Cruise Ship Towel Origami Animals. Valentine’s Day ideas. How to make a heart shaped swan.

Cruise Ship Towel Origami Animals. Valentine’s Day ideas. How to make a heart shaped swan.

We are back at Studio C with John Pullum who
is going to tell us how to fold ‘em. Know when to fold ‘em, that’s it. With so many people throwing in the towel
in the Detroit area with their business, I thought I’d turn towels into my business
here. You need a 1 single bath towel and 1 hand
towel. Actually you need 2 to make the heart shape
swan, which we had over here. Candies, flowers everything else are so expensive
now a days. If you don’t have towels, your all wet you
know. So you take the towel you put your finger
right in the center and you start to roll it up in an angle, just like so and it should
be a fairly tight roll it. This looks like a Cheech and Chong movie right
here. But wait there’s more. You do the same thing on the other side to
keep your thumb there so it does’t go anywhere. Do the same thing on the other side. Just roll it up just like so and then you
have the other side. You kind of have to hold it together just
so it does’t fall. Fold it up, just like that so you have the
side with the crease like so straight side there fold it up like so, roll it up give
it a little squeeze and it should keep it’s form. I would imagine if it’s fresh out of the
dryer or has some moisture or lack of moisture that it probably would affect it’s fold
ability. Yeah and you don’t want a towel this to
thin and flimsy because it will fall all over and what have you. You get the hand towel, just like so. By the way, if you mess with a swan they will
attack. They do, especially if there is a baby around. Nasty temper. You’re going to know how that is in a few
days. You put the pleated hand towel just like so
put it around and it basically can form the wings. Now when you put it together. They’re like a little heart shape. Now it just shows somebody that you care a
little bit more. I made the elephant there holding a little
flower. Because if you had a son that isn’t too
into hearts or whatever, you can make it something that shows you care. That’s with a hand towel and bath towel
as well. There’s no pin, no glue, no pins needed,
just something you have in your house. So if you forgot, there’s people out there
right now Jason as you know, maybe you forgot that it’s Valentine’s Day today. Oh no I din’t forget. No way! Not a chance. Now we see your DVD here. Where is this available? It’s at Folding that’s
My daughter come up with the name of the company because she goes daddy you fold stuff and
like magic it turns into an animal or whatever. And if they use the code of myfoxdetroit all
one word myfox today through tomorrow, they’l get 10% extra off. 10% extra? Yeah so at
. You can’t beat that. Not just elephant or a swan, but I mean you
got on here a sweet skunk and a picture shot on that. That’s the only you need 2 different color
towels for, everything else can be done in white. There on screen right says the sweet skunk. Alright very cool John. Thanks for coming in this morning. Thanks so much. And you know anything that guys can do, that
extra little something. Shows you care. Shows you care. Did you get something for your loved one? Of course! Good. Hey, did you hear about that Nicks rookie
that went to the store and was selling his own jersey in disguise and nobody recognized
him? No I didn’t. See there he is right there. He can’t even get people interested in his

2 thoughts on “Cruise Ship Towel Origami Animals. Valentine’s Day ideas. How to make a heart shaped swan.

  1. Hi John. I bought your Folding Magic (Online Version) last week. Yesterday, I created the Seal with balancing ball. I used a cat toy as the ball. I learned that it is better to use a newer towel, not an older towel whose shape has been distorted by over-use. I'll practice some more and send you a picture.

  2. @xxperfectsolutionxx That's true. I mention on the one video that using older towels might not work out well. It's all trial and error as you begin learning the art. I look forward to seeing the photos of your creations. 🙂

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