Creative Sustainable GIFT IDEAS | Holidays + ALL YEAR  | ANN LE

Creative Sustainable GIFT IDEAS | Holidays + ALL YEAR | ANN LE

(calm music) – Hey loves, how’s it going? Today I put together some
sustainable gift ideas that you can do to get creative when it comes to gift giving. So the holidays is coming up and usually the holidays
come up very, very soon, so I thought about making this video now, just to give you some time and think about all the things you want to do when it comes to putting
together a gift basket. I love putting together gift
baskets or gift packages because there’s so many
thoughts involved into that and it’s almost like creating
an experience in a basket. I call it a love basket. This is also a great way to
introduce sustainable living to a friend that isn’t
aware about how to live a sustainable lifestyle,
or eco-friendly lifestyle, and this is a great way
to introduce them to that. So with that being said,
my first gift basket was inspired by all the
hardworking women in my life. And of course you could
customize these basket and these gifts to whoever
you’re giving it to. Personalize them, add
a personal spin to it. If it’s for a male, then
you wanna get things that is suitable for him. If this is for a certain type of of women, then of course get
something that’s suitable for that person, and
that just makes the gift even more personal and thoughtful. So, this first gift is inspired
by all my female friends who are hard workers and they
deserve a little self care, and this is a reminder for them to love themself and
take care of themselves. So I put together a spa package, and the first thing I put
in this basket is a rob. So this is a linen robe. It feels amazing and luxurious on, I love the feeling of
the linen by MagicLinen. And I highly encourage you to
look for sustainable products that are made of natural material and that supports organic, fair trade, whatever you can find, you
can’t find the perfect item but as much as you can find,
the effort makes it great. So I put a cardboard piece into this robe so that way it can add some sturdiness and I can put it in the back of my basket. Usually with a basket I like
to use bigger items in the back and then I like to add in different items that will add different shapes and sizes to add more dimension into the basket. So after the robe I add
in a little towel set by MagicLinen as well, and it’s
just a really beautiful set that goes hand-in-hand with the robe. And of course you can make
this as colorful as you like. I didn’t realize that my
basket wasn’t that colorful, but again, I’m not a very colorful person. If I know they’re a colorful person, then I would probably get
something super colorful, but these are my personal things and I’m just using to
show you guys as example. Yes, aside from that, I also
put in a coconut hair mask, a natural coconut hair mask that I thought would make a lovely addition to a spa day. They can put on the robe,
and then they can put on the lovely coconut oil in their hair and just put it up and feel great, smell like a coconut
and all that good stuff. Inside the basket I also have a face mask that will make the skin
feel nice and moisturized. And then I have some crystals. Crystals to add some
good vibes into the day. So this is just a package
for them to add in with what they usually like to use for a self-love, self-care, but it’s also just a great reminder of, give yourself some love and I’m also thinking
about you kind of package. The second way of gifting
is a creative way of packing without using any materials. You’re actually using the
gift itself as the package. So it’s a very sustainable
way of gift giving. This is for somebody who loves
fashion, who loves clothing. I kind of thought about what I would like if somebody was to give me gifts. So this is a linen skirt,
a MagicLinen skirt, and it has a nice a-line shape to it. It’s a wrapped around skirt. So I thought about folding the skirt and having the wrap around
as part of the packaging. I folded the skirt in the back
and then on top of the skirt in the center, I fold in a linen tote bag, and then on top of the tote bag I place some shoes on the top. And these mules or slip
on shoes are by Target, but they have this pretty material, it looks like a natural material. I’m not quite sure what
the material is called, but it looks very natural. It looks like a very durable type of hay, I’m not quite sure what
the material is called, if you can help me out, leave it in the comments section below this video. Of course you can customize
this and change it around. Switch it around to whatever
you think would work. But I think that this
is such a creative way on not using extra packaging. A third gift idea is
great for anybody you know who is a hobbyist, who has
a distinctive type of hobby, and so I always think
about my friend, Christina. She like to livestream her cooking videos on Twitch under Christina
Cooks, and I was like, you know what, if I was to
put together a gift basket for Christina, what would I do? So I thought about creating a basket filled with reusable napkins
that she can use in the kitchen ’cause this is what I have in my kitchen, reusable napkins and
towels, cleaning towels. So I have cleaning towels, I have napkins in different varieties. In addition to the basket I
have some cooking utensils that I place inside. The cooking mittens are made out of linen and inside the cooking mittens
I placed some utensils, some stainless steel
reusable measuring cups and measuring spoons
and then I also added in some wooden spoons, some wooden utensils that are great for a cooking enthusiast. Fourth gift idea is a
super cute beginners kit for anybody who wants to
maintain a sustainable lifestyle. This is something that I did
about a couple years ago, I made a beginners kit,
and I thought this would be a cute way to introduce somebody who is totally unaware of the lifestyle and just let them know,
“Hey, you could do this, “it’s pretty easy!” It’s a great encouragement. So you can start with a tote bag, a reusable tote bag
made of linen or cotton, natural material, and then I found these really, really cute
utensils, bamboo utensils, from Amazon that you can put in a pouch and it’s a really compact pouch. So you get a spoon, a
fork, a pair of chopsticks, a bamboo straw with a pipe cleaner inside, and you could put them in a
little pouch, wrap them around, and it’s pretty compact,
very, very, very ecofriendly. You can also add in some
reusable linen towels. So instead of using napkins on the go there are some towels that they can use. But it’s a great start,
and it’s such a fun gift idea to give somebody. You can add in of course other things that you think would work
like maybe a reusable tumbler, or whatever it is, get creative with it. These last few gifts are a great way to introduce somebody to a local business, a small business that supports sustainable living and
eco-friendly products. So you can either create a
care package full of goodies, or you can give these items individually, whatever you prefer, or whatever
you think they would like. If you were creating a gift package you can make it into bath beauty products. In this basket I have the linen towels and then I have some hair care products that supports fair trade, sustainability, and uses mostly natural ingredients. And then I also have these deodorants made by a company that’s
called Coconut Matter. They have a Kickstarter
on these deodorants that uses mostly natural products and I just thought these
are a super cute addition to put in the basket. Lastly, something that is great to give for anybody is a journal, and this is a self-developmental
kind of journal. It’s a journal that I created, it’s called the Creative Minds Journal and I made sure to use
all eco-friendly materials when I created this journal. So as a small business owner myself, sustainability is very important to me and so I made sure the
ink is made of soy ink, the papers are all recycled paper, the material is all recyclable,
and inside the journal is just a great way for people to practice mindfulness,
awareness and creativity. Throughout the years what
I learned about myself, I implemented into creating this journal because I truly believe it is a great way to get people to think
beyond where they are. If you’re feeling stuck in life, it’s because you’re living in
that left brain hemisphere, the fear mode, the brain that’s connected to our limbic system which handles all the emotions and all the anxiety. We live in this linear perception which is usually the left-brained thinker, and we dwell upon the past
and we worry about the future so much that we’re stuck on that side. So if you exercise creativity which is what the Creative
Minds Journal is about, it will help you ease out
of that old belief system, the old way of thinking what
you have been conditioned to, into a newer, upgraded belief system. And because of that,
you are going to be able to find a newer, better
version of yourself. So those are my gift ideas and I hope that you enjoy this video. Make sure to give it a thumbs up. I want to hear how you are
going to use these ideas and implement it into
what you will be doing this holiday season or for
somebody with a birthday, whatever it is, if you
have some great ideas of how you would utilize or
switch these ideas around, or who you will be giving gifts to. Make sure to comment
in the comments section below this video, I always love to hear how you will be using these tips. And other than that, I
love you, I appreciate you, thank you so much for
spending today with me, and I will see you in my next weeks video. Chao!

24 thoughts on “Creative Sustainable GIFT IDEAS | Holidays + ALL YEAR | ANN LE

  1. I’m so excited already, this video looks beautiful and I’m loving the idea of sustainable living you’ve been putting out lately.

  2. I love this video! I’ve had a lot of questions from my friends and family about living more sustainably. These are great items to help them get started.

  3. Hello Ana..hi
    Thank you..I'm just into learn more non sustainable living gift items…. this is beautiful gift for everybody..thank you for sharing
    Sincerely Tanja 🌻🌻

  4. Please start posting the link of where you get your items from. I love that white/bamboo basket and also love that bamboo travel utensil set.

  5. Great ideas! I wish I was gifted items like this. I've already started thinking about how to make this Christmas more eco friendly. I've always considered wrapping gifts in things like scarfs where it acts as a gift as well.

  6. Such beautiful gifts baskets!
    I would totally love to receive a basket like these…. and of course give to someone too. 😊

  7. This came at the right time. I’m almost done with my current journal and I was looking for a new one. I def plan to buy yours once I’m done. I’m excited 😊

  8. I just realized how much I miss listening to your voice especially to the intro. It just gives me joy listening your voice. Love you Ann~ 💕

  9. Amazing recommendations! We absolutely love the way you incorporated our Love Hair Pure Coconut Oil into this gorgeous spa package. Our Pure Coconut Oil is 100% raw, unrefined, organic & cruelty-free and can also be used to remove makeup, moisturize the skin, a cuticle conditioner, etc… It's such a great multi-use product that has so many amazing benefits for our body. Who has a weekly or even daily coconut oil regimen?

  10. Loved this idea!! Not for holidays for I don’t celebrate; but random gifting always brings joys, sparks surprised effect; I just loved everything you’ve selected!! Thank you 🙏🏼

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