Cricut Explore Air – Review + Free Pop-Up Card – Paper Kawaii

Cricut Explore Air – Review + Free Pop-Up Card – Paper Kawaii

Hey guys, today I’ll be showing you the Cricut Explore Air Which is a cutting machine where you can print out and cut out your own designs. Today I’m going to make a cute easter card, The file for this card will be available to download if you’d like to use it too. You can make this without the machine, if you like. Cricut kindly send me this machine to review, but this is my opinion of the machine. I’ve spent that last two weeks using it. This is an awesome machine, it can cut anything out, even tiny little intricate designs. So, I think this machine is great for paper craft enthusiasts. I didn’t realise it could cut so many different materials, it can cut vinyl, fabric, chipboard, foam and stuff like that! I’m going to be sticking to paper of course and card. So this machine is pretty cool I think. It has lots of different settings to choose from. It’s very easy to use. It connects to your computer from either a cable or you can use the bluetooth. So a really nice thing about this machine is that it has two little compartments inside where you can store your tools. I particularly like the scissors, they’re really nice and sharp. They are nice and small, I’ve been using them a lot. So, this is the scoring tool, and that fits into the machine. And it will score your lines, as well as cut out the shapes And this is the little spatular thing which is really useful. So as I’ve had the machine for 2 weeks now, I thought the best thing for me to do was show an example project I’m not going to talk you through how to do it – I’m just going to show you the basic steps that you’d do. The great thing about this machine is that it only takes 2 minutes for it to cut most designs out. Obviously if you have something really complicated it might take a few minutes. So this particular model is currently on sale for $250 US I have a coupon code for you in the description box below which cricut gave to me to give to my followers. So if you’d like some more information about how you can get this machine and all it’s different features, please check out the description box below, and I hope you enjoy the following demonstration. And I’ll see you in the next video, bye!

21 thoughts on “Cricut Explore Air – Review + Free Pop-Up Card – Paper Kawaii

  1. How many times can you use at least and where did you get it?And one last question-I'm sorry-How much is it for Japan?

  2. The last cricut machine I had was expression 2 (an oldie, I know) but I ended up very disappointed at it! it would tear the paper no matter what setting was on, wouldn't cut very well thicker paper even with a new blade, or thinner paper would just destroy it, specially little details like faces. before that I also owned the cricut create which never gave me any problems… maybe it's time to give cricut another chance? keep us posted on how your projects are turning out with this machine!

  3. i have the air 2 now , but ran the very basic air. this is a great machine for any paper crafter etc. it is tricky sometimes but there is a ton of tutorials out there!!!

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