77 thoughts on “Cricut Pens: Writing and Envelope Addressing Tutorial

  1. Hi Jennifer! Great tutorial!! You are right I have googled the Extra Fine Point Pen Set, Boheman and appears nowhere! lol. I don't see anything in that style (clear outer covering).

  2. So informative! I did not know that about the calligraphy pen. And I love the bold color of the Crayola markers. I need to get some.

  3. This is Ketah Cavanaugh. I can't find out why it comes in as my husbands name. The video was great, very informative.

  4. I love that you don't have music in your video !!! I want to hear what you say !!! Also which mat do you use for paper/envelope? Also can i put more than one envelope at a time…. to do Christmas card mailings ?

  5. I would love to see more videos on this! I have been struggling to 'write' properly with my Cricut Explore. I have the black pen set with the calligraphy pens and did not understand what was meant by placing it at a 45 degree angle. Your explanation helped a lot, Thanks!

  6. For some reason, my machine writes a letter, then goes back over it, making it thicker. How do I get it to just do one pass on each letter? Is it the font I’m choosing?

  7. Just curious… I’m just starting to learn about these amazing machines and want to purchase one. Why do you have three? Which one is the best to purchase? Which is the newest model? Thank you so much for your time

  8. Overall video is a 95 percent awesome! I would edit the second printer section because it does not show well. I think you have creative skill with the machines and video making. I would cut this into two videos for user comfort. Great demo on the pens!

  9. Thank you Jennifer for these information about the different kind of pens I could used on my cricut explore Thank you for sharing

  10. Thank you for testing the pens.

    I would like to find PERMANENT fabric markers that would work in the Maker.

    Has anyone had success in finding fabric markers that fit?

    My fabric markers by Tsukineko don't fit.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  11. Would it be easier to mark the non cricket pen once you have it in properly? So you don’t have to use the stick?

  12. Hi Jennifer! I was so excited to see you on YouTube. I said that name sounds familiar and I realize I subscribe to your newsletter through my email. That email about excuses was such a blessing to me. I should print off and read it again and again. Good to put a face to the name. Enjoyed this video! I will look to see if there are more. Thank you!

  13. Hi Jennifer, thank you for all the tutorials you have done. Just bought the book thing you made. I am having a really hard time getting my fonts to NOT be bubble letters. Any font i chose it comes out in bubble letters and not just a letter. Can you please help me with what fonts to use and not use?

  14. If i buy a cricut, which do I choose? So many video’s all very confusing. Is it true you have to pay monthly to use the cricut software?

  15. Hello Jennifer – just a word of caution, I was told by Cricut if I am using a non Cricut pen it will void my warrenty on my machine. Has this changed?

  16. You’ve created a great pen sampler. I think I’ll do this for practice and to get an idea of what my pens will look like. (Don’t tell but I know my husband bought me a Cricut Maker for Christmas.🤫) I’ve never used a Cricut before. I am so eager to get started so I’m devouring YouTube videos on every topic I can find. I know it took a while to compile this info, film it and edit it. Thank you very much.

  17. Jennifer, Thank you so much for doing these videos. I hope that you know how much you are helping those of us who aren’t so Cricut savvy. You actually teach from a beginners point of view and that is a tremendous help and you cover every detail. I appreciate your talent. Again, Thank you.

  18. Thanks so much for posting your videos! I've watched several recently and love every single one of them. Your detailed and organized videos make it so easy to follow. So very helpful!

  19. Jennifer – I just found your channel a couple of weeks ago, and I LOVE IT!!… Thank you so much for the Cricut videos so, so very helpful!! I have had a Cricut for many years, and really only use any basic uses. I really excited to learn how to use many of it's fabulous features… 🙂

  20. Great video as always..💕I am trying to catch up on all of your videos now. Do you offer in person classes?

  21. Received My very first Cricut for Christmas, so am brand new to this whole thing. I found your video very helpful and informative. new sub! thank you

  22. Thanks for the video. I need your help with something though. I have a cricut air and love the machine but everytime I use the pen feature my pen pops up out of the holder (yes I only use original cricut pens), also I put the pen in correcly. Is there something I can do?

  23. Hi Jennifer, I hope you can help me! I have blank cards i bought from Michael's and I want to write inside them. Im making birthday cards. Every attempt i try-fails. I make my text in ds and using shapes make my card. However, it never lines up when it writes. It always way off. how do i place my card on the mat and writing in ds so they line up? (sigh)

  24. I have been thinking about getting a silhouette cameo but I'm rethinking that, it looks like the cricut maker and the cricut explorer do way more than the silhouette cameo am I correct, or do you know for sure if the cricut does more than the cameo?

  25. thanks for this video.. I just got the maker for Christmas.found out that not all fits the "maker". On the pens… if it only said for Maker is what you can use. I got a package of pens and it said for the "Explorer". but you just showed it works in the Maker too. thank you for the video, nice to know how others worked or not worked.. great job..

  26. I'm confused How you loaded the pens so the Cricut knew to only print one row for each pen at a time…and one pen didn't just write every line before it stopped…I noticed before each line the machine blinked to go…and not unload….Did the machine think it was separate mats?

  27. i am trying to get that single line for script explore 2 but always have to fill in by hand. How can I get this pure line that you have achieved?

  28. I just discovered your videos…they are so clear and very well done. You are a great teacher and these are very easy to understand and follow.! Thank you from a newbie..

  29. This is my 3rd video on your site and I am loving them. I have had my cricut air 2 in the box since I bought it about a year ago and now I can't wait to use it. Thank you!!!!!

  30. Would you please reply with a link for the Staedtler Marker pen 3.0 that you demonstrated with. I purchased the Staedtler fineliner pen set and it pops out of my Cricut Maker. Thank you

  31. You can also take the adapter out of the pen holder. Then It can fit many more different sized pens and markers. I wrap some painters tape around the pen if you need to increase the diameter of the pen or marker.

  32. Thank you so much for the demonstration. I just brought my CA2 home and will want to use a variety of pens. I really liked the look of the crayola markers.

  33. Will these pens work for the cricut explore? I see things for explore air and air 1 but I have just the explorer.

  34. Hi Jennifer I am just getting started with my explore air 2. Can you explain about the fonts for writing. Like if I am getting a font from dafont what do I look for?

  35. Received my very first Cricut (maker). Having trouble using fonts. I select ‘has writing style’ and still get bubble writing. I then go in to layers and change from cut to write but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I can’t use the font you used (dear john) as I can’t get Cricut access in Australia (sad). Any help gratefully received. Thanks. Jo

  36. Jennifer I just love and really appreciate your Cricut tutorials! This one was very jam packed with great info, I truly thought you could only use Cricut pens.

  37. I am so glad I found your site about cricut things. I got mine 3 days ago and have made several lovely custom (read: using my drawings) cards, but I know I'm barely scratching the tip of what it can do!

  38. I got a Cricut Explore Air 2 a couple of weeks ago and have been obsessed since. I actually drew out my own .svg file because I wanted to see if that would work and produce writing instead of bubbling! Today I've been testing fonts and seeing what looks good and what looks not as good. I'm loving the Cricut… I even named it- Dottie!

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