Criticizing My Own Art

Criticizing My Own Art

Well-well-well How the turn tables, I guess it was only a matter of time until this happened I’m just gonna go through my own gallery and criticize my art like I would with anyone else. I guess except this time I’ll probably have a more in-depth analysis because you know I’m the guy who made them and I know pretty much everything about them. Also. A lot of these are pretty old So keep in mind this isn’t really going to represent my current skill level and away we go so this is my first logo and Yeah, it sucks. I wanted to make it like a sun that had sand pouring out of it But yeah It just it just looks more like an orange egg Moving on these next few are from a chapter in this channel where I really wasn’t taking anything seriously I don’t take this channel too seriously now, but the fact then it really was just One giant joke, you know, this is Nick the jar-jar hunter. I did a lot of Zootopia Edits, I don’t really care about the film anymore or the ship for whatever reason I just don’t even care anymore. But for some reason like 3d animated characters I just found to be easier to Take the background out of and they looked it looked less strange than if you had to take the background out of a full-on cartoon character or a full-on human and keep in mind this is like all mspaint I gotta appreciate just the the amount of Crap, I put into this. I I worked so hard on these for no reason. This is just a crummy one I just copied and pasted the face and said what is life. Who’s so random? This is oh, yeah. This is where 11,000 views. Are you serious? 500 favorites that’s ridiculous this one. This is really a masterpiece. I don’t know what to tell you guys Um, I don’t know what the inspiration for it was. Oh, right. Right, right. It was the the Judy character bunny rabbit There’s a lot of carrot references so I guess that’s what I was going for and I found this weird picture and I was like You know this kind of looks like that Tripod from War of the Worlds and stuff this this I don’t I don’t even know what that is I’m pretty proud of this one This is when Jacob Sartorius was trending on the Internet God That was so long ago those 2016, right? Yeah Very early channel, you told me to grow a pair and alas I’ve grown one from the earth And I’ve analyzed it from base to stem and alas. I still do not understand that I shouldn’t You know These were the dark times. Okay. These were dark times Michael squish Eddie spaghetti Michael squish Eddie Was a user on here who just spammed art all the time And it was usually of low quality and I don’t know is a terrible rhyme I guess this one I made this on a whim it was just complete randomness I kind of hate how how Lowell random I was trying to be because I think I think the images just kind of speak for themselves, you know, this is the Ironic drawings. I did a long time ago. Your image is large enough to sell as a print. I I don’t think Anyone would want to buy this? DeviantART, just just to be honest here. We have mangle. This is a self-portrait. This is before I took anything seriously This is there. Ah Why okay, well if you notice there’s a lot of sweat coming from our armpits I Think that’s my favorite detail and I’m reaching for the Bulge and either he’s guiding Guiding my hand towards it or or he’s stopping me from raping him This is this is when we were all Very bored people god this was done with a mouse man This was one of my first attempts at serious art on this account it was made in July 14th 2016 800 favorites that’s absurd. I made a pixel art before this, but I posted on a different account This is the first one on this account. The first thing I should have done is put Stronger values for the dark. I mean, it just looks like back here. It should just be completely black It just looks bizarre. I should have put in more detail this a lot of this lighting doesn’t make any sense I mean you could these light rays Theoretically it could happen but I I think it would have worked better if it was much more subtle than this They’re even kind of bent. It’s just it’s just terrible I mean I kind of like the shapes that I put here but man It’s it’s far too simplistic for what I would have liked. I’m sorry. This is this is quite the disappointment This is one of my favorites Freddy Freddy Foos bear in a pretty stung key situation This is when I started doing mech stuff. I didn’t mix stuff before but I Needed to figure out how to size these things properly because you can’t see this you can’t it’s so tiny Come on. God I did not know anything about perspective or whatever. I mean, I don’t even think I even tried I just copied and pasted these three legs here like that’s supposed to make up for it The coloring is so bizarre it just I mean you got this purple Kind of I think that’s purplish brownish down here and it just looks like a different color It’s supposed to be a shadow, but it doesn’t look like one complete lack of contrast this one This one was an inspiration a divine inspiration I think God was speaking to me when I made this 27,000 views one thousand favorites that’s ridiculous. This probably took me like 30 minutes. Come on this is one of mini tanks and It just looks scratchy. You know, it doesn’t look like metal It looks like a bunch of scratched out brown paint and and just the the black Outlines to separate stuff. It’s just it’s so bad I mean it’s as simple as you can get really It just it’s just scratchy the shading here is just steps in value You know, I wasn’t trying to I wasn’t trying to shit the hue or or do anything. It was just pathetic This one has significant improvements. I was just trying to copy the style of Metal Slug. I’ve never played the game I don’t know that much about it. I just thought to myself What’s the best pixel art I can find and I found that on Google Images and I was like, oh, that’s pretty good I mean, they’re just crappier versions of much better pixel art that exists I kind of like the design of this one a lot more It’s much more bulky as you can see there’s a little bit of purple for the darker colors so it’s a little bit better in the color area, but it’s still just Scratchy again This was one of my first attempts at a forest. I did it in grayscale I did not have very much experience the trunk when it gets there It just looks so so stiff and bland and and the gradient is not smooth at all When it comes to the branches, it’s just even worse They’re just so stumpy and pathetic looking when they should be sprawling out into the leaves I mean again, I’m just ripping off a Metal Slug pixel art I copied these techniques but I didn’t really understand why they worked you know, for example There’s this line in the shadow of the barrel and I didn’t know that was like reflected light in the shadow I just saw that on other things and it’s like oh that’s that’s good But I didn’t understand why that’s the case and so as a result a lot of other things Suffered unless I directly copied from it. I remember I used to be proud of this. I mean it kind of holds up It’s it has a serious problem with pillo shading, you know, there’s like no source of light It’s like what what’s going on here? It’s just copying other techniques, you know Everyone said the union from Metal Slug and yeah, that that’s pretty much was doing just copying the techniques used on that one. Oh, This is probably the worst pixel one so far. It’s just so bad I mean the rocks I copied another technique that I found somewhere and I put it on these rocks, right? But then it comes to the tree. It’s just so bad. I mean, there’s no contrast here It just looks there’s no sense of depth. It looks like stained glass windows four leaves, you know The outline around the tree I don’t why didn’t I just expand the the floor because I didn’t know how to do grass Properly this one again I I didn’t really understand I could see shading and I can see lighting and I could copy it and I can maybe Manipulate it a little but I didn’t understand why these fundamentals worked again There’s problems with the light source. One of the barrels has this lighting and the other two of this lighting It’s all just confusing. This was the first Environment full environment kind of thing again. Why did I blow it up? You know I could blow stuff up on mspaint and make it a lot larger probably because if I blew it up larger it look Crappy, or you know look crummy or from far away It looks okay, you know But if you blow it up it can look really bad the gradient over here is so bad You just get it’s clearly just four different colors that are horrifically separated Hundred thousand subscribers. Oh that was a while ago 2017 this is a This is one of many trees. I don’t know what I was thinking Under here. It looks more like a Curtain than roots. I should have been working from observation from real life Nature I could look at other art, but I really just should have studied more fundamentals I would have been so far ahead than where I am. Now see this. This is just bad The one thing that everyone recognized as a mistake was the water. It’s one blank color. What was I thinking? You know and it like it’s so blue. It looks like an ocean came in here You know, where’s the reflections come on this one? I kind of like a bit more because I actually put freaking detail in the water Yeah, as you can see I’ve been reusing the same color schemes cuz I thought they looked good the shading here It could have gone darker. It really could have gone darker. I don’t understand why I didn’t go darker Why don’t I blow these things up make them larger? Come on in the middle here. Everyone was kind of confused about that I was trying to do like this path I suppose but I’d I guess I was too lazy to put in a different color So I just like make it kind of flat. I don’t know I mean the texture on these trees is just so lazy It looks like someone whipped them you’ll notice that nothing is very smooth. I think anti Analyzing is the word Ella Ella’s anti a lysing whatever anti aliasing whatever the term is I didn’t use that I was I was being stupid so and these these roots here again My roots didn’t seem to connect to anything They just kind of fell out of the trees and drooped over everything like tentacles with this one The perspective is just so bland. You know, it just completely flat on both angles. The lighting is so weird You got this tree, there’s light coming from Here, but there’s also light coming from here. It doesn’t make sense Where is this coming from? I don’t know. It’s like someone took flash photography in the middle of the forest It doesn’t make sense again. Just reusing color schemes, cuz I’m too lazy to come up with something new this is probably the best of my Environment works which I guess isn’t saying that much I brought up the saturation more so that things would be more colorful I put in a lot more contrast and I focus more on some lighting It’s still not great and there’s still plenty of flaws here. Like I should have moved this some of this lighting up here I really should have found out a light source and studied how objects are affected by light Um, the only thing I can really say are really bad as the clouds here. They just look so flat Why why it’s so flat. It’s like the clouds and the opening of Toy Story This one is probably the most recent My opinion one of the better ones cuz there’s a whole lot more contrast. There’s an actual light source There’s different colors. I made observations from reference photos. It says October 2018 but this was actually about six months or four or five months behind that date because I just forgot about it and then I I was like, oh, yeah, I made this the moss here. I don’t know what I was doing I should have made it more grass like in my opinion It just looks like play-doh, you know kind of green play-doh. I think I did a pretty good job at getting the atmosphere here I really wanted to capture some kind of fuzzy dreamlike state, but maybe it’s too blurry in a lot of places Recently, I’ve been moving on to graphite just traditional mediums so I can practice fundamentals That’s really what I’ve been doing for the past like year or so maybe I’ll post some of that if I ever get good enough to do that or I figure out how to take Good pictures of the work, you know, if I do this again, hopefully next time I’ll have more to show anyway my name is solar sands and Goodbye

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  1. I hate it when people say, "Shut up, you can't even draw/animate good."

    Like. Bro
    You don't have to know how to draw or animate good to criticize them.

  2. Solar Sands with other art: it’s pretty average but I like this and here’s how to fix this
    Solar Sands with his (amazing) art: it’s so bad !!1!1!!1 it looks horrible I can’t make trees

  3. Me, a person who loves contrast, sees the lack on contrast in some of these pixel arts….

    “Wait, it looks decent?” I thought to myself

  4. Bruh your fuckin humans are GOOD. lile damn you have a really good concept on anatomy and perspective and facial structures, etc etc, im impressed man

  5. Solar is laughing!! Y e s!!! I love it! I have never heard him so ashamed and…and.. Laughing at himself. I love it

  6. VPGD: #ModernArt oh crap its modern art! guys i hate pixelart! #ModernArt Modern art!!! #ModernArt Pixel art again…. #ModernArt Oh crap its modern art! #ModernArt #ModernArt #ModernArt Well i hate MS paint and pixel art #ModernArt

  7. Like, I've heard his voice in other videos, it's more monotone, but in this one it has a bit more emotion and when he laughed,,, HHHH he's precious

  8. sooo.. just a fan being weirdo… but instead of drawing you as a anime with your logo covering your face i will have to ask (and plis answer) what is you zodiac sign solar sansss?

  9. me: *sees solar sands' serious pixel art* wow that's pretty goo-

    solar sands: i hate this, this is horrible, its such a disapointment

  10. solarsands: **critiques people’s art carefully and points out every flaw, especially if the drawing is too cluttered or messy*

    also solarsands: 2:06

  11. honestly, this made me feel much better with my progression as I'm not really doing constant art or anything, and it shows alot of people that if you just study art and real refs and just real images it can go a long way! and just …. everyone learns.

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