100 thoughts on “Criticizing My Own Art

  1. I hate it when people say, "Shut up, you can't even draw/animate good."

    Like. Bro
    You don't have to know how to draw or animate good to criticize them.

  2. Solar Sands with other art: it’s pretty average but I like this and here’s how to fix this
    Solar Sands with his (amazing) art: it’s so bad !!1!1!!1 it looks horrible I can’t make trees

  3. Me, a person who loves contrast, sees the lack on contrast in some of these pixel arts….

    “Wait, it looks decent?” I thought to myself

  4. Bruh your fuckin humans are GOOD. lile damn you have a really good concept on anatomy and perspective and facial structures, etc etc, im impressed man

  5. Solar is laughing!! Y e s!!! I love it! I have never heard him so ashamed and…and.. Laughing at himself. I love it

  6. VPGD: #ModernArt oh crap its modern art! guys i hate pixelart! #ModernArt Modern art!!! #ModernArt Pixel art again…. #ModernArt Oh crap its modern art! #ModernArt #ModernArt #ModernArt Well i hate MS paint and pixel art #ModernArt

  7. Like, I've heard his voice in other videos, it's more monotone, but in this one it has a bit more emotion and when he laughed,,, HHHH he's precious

  8. sooo.. just a fan being weirdo… but instead of drawing you as a anime with your logo covering your face i will have to ask (and plis answer) what is you zodiac sign solar sansss?

  9. me: *sees solar sands' serious pixel art* wow that's pretty goo-

    solar sands: i hate this, this is horrible, its such a disapointment

  10. solarsands: **critiques people’s art carefully and points out every flaw, especially if the drawing is too cluttered or messy*

    also solarsands: 2:06

  11. honestly, this made me feel much better with my progression as I'm not really doing constant art or anything, and it shows alot of people that if you just study art and real refs and just real images it can go a long way! and just …. everyone learns.

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