like they didn’t make purses to be painted on. So I have a question. Mira: Ok. Dorvan: How do you feel about lawnmowers? Mira: All right, dude, don’t get me started on those puppies. Dorvan: I’m trying to get you started. That’s why I asked that question. Mira: You get me all riled up in a video here. Look every time I sit down to film a stupid video, not stupid video, but these stupid lawnmowers, make the whole thing just annoying. Everybody in the neighborhood decides to mow the moment I film. I could sit down at like 8:00 p.m and somebody decides that’s the greatest time to mow. So.. That’s… That’s my rant. [Dorvan giggles] Mira: You think it’s funny. Drovan: I was thinking I should probably go mow our yard. Mira: No, not right now. Do you think the tips are the leaves look better like this? I’ll shade them, of course to with all the little veins and stuff. Dorvan: Yeah, definitely. So would you use this purse? Mira: If it was a lot smaller because I think I’m really tiny and this is as big as me. Dorvan: It’s like the purse you could put your little dog in. Mira: Dude, we could put my mom’s dog in here. Dorvan: Yeah. Especially since it’s such a cheap one, doesn’t matter if it gets messed up. Mira: Ha ha ha ha ha. Paint definitely feels like acrylic so it’s not a completely new medium. I mean it is acrylic paint, but it’s for leather. Jacob do you want me to mail you a dog back with the purse? Dorvan: Yeah, I was gonna say sorry Jacob for messing up your purse with all the dogs that we’re going to put in it before we send it back to you. Mira: You’re gonna get a bag full of hair back. Dorvan: We’ll try and clean it out. Mira: This is gonna be so cute! I’m equally scared and equally excited. I’m sure you guys are sick of hearing me say that. This leaf has a curve to it. I’m gonna preserve the curve. I’m a poet don’t you know it? Hey! I also just hissed at my paint dish. So that’s where we are today. I’m going to try some glazing and hope it works. Oh, yes, this works, this works!, Oh my goodness, okay. Now I feel excited about this. I feel like I have not destroyed things. Guys I was pausing recording this quite a bit like [breathes heavily] So afraid that I was ruining this and I texted Jacob a couple times, stressing out and he’s like just paint the bag. It’s okay. I don’t care what you do to it. Anyway, my friend buys these bags and usually repurposes them into other objects. It’s really cool actually and he just gets old bags off eBay and stuff. But yeah, I was sent this one, to just do whatever I wanted to it and send it back. if any of you guys enjoy acrylic painting, totally try this sometime. [Music] Does anybody raise their eyebrows when they sip smoothies like Or do you keep them down like I don’t know what I do now. This is the bag so far. I’m just doing a little check-in. I painted the other side off-camera That way we could expedite things a little bit. So far, I’ve probably spent five hours painting this. Four or five hours. Now what I want to do is paint some palm leaves here and there. Keeping it kind of minimal though. I want a lot of the leather on the purse to show through. So we’re not gonna go super heavy with it. I think the purse or duffel bag kind of thing is really pretty as it is. So we’re just doing little accents but later I’m gonna take the sides of the bag and do monstera leaves That’s where we’re headed if you’re curious. I’m just gonna mix up some paint. Here’s my plate, hahahaha. Free handing is a little nerve-wracking near the edges of the bag. Everybody calm down. Calm down. Flatten out and let me do some magic! Girl, that was some stress. Tell you what, it’s just a line, right? You can tell it’s really hot in my studio, this footage is very unflattering. Just look at the purse. It’s gonna be really hard. I should have stuffed this. I just so happen to have this pillow. Oh my! This might work. I’m just gonna try this. I don’t think it’s gonna work, I just don’t happen to have this other pillow. Let’s just see what happens. If you’re wondering why there is a pile of pillows below me. They’re everywhere. It is because this room is a little echoey right now. It will be redone, probably soon. That’s why my background kind of sucks. This is the top. It’s like a pillowcase, but it’s really extra. What are you keeping your LV couch pillows? Oh man, I don’t know. Now it’s just gonna be hard to film, so uh. If I can rack it up like that then y’all would never see me again. Will we ever have a normal video on my channel? This is what you signed up for guys. Isn’t that exciting? Let me know if you’ve ever done something like this. Have you ever customized one of your bags or purses? Apparently this is a huge thing. You know, I kind of feel like the pillow thing helpe. You guys just can’t see it super good. I feel like a bag hugger. I’m like hugging this thing just to paint on it. You know what this may look really awkward and not aesthetically pleasing, to be painting some inflated bag, but I’m comfy. I’m leaning up on this thing. I’m like, hey let’s paint. I wish all my paintings were this plushy. Oh! So I’m not bothered and if it’s less pretty, Whatever, your girl has been painting all day. (Mira plays the bag drum) I’m not musically talented. Guys, it’s so awkward to film this side of this bag. We’re gonna see what we can do, but I might just be back in a minute. All right? Yeah. Yeah, so I’ve been working on this for two days actually and I really did do it last night? Dorvan: Yeah, because yesterday you were all stressed out about starting it and then you finally started a little bit. You said okay, I feel better because I actually started it and I’ll just work on it tomorrow morning. Mira: You’re right, okay. Well I finished it and it was a little awkward to film some parts, but ends of the bag just – Getting the right camera angle was a battle and I tried five different things. It was just easier for me to lay it on the floor between my legs and paint it that way. It was just the comfiest. So there’s actually couch pillow in this right now too. it just made it easier for me to get all the wrinkles out. But yeah, the ends are monstera leaves. I thought they turned out really cool. I tried to keep everything simple. I wanted the color palette to just be greens, blues, little hints of yellow. These are palm leaves. These are supposed to be like little birds of paradise leaves if you’re curious. Plant geeking. Yeah, this is it and it’s actually pretty heavy cuz this couch cushion weighs – Couch cushion? Dorvan: Pillow. Mira: Couch pillow. It is 1AM. This is rough, dude! It’s kind of heavy actually so this is awkward. So the next thing I have to do is put this a acrylic finisher on it, and that’s just kind of seals the deal, protects everything and restores that coding. You know, but I’m gonna let everything sit for a day, air out. Before I go over it with that cuz it’s a little hot out right now and some of this is still a little tacky. I don’t want to go over that yet. Plus I’m tired. My plate. All the colors I used actually I didn’t use this red. No, I don’t think. Yeah, that’s the bag. Dorvan: Hey, do you know where I could find a pillow. I’m so exhausted I just want to sleep on this floor. Mira: Well, do I have the solution for you! Dorvan: Do you? Mira: Yeah, fidgeting. It’s all stuck in the bag. There you go, your pillow! Dorvan: How dramatic. I’m gonna sleep. Mira: Okay, me too. Good night guys, by the time you see this, it’s probably a new day. I hope you’re caught up on sleep because that’s what I’m gonna go do now, okay. Thanks for watching. Bye.

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