Cucumber Wave Garnish Tutorial

Cucumber Wave Garnish Tutorial

Welcome back to another cooking video, I’m
Chef Devaux and today I am going to teach you how to make a beautiful little garnish,
very simple to make out of this piece of cucumber like that one there.
The first thing you’re going to need is a knife to slay vampires with, check. Okay,
now moving along, let’s get cooking. Take your cucumber and slice it at a 45°
angle to the center line, and then you make another slice the same 45° angle about 12
to 15 centimeters to one side. Then you slice it in half and you take one of these halves
and you add three toothpicks on either side, just like this. Now the toothpicks are there
to stop the knife from going all the way through, you want the cucumber to be in one piece after
you do your slices, so this is how you do it. You can free-hand it but it’s much more
difficult. As you can see here, the toothpicks stop it from going all the way through, sometimes
they do get stuck to the knife, but that doesn’t matter.
Now just keep slicing all the way through, uniformly, until you get to the end. Now you
might need to move your toothpicks once in a while to make sure they are still covering
the blade cutting action, there we go. Okay, just keep slicing about 1 to 2 millimeters
thick and at the same 45° angle. You want to be uniform and the same size cuts
otherwise when you arch it out it will look wonky, so take your time to get the exact
right cuts — there we go. Now you remove the toothpicks and then what
you do is you simply just arch it out, and it doesn’t need to be more difficult than
this, you just arch it out and there we go. It just looks great.
Okay, voilà! So there we go, that’s the end of the video,
I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you try to make this at home and add it to a food dish.
Off the top of my head obviously I would add this to sushi, but something else I think
would be great would be adding it to a shallow rich tomato soup and just have the cucumber
arching out and create a beautiful contrast color, I think it would look epic.
On that note what would you guys add it to? Leave a comment in the section below and let
me know exactly how you would use this in a food dish to make it pop.
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Thanks for watching, I’m Chef Devaux, see you guys next week — good bye.

100 thoughts on “Cucumber Wave Garnish Tutorial

  1. simple and quick..I bet a nice cucumber salad would be cool this way. Hate when they handle the fruit roo much and have waste.

  2. i like to watch these videos and do them for the residents at the senior assisted living home where i work. they love it il give one away a day to someone it makes their day.

  3. I LOVE Miyabi knives. What type of knife did you use to cut the cucumber? How can I obtain one at a discount from you?

  4. the knife is SO EXPENSIVE!!! like, i only have 6 dollars. (don't worry, im only 11 and i love to cook and just want a good knife but my mom and dad wont buy me one xD)

  5. Amazingly clever, I would place Dips on my party table with my cucumber inside, , to see a Bridge of garnish. 💜❤️🌈

  6. I tried this 3 times, and it didn't work.

    The 1st time, I cut them too big.
    The 2nd time, I cut them thinner.
    The 3rd time, I cut them thin, and at a 45 degree angle.
    Still nothing… Can anyone help me with this?

  7. Since the first day I saw this I have used it for many lovely dishes. The favorite one is my cold cucumber soup! I have a load of applause when I served this one!

  8. Would make a nice central aspect for any tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad etc.
    Or chilled cucumber soup or tomato gazpacho. Also nice center piece for finger foods or wings…Nice garnish.

  9. That would look amazing in a veggie tray dish, maybe make a dozen of them and include other veggies cut in unique ways! it would spice of any event!

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