15 thoughts on “Crumple zone UPDATE. Paramotor geometry part 25.2

  1. super presentation   fully up to expectations  How about a TUB   like in a F1 car . with integral fuel storage , ballistic chute /headrest , Plug in cage mountings ,moulded in motor mountings with adaptor kits for different motors . All of the suggestions and ideas are easily achievable with CAD . The aeromodelling helicopter manufacturers,  have excellent hands on ideas of what is possible using carbon pre preg. The crankcase finned design on My 4T  model motor was CAD   and worked perfectly.

  2. Nice job, I love that you are continuing to make your design better and better. Always striving to improve performance and safety. Thanks for pushing yourself and the industry in such a positive direction.

  3. Have you experimented with active dynamic torque control yet? could solve the instantaneous motor produced torque issue….Would love to see a video on that.

  4. Wouldn't impact foam or gel in front of the carbon plate be even better? There's not much offered on the scout harness today. Why not offer something that slides in?

  5. Perhaps adding "crumple zone" lightweight framing directly under the cockpit for vertical crashes would be a good idea?

  6. Really big thank you for this safety features. Your very own Tucker had a prop explode on him. I want to go back and look to see if he talks about that. (If he has that particular unit) I think he does.

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