Crepe Paper Roses | Handmade Flowers | DIY Flowers~2

Crepe Paper Roses | Handmade Flowers | DIY Flowers~2

Hello friends i m priti and welcome to my channel krazzy 4 diy… Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of god and as we know we should not pluck them.. so we decorate everything around us with artificial flowers which by the way we can make ourselves using various materials.. so lets learn making these beautiful roses with crepe papers.. To make tjese flowers, we will require crepe papers, broom sticks, some thin wires, fevicol, scissors, green tape or floral tape, and some paper glitters.. So we are going to cut rectangular strips of crepe paper roughly, i have taken a dimension of around 48cms by 13cms next we will fold the paper horizontally like this, and paste the broom stick in one corner with the help of fevicol.. Now all we need to do is rotate the paper around the broom stick making rough creases in the bottom.. Its a total random thing and there is no proper technique to do this.. Now as we come to the end, we further fold the paper into a triangle.. and keep rotating.. This is how it will look.. now we use the thin wire to bind our flower.. now with the help of this floral tape we will cover the wire and the broom stick.. and here our rose is ready.. and to enhance its look we use the paper glitter and apply it around its edges.. and our rose is ready.. Now we will make one more with the blue paper using the same process.. friends do try making these flowers and decorate your house with creations of your own.. and guys do follow me on my social media.. i am there on facebook instagram pinterest and twitter by the name of krazzy4diy the link of which is mentioned in the description box below..

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  1. A simple method but the roses turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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