Cricut Infusible Ink Layered T-Shirt Tutorial – Full Process!

Cricut Infusible Ink Layered T-Shirt Tutorial – Full Process!

– Hello everybody, my
name is Jennifer Maker. Today we are learning how
to make a layered T-shirt using Cricut infusible ink transfer sheets on The Great Maker Show and Tell. (gentle music) So Cricut’s infusible ink transfer sheets are a fun and easy way to make
professional level T-shirts that won’t peel crack or flake. And you can get really,
really vibrant colors that are permanently infused into the material when you use it. And you can create designs
with multiple colors which is what I want to
show you how to do today. So this personalized T-shirt here I made using Cricut’s
infusible ink transfer sheets that I combined it together
for a fun summer look. It’s so vibrant, isn’t it? So for this project you’re
gonna want a Cricut Explore or maker either one works fine. We use the fine point blade. An EasyPress whether it’s the original or the EasyPress2 and it
needs to be big enough so that it’ll cover your
whole design in one pass. You could also use a heat press but you can’t use a household iron because it won’t get
consistently hot enough across the whole hot surface, the surface of it to
properly infuse that ink. And it’s typically not big enough for a T-shirt design anyway. Beyond the machines you’re going to need the Cricut infusible ink transfer sheets and the colors or patterns
that you want to use. I am using red and blue. A green standard grip cutting mat. In EasyPress pressing mat,
I’m actually gonna use the medium and large
sizes for this project. A piece of white, white cardstock. A piece of butcher paper and
then that will come inside your infusible ink transfer sheet package. Some scissors and some tweezers and of course you need T-shirt itself. So I am using one of
Cricut’s own T-shirts, this is a women’s XL shirt. And I’m using it so
that we can see exactly how it works with their products. Now you should be able to
use another shirt with very like 100% polyester ordinary to it. But we’re not testing that today we’ll do that in a future video. And of course you need a design. So I’ve created this flip-flop design because I think it’s perfect for summer. And it’s all perfect for
an infusible ink project because we’ve got multiple colors going on that touch without overlapping. And I’m gonna explain all of this to you and how it works to use multiple colors. And you’re also welcome
to use this design free. So let me show you where
to get the free design, how to personalize it with your own name and how to put it onto a T-shirt with infusible ink transfer sheets. Alright the first thing
we need to do is get our design ready for our
infusible ink layered project. I’ve created a special
design just for this which is perfect for learning
and fun to do as well. You’ll find it over on my blog at And you’ll want too go up to library, is here is the red bar. And if you don’t have a
password yet it’s free you can click this to get one. But if you’ve got one go ahead
and click enter the library. And you’ll be asked to
put in your password, right here on the password box so just go ahead and type
that in and press enter. You will find the files all
listed in chronological order as well as separated by
various themes and stuff. You’re looking for the
flip-flops SVG files, just go ahead and click on that. And it will download to your, usually to your downloads folder. We’re gonna open that up so
we can see what it looks like. So here it is and we’re
looking for the SVG file. So now we’re gonna go over
to Cricut design space, and we’re gonna upload that file. So of course we wanna click on new project and then click on upload. And then click on upload
image and click browse. And we’re going to look
for in our downloads folder for the flip-flops directory. And we want the SVG file,
I’m gonna click on open. And it’s gonna upload
to Cricut design space and this is what it looks like. There’s some different flip-flops in here and we click Save. And then we’re gonna select it and insert it onto our
canvas just like this. I’m gonna make it a little smaller, the canvas a little
smaller with the minus sign in the lower left corner
so I can see everything. So this design has four different styles of flip-flops you can color
them however you like. We’re going to concentrate on this one in the upper left corner. So I’m gonna go ahead and delete the other things that we don’t need. So I’m gonna ungroup everything and that will leave just four
groups here and this group. Hold on the shift key
this one and this one. These three here you can
see over in the panel on the right, I’m gonna
ahead and delete those ’cause we’re not gonna use those today. All right so we’re left with this one, now we’re gonna put this onto a T-shirt. So I’m gonna go ahead
and click on templates and bring up a T-shirt template. So I need the classic shirts. And I’m gonna change it to
woman’s short sleeve shirt. And this shirt is size XX, large. And I’m gonna hide the grid using the box in the upper left corner. You click on it twice and the
grid will go away right here. Alright so here is my flip-flop design. I’ve already sized this for my project. It’s just under nine inches tall and seven and a half inches wide. And I think this is a
great size for this shirt. But of course if you wanna
make it smaller or larger you can use the resize
button in the corner. Just click and drag that like this, and it will make it smaller and larger. So let’s first undo that and then make it just a little bit bigger
so we can see it here. I wanna put my name on this
solid flip-flop right here. So I’m gonna click on text and I’m gonna type my name, Jennifer. And I am then going to use this sort of circle arrow. I’m gonna click and drag it until it’s rotated about
the way I want it to. You can click and drag
this over to my flip-flop, so we can actually see what
we’re doing in laying that. But actually looks pretty darn good. So let me scroll, zoom
out a little bit more so you can see this even better. So now you get to decide
what size and what style of font you would like. I wanna use something a
little bit more feminine. So I am going to go up to the font menu while that text is still selected because see that select box around it. And I am going to search on a font that I have purchased
before called Michelle. Here it is Michelle script. It’s available from design bundles, I’ll put the link to it
in the video description. I really like it’s a
very pretty script font. Now you’ll notice right
away that it’s not, the letters are not connecting. And whenever we have a script font you wanna make sure
that they’re connecting. And we can fix this by going
up to letter space right here and decrease the size of letter spacing until our letters are touching. Like that. And then we can resize it
again until it fits the, until it fits our
flip-flop and looks good. I think that looks
pretty good right there. So you can use whatever font you want. I recommend that you use a script font just because it seems to be
a little bit easier, right. For you to weed it but since
everything is connected but you certainly don’t have to, it is absolutely your choice. And now we need to
actually have, I want this, this isn’t going to be its own layer, this is gonna be cut out of the flip-flop. So whatever color that’s
behind the flip-flop will show in this case it’s
going to be a white T-shirt. So I need to slice this
out of my red flip-flop. So I’m going keep this text selected, so we can see that blue box. We can see over here in the menu that it’s selected as well, and it looks the way we wanna to. And we’re gonna hold down the shift key and we’re gonna select the red flip-flop. So now we, actually it’s grouped, we need to ungroup this first. So we need to make sure
it’s out of a group. So just click the ungroup icon and we’re gonna also send it to the back so that we can see our font. So is arrange, send it back. All right we want to select the text, there we go there’s the and
the red layer like this. So we’ve got, it we
selected the blue layer. Because you can always tell over here in the layers panel what you’re doing. So always keep an eye
on that layers panel, let’s try that again. I’m gonna select down here and this time I got the red layer, so that’s good. And then I’m gonna hold on the shift key and I can either like click right here or I can click on the font,
I’ll click right here. Then we know I’m gonna get
those two layers I want. So now we have just that red
layer and just our font layer. And that’s exactly the way we want, it’s very important when you do a slice you have just these two layers selected. That are not in groups or
anything like that, okay. So we’ve got our two layer selected, we’re ready to slice now. We’re gonna come down here
to the bottom right corner and there’s an icon that’s a
slice, I’m gonna click that. And at first it might seem
like I didn’t do anything, but it has and you will see you now have sliced results up here. And you have an extra layer
that you didn’t have before. So if I click on one of these layers which is this when it shows up
as a black sort of line here. Black, but my name in black
and we’re gonna delete this, we don’t need that layer. We’re also gonna delete this one which is, sliced out of that red flip-flop, so now it’s my name in red. We’re gonna delete that layer too and this is what we’re left with. Just two layers red and blue and that’s exactly what you want. So we’re gonna layer this using our Cricut infusible ink transfer sheets. Not the way that we
would do vinyl however, we’re going to use the
slice and set method which is what basically I’ve
already got it set up for you. So what we have here is this red layer and I can move it around. And you’ll see that, it’s
just everything that’s red is right here and ready to go. And here’s a blue layer
and it’s all ready to go. now if you were doing this, you were trying to
create a design yourself you would have to do the
slicing and everything yourself to make this design, but I’ll
get it all set up for you. So this is the perfect
infusible ink project when you want to learn how to layer. So we’re gonna use these two colors and we’re actually going
to put the blue on the red. And then we’re going to attach it to, we’re going to apply it to our T-shirt and I will of course
show you how to do that. So we are ready to go
we’re ready to make this, we don’t have to do anything else unless of course you’re
resizing or something, but I think this is the
perfect size right now. So we need to go ahead and click make it. And we can see we have our blue layer and we have our red layer. Now there’s two very important
things that we have to do. The first is that all
infusible ink projects need to be mirrored. So we’re gonna go ahead and
toggle mirror on right now for these projects just like that, so now everything is mirrored. It’s very important to do that, don’t forget to do that. The second thing that we need to do because this is a layered project is we need to make sure
that we have enough of the carrier sheet to layer both colors onto. So by that I mean let’s take
a look at the red layer. So right now on the red
layer we can see one whole flip-flop, we’re only missing the little blue strap on this one. On this one however we
can’t see the top right. This flip-flop would
actually be a little taller once we have the blue on it. If I were to cut it
out like this right now we wouldn’t have enough
carrier sheet above our, this flip-flop for us to
layer that blue on to. So what we need to do is lower this down so that we make sure that we have plenty of room for setting our layer onto the carrier sheet before we press it. So I’m just sliding it down just clicking and dragging it down right
here in the mat preview screen to make sure that I’ve got
plenty of that carrier sheet and that’s very important too. And that does mean essentially this part is going to have to get wasted because we’re going to be transferring it to that carrier sheet. And let me show you what I mean okay. So if we were right now to
let’s say move this over to the other mat, so that we
can put them both together so we can see. So I’m going to move
it over to the red mat, we’re gonna put them together
as if we were doing it. So first of all we need to have a little more space over here too. But we need to have, like if
we put this up here like this and put this here, this is where
that red layer needs to be. In order for the blue layer
to be layered on top of it. And I realize this might not
make a lot of sense right now but you’re gonna understand so much better when we actually do this. So but it’s important right now if you’re working alongside me that you move down that red layer and just move it over
to the right just a tad. So I’m gonna move this back the blue mat. And this can cut, so this
in cut out just like this and this is gonna cut out here. Now we’re gonna have
plenty of space up here for the actual blue part of the flip-flop. All right so we’re ready to make this, let’s go ahead and click continue. and we’re going to use my
Cricut Explore Air 2 for this. And we want to make sure that we are using the infusible ink as our material. So right click on browse all materials and scroll down under iron-on and use infusible ink
transfer sheet and click done. Now in my test that I did before, I needed to have my pressure set to more. And needed to make sure
that my blade was cleaned and I did that using my
aluminum foil ball method which I’ve described many times but I’ll also show you when we go over to cut it right now. Alright it’s time to cut out the infusible ink transfer sheets. And our first color is going to be let’s double check this. The first color is the
blue transfer sheet. So let’s go ahead and put the blue on. So this is the Cricut infusible ink, and this is the packaging it comes in. I have already opened
this because I did my test with a tropical floral. So this box is tropical
floral and navy blue. And if you are unfamiliar
with Cricut and infusible inks you will notice when we
take them out of the package that they look like
they’re a different color. Actually even a different
hue and they look faded. Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with your infusible ink transfer sheets this is just how they look before you apply them
to your project, okay. So we’re going to use the navy blue sheet. So let’s put this back here, so it’s nice and safe. All right and we’re gonna want to put we, it comes with butcher paper which we need for when we actually put this on to our projects, was that there. Now the infusible ink
comes with a paper layer which is the colored or patterned layer and a liner or carrier sheet. So you wanna put it shiny side down, so this is the shiny side. So this side that has
the liner carrier sheet, you put that down on your mat like this. You do want to use a standard grip mat just like I’m using and make sure you as always line this up best as you can. I recommend that you have
clean hands when you do this. Minimize oil that transfers, use a brayer, so that you’re not getting… Because especially in this case this is a nice pretty solid, we don’t want to see any weird oily fingerprints or anything like that. So we get that all put down on our mat. And get our Cricut going. I’m gonna load this in
and we’re just using the regular a fine point
blade for this project. All right so it’s loaded. Now as I mentioned it’s always a good idea to make sure that your blade is clean and to do that I just pop
out my blade like this. And I depress the plunger on the blade, always be careful this
is a very sharp blade. And I, just poke this aluminum ball and it helps to remove any little bits of glitter paper or vinyl anything that might be stuck on it. So that it cuts as smoothly and as cleanly as possible. All right that should be good. Put that back in there make
sure it’s all the way down and then close the clamp like that. All right so we’re now ready to cut this. So let’s go ahead and press the button. And the word of the day is cricutime which is a word I use when I am measuring how long something is gonna take based on how long it’s gonna
take the cut on my Cricut. Now let’s take this
off of our cutting mat. So we’re gonna flip it over. Remove it like this, there we go. So there is this place. All right so it’s time
to do our red layer. So let’s take off one of the red layers, well we have to take all of this out. So whenever you open up a new roll of infusible ink transfer sheets, there’s like a little note
reminding you where to go to, get directions because I’m sure people will confuse with vinyl and be stumped. And there’s also butcher paper in here and there’s also a swatch of fabric. So that you can test things out on fabric before you use an expensive
shirt and make a mistake. So we didn’t want just one
sheet of the two sheets that come on this particular roll. And they’re already cut to size which is awesome, I love that. Set this over here all right. So we’re gonna put this under a mat just like we did before. And use my brayer so that I minimize how much of the oils for my
hand are transferring to it. Just to keep it nice and clean and vivid. Put on our machine. Let’s remove this, see how this looked. This looks great it’s all mirrored just like it’s supposed to be, awesome. So there’s my name, mirror
image and there’s the design. So let’s put this over and take this off the mat. All right so we’re gonna
start with the red layer, and we’re going to get it ready to go. And then we’re gonna
put our blue layer on it this is how this is gonna work. So the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to cut away the sections. So all of this stuff
here we don’t need that because it’s extra. So you can see the design here. We only want this top corner to be left on the carrier sheet. This we can just go ahead
and trim off right now and save for another project. So I will use my knife actually to go ahead and do this. And I’m just gonna go right to here, just make sure that you’re
not too close to the edge of your design there. You don’t want to accidentally cut off any parts that you needed. What I’m going to do I’m gonna cut off this little corner just
a little bit down here ’cause we don’t need this little bit. Now that we’ve cut our design
into our transfer sheet it’s time to reveal it. What we need to do now is to remove all of these negative parts here. So all of this needs to come out. All the parts and what we need to keep is like this part with the sandal. Let me pull this up so you
can see a little better. You want to keep on the transfer sheet this part and this part here. And then the stripes
here and the strap there, that’s our goal. So we’re supposed to bend and crack it. So you can see here if you do this it helps it come off a little bit better. Not bend it, you’re not bending that’s important you’re
not creasing it here. I’m just trying to, like you can see here how it kind of separates
as we move it like this. Here you can see as well right. This is the kind of thing
that they’re referring to. It’s gonna make it a lot easier when we go to transfer this to, remove the extra that we don’t need, okay. Let’s go ahead and try removing extra now. So in the corner I’m
gonna take a little bit separate it from the liner, well as I can. So I’ve separated it
from the liner right here and we’re going to pull it away. And you can see it’s going
to leave behind our design. So we wanna go ahead
and carefully do this. Don’t want us to tear, oh I see ’cause I know
why it’s doing that hard. Let me cut away some
this extra, right now. And we can save all of this too by the way all of this can be saved. Because we can put it onto another piece of transfer, a liner. It’s just, or might be hard to cut, I don’t know if we can cut it. I guess we’ll see. So let’s definitely remove this. There we go. Cut that out so now we need to get out the inside of the flip-flops, like that and we need to
get out these letters. So I don’t know how
tricky this is gonna be, we’re gonna find out together. So we want to remove it little letters. All right we they were
able to remove my name with just a little one little issue. I see the little middle part of the J wanted to come with it, so we can fix that and put that back in place right here. And press that down and then it looks like this also flipped over. Let’s put this back into place. And this being of course go
onto our shirt like this, don’t worry about it being mirror image. What we want to see right now is this, this is the important part okay. So now it’s time to put on our blue layer. So our next step is to combine our infusible ink color layers. So unlike with vinyl where
we would take this layer and put it onto our shirt and
then take the other layers and put them on. We’re gonna layer everything
onto this one piece of liner, this carrier sheet and then transfer it as a whole. That’s very important
because repeated pressings can damage, can like make your colors fade and stuff like that. So this time we wanna
take the blue section, the blue parts out and put them in place. So now we need to layer
our blue onto our red. So we’re just going to put them together like puzzle pieces. So blue goes on here. So that’s the blue layer. Can you see that the
blue layer is good to go. All right so now we need to do the other side. And this comes up here at the top. And there we have our
layered infusible ink pattern ready to go on to our project,
it’s not like awesome? All right so I think we’re ready now to put our layered infusible
ink project onto our T-shirt. For this we’re gonna need
a piece of butcher paper, a piece of cardstock which we have here. So a butcher paper and cardstock and of course our layered image, our layered design which
we’ve got ready to go. We need a appropriate
Cricut infusible and plain. So I have a white T-shirt here, it’s all ready for us to go as well. We’re also going to want our pressing mat. So I’m actually going
to use this small one. I’m gonna put it inside the shirt and I’m also gonna use the big one and we’re gonna put it
underneath everything. And of course we also need our EasyPress. And I’m gonna use the
original EasyPress for this because it’s important that our design fit on this. So this is not turned on don’t worry. So I’m gonna just double-check that it’ll fit on here completely. Which it looks like it just will, so that’s really
important that we do that. Like if we turn it a little bit like this we can see that it does
definitely fit on there. So that’s important that you need to have, make sure your EasyPress will cover the design entirely in one pressing. So we’re going to want
to go over to Cricut and look at what they tell us to use in their calculator. So I’m heading over to Cricut. So here is the Cricut
EasyPress heat transfer guide, I have a link to this below the video as well as in my tutorial and my blog. Now we’re gonna use the
original Cricut EasyPress that’s the one, that’s the
wisteria one that I showed you. And if you’re not sure
this little link here that will help you figure out which EasyPress you have. And we are going to use
infusible ink transfer sheets and our base material is a T-shirt. All right so we click
apply and then it tells us exactly what to do. So we wanna set our
EasyPress to 360 degrees which is the maximum for
the original EasyPress. And we’re gonna wanna preheat our shirt for 15 seconds. And this also shows us the layers that we need to have our shirt. So first we have our pressing mat then our shirt that has a
piece of paper inside of it. And then we have our design and then our butcher paper
and then our EasyPress itself and I’m gonna go through
all of that with you. So let’s hop back over to there we go. AlL right so we need
to preheat this to 360. So we’re gonna press this
temperature button right here and hold it down until it goes up to 360 which is its maximum for
the original EasyPress. And set that again. And then we’re gonna do, it
wants us to do 120 seconds. So I’m gonna press this stopwatch button and hold down the plus
key and it will raise up in five second increments
if I hold it down like I am. We want to go to 120 there we go and press the stopwatch again. So now it’s going to heat
up to the proper temperature and it’s very important
that you always use the right temperature for
your EasyPress and for your, what you’re transferring and
for your material itself. All right, so while that is heating up, let’s set this to the side a little bit. We need to get our layers ready to go. So let’s set these here for now. Alright so I’m gonna put my mat down on our surface. All right so there is our mat. Our pressing that is
right here good to go. Now the next layer is our T-shirt with the paper in it. And so I’m gonna open this up. So we want a T-shirt with our paper in it. And I’m gonna go ahead and I
have another EasyPressed mat, so I’m going to go ahead
and put that in there. So on a paper, alright. This is our paper and I’m gonna put this and the mat press inside of it. You don’t have to have that second, mat but I have it so I’m gonna go ahead and use it makes it a
little easier for me. And I’m just opening up the shirt, I’m sliding it in like this. Dirty right there. Okay so now you know often I would use this center point to determine exactly where our design is gonna go. Right, I would usually
like iron it right there but in this case I’m not going to. You can if you want you could use a ruler to help you figure out
the right placement right. So that you can see
where straight is right. We want it to be nice and straight, although I mean they’re flip-flops. I can’t say I’m super concerned about this but this looks pretty
straight to me, right? Coming right down the center there okay. So we preheated this to 360 degrees and we’ve got our T-shirt on a clean mat, we’re going to put the cardstock. We put the cardstock inside of a T-shirt to prevent any play through. And we can’t forget to
use our lint roller. I want to be sure that the section that we are going to put our
design on it is super clean. All right so now it’s
time to cover the sheet with butcher paper larger
than the heat plate. And we’re gonna pre-heat
it for 15 seconds. Okay so gotta put your paper on here, we’re gonna preheat this
area for 15 seconds. So we’re gonna just lift this up and put it down just like this and just write down and we’re
gonna that’s press Start. I’m gonna watch until it gets to 105. Kinda see that a little bit, 105. So 105 there we go, all right. And we want to remove the butcher paper from the top of the shirt, just like this. So we’ll set that there for now. Now we need to place our design down, vinyl side up. So we’re going to place it down like this, so this is our design and it goes down on our shirt like this. So we wanna make sure
that we’re centering it and we got it exactly where we want to go. So I’m gonna use this V right here and kind of put it down in a line, right down like this. I think this seems pretty good to me and we can go ahead and do this to get it to adhere to
our shirt like that. That looks good. All right and then we’re
gonna put our butcher paper on top of it just like that right. So we’ve got the design and it’s in place and we’ve got our butcher paper
right here just like this. Now we’re going to slowly lift our press, I’m gonna put it onto, I’m going to press it for 120 seconds and then we’re gonna slowly
remove the butcher paper and then let it cool
before remove the liner. All right ready, 120 seconds, to make sure that we’re
covering our design completely. It’s very important that you not move your Cricut EasyPress at all. And we lift it straight
up from our project. Slowly remove the butcher paper. And we have to wait until
it cools completely, so this is still warm so we’re gonna wait. This seems like it’s cold
so let’s give it a try. Let’s take this off and see how we did. Awesome look at that, isn’t that cool? Look at that it is so awesome
guys, it looks amazing. So this looks great and this is beautiful, it’s so smooth and clean I love it. It looks like something you buy in a store but it’s got my name
here, isn’t that awesome? I think this is gonna be so super cute. And this looks like pretty much perfect. I see just a little bit
wears off right here. It’s tiniest bit not a big deal though. So this is what we had,
this is what’s left. I really don’t see anything there that we’re gonna be
transferring anywhere else guys. This is depleted, I mean
the blue is completely gone there is no blue left. And there’s a little bit
of the red but that’s not, that would be a ghost
if you were to attempt to transfer that again. So this is a one-time use transfer. But you know so, is vinyl so. So here is our completed
shirt, isn’t it super awesome? Look at this look at how beautiful and vibrant these colors are. We can stretch it without any issues, there’s no seams, it’s very light. It’s like a T-shirt that we
buy the store, it totally is. Let’s look at the inside so you can see what it looks like on the other side. This is what the inside
of the shirt looks, like looks pretty familiar right. This looks like a shirt from the store and there we go this
is our finished shirt. I’m very pleased with it
and this is how we would do any layered project,
whether it’s for a T-shirt or coaster or anything,
tote bag anything like that. – The important thing is to remember that your pieces aren’t
overlapping each other, they’re touching, it just barely touching or even they’re giving me space in between but not overlapping right. So either touching or space but not overlap and it turns out amazing. Cricut infusible inks are brand new and not not even in stores yet at the time making this video so everyone. Everyone has a lots a lot of questions about how
they work with width. And all sorts of things, had already done two other tutorials. Once is on the basics
of the infusible inks and one is I’m using the
infusible ink markers and pens which are a lot of fun. I encourage you to watch those videos to learn more about
working with infusible inks and whether it’s right for. I Know you might be wondering, if you have to use Crickets, T-shirts with the infusible inks? No you don’t have to. You will be able to find some T-shirts with a high polyester count that will work with infusible inks. But keep in mind that Cricut
only guarantees results with their products that state, that they’re in fusible ink compatible. Ad so proceed at your own risk. Always test first. Now to take care of your
new appeasable ink T-shirt, just machine wash it
inside out with cold water and mild detergent. It’s fine to put it into
a dryer on low as well. You wanna avoid fabric softener, dryer, sheets and bleach. And if you take care of it,
your infusible ink shirt can be washed over and
over without any fading. Now if you have any questions
about using, cutting or applying the infusible
ink transfer sheets, please let me know I’m happy to help. Leave a comment below this video or post over in my Facebook group at Jennifer /Cricut crafters and that’s it for today. Remember if you can tell
me what you want to make I can show you how to make it. Until next time (gentle music)

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