Cricut Design Space: Bring designs to life

Cricut Design Space: Bring designs to life

All great projects start with an idea.
Use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to create a Cricut account, and be
introduced to a new way of making your ideas real with Cricut Design Space.
Cricut Design Space is our design program that works with the Explore
family of machines. Our design software and apps let you think the way you want
to think. Come with inspiration from elsewhere, or browse hundreds of projects
in Cricut Design Space to spark an idea. And when you’re ready to start designing
Cricut gives you unlimited access to over 60,000 fonts, images, and patterns.
All Cricut images are available to try before you buy, so you can decide what
works best in your project before you commit. Purchase images individually, or
join Cricut Access for unlimited access to thousands of fun designs. Create using
Cricut fonts, or choose from fonts already installed on your computer. You
can also experience the freedom of uploading your own images, patterns, and
photos for free. However you choose to design, you can make sure your project
looks exactly the way you want. Save your project to the Cricut cloud and access
it from any compatible device. Work on it here, here, or here. When you’re ready to
make your project, it’s as easy as a click of a button. Cricut Design Space
automatically separates elements of your project design into different mats. In
other words, we’ve done the hard part for you! Watch as Cricut Explore brings the design to life. Write a sentiment on a
card, create boxes with easy fold lines, print fun designs, or cut out unique
shapes. There are so many things you can do. And that’s why we created Cricut
Design Space: to do the work for you so you can focus on your idea; to make
designing easy; to help you make amazing things. Cricut makes it easy to go from
inspiration to creation.

2 thoughts on “Cricut Design Space: Bring designs to life

  1. THANKS CRICUT!!! Everyone at Cricut does an Outstanding job!!! Always ready to help no matter what the situation.
    Your videos are Awesome….and so is CDS!! Thanks to Everyone at Cricut…..For all you do and they way you do it like nonother!

    Joan Smith

  2. Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you all the new videos featuring design space. 3. They are so helpful and so well done! Everyone at Cricut are awesome! Thank you for being #1 in customer service in my book.

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