Creepy French Puppets: Halloween Special

Hello, today I am with the theatre and puppet company DERAÏDENZ and today they are going to tell us about their career. How was this theatre and puppet company created and what is its name? So this our theatre and puppet company and is called the DERAÏDENZ company. It is an Avignonnaise company which was created after we completed our course at the Theatre Conservatory of Avignon. How long have you known each other? I was in the same class as Coline and Sarah, so we’ve known each other for approximately 7 years. Pretty much! Why just the four of you for this company? I think … there’s a kind of long-term sensibility that we have naturally created together. So initially, a lot of us (students and graduates) came out of the theatre conservatory. It is always a challenge to create a company, to move forward, to know where you are going, even if you are unsure, to go forward anyway, to continue and persevere. I do think that the four of us have specifically been able to do just that and gather around our common artistic interest. So, I guess you all have special tasks/skills. Or … What are … what are your roles in the company? In the company, the four of us… manage its operation. And artistically speaking, indeed…our positions are not closed or limited to one thing, we do have different sets of skills. So Léa, in the company, handles the stage side of things, the dramaturgy and the direction of actors. Because that’s really what she likes to do and that’s … where she has strong qualities. Coline and Sarah are really into the acting side of things. Regarding what I do, I focus on the marionnette side of things, the plastic creation, masks, puppets. And in the musical part too, since we compose our own music for the shows. Who makes the puppets? So I am the director of puppetry, which means that I do the puppet design and the manufacturing. Then again, the whole company takes part in the crafting process. Tasks such as filling latex moulds, painting, fingerprinting in plaster … that’s it really. How does a project begin? Could you please tell us a story on one of these projects? It often starts from a need to express something that we cannot develop or say in a traditional manner. Something that we feel very strongly about, but could be considered … bland or vain to defend in everyday life, something that we can sublimate and highlight on stage, this process inspires us, develops our imagination and enables us to gradually move towards a more artistic form of expression. Do you receive grants from the City to have this workshop of yours? Or … It’s all done privately with your own money? Not sure how it works… So … Yes and no. So, yes, we have subsidies provided by the City as well as the Department and other bodies that help us develop our artistic projects. That is, we have chosen to put the grants that we receive into our projects and in the development of the artistic life of the company. Regarding how this works, we try to be autonomous and to develop a functioning of our own. So the four members of the company, who are “Intermittent du Spectacle”* *Special Status for Artists in France. Decide on their own to put a sum every month into the operation of the company. This allows, among other things, to pay the rent of this workshop. Do you have international projects? So … Yes, in the sense that we have a real desire to play abroad because, on the one hand, a lot of our creations are textless, so totally understandable on a human level, shall we say … That goes beyond the language barrier and even for our projects with texts because they will be quite literally subtitled. We realise that … there is a real diversity in our audience. The foreign audience is very receptive to our shows. And it really shows, especially during the festival season, because we have a big part of the audience who is foreign. Asian audiences, not only, Latin America too … And they have very different ways of feeling/interpreting these proposals, these shows can be pretty strange at times. Well, uncommon let’s say, these worlds are powerful/strong and strange. We realise that this makes it all extremely interesting, how these different cultures interpret our nocturnal approach to these landscapes … well, I mean … dark. So, we really want to perform abroad, anywhere in the world really! If you wish to contact us, you can do this several ways, you can go to You can send us an email at [email protected] You can call us, but I will not give the actual phone number now. Finally, on Facebook, just type Deraïdenz, do not hesitate to send us messages, to contact us. We are very fond of meetings and exchanges. And we are reactive! Thanks a lot! Thank you ! Thanks! Thanks a lot! Bye bye!

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