Creative Origami Cranes -Cristian Marianciuc INTERVIEW

Creative Origami Cranes -Cristian Marianciuc INTERVIEW

This is Leyla Torres of This is an interview with Cristian Marianciuc Christian is a great artist and he has been working on a project that has to do with the origami crane Hi Cristian! Hi Leyla, it it’s a pleasure to finally meet you. you have been showing your work on Instagram that’s your main platform, right? yes yes, I do have a Facebook page that was more to share behind the scenes things and sort of contact with people who don’t have Instagram. I thought it’d be a good idea to have more than one platform. but Instagram is my main platform, yeah! How did you become interested in this project, you have been adding elements to the crane you post about your daily experiences so it’s a sort of a journal you post about music… How did you get interested in all this? When I look back at the project, I see an evolution because I started very simple just posting the photo, not really mentioning anything just maybe a metaphorical title to the crane, but that was pretty much it. It was sort of more cryptic at the beginning because it was more addressed to myself. I would look back and say “oh yeah I remember that” but… as time went and people showed interest in what I did I said I should give a little more background Although the art of origami is an art where you don’t really add anything or you don’t take away you start with paper and you end up
with the same piece of paper without adding anything I sort of wanted to take that, the pure origami but add a bit more of myself to it. And I think 2014 that was a tough year for me for different reasons, but I wanted to stop closing myself from the outside world I didn’t make use much of my creativity or make a lot of memories It’s a shame when that happens to anyone. I said I really wanted to do something that helped me look back. and remember as many aspects of that particular time as possible. Also in 2014 I developed a habit of writing notes to other people or to myself. and then folding them into a crane. and having them for a day when it might be useful to unfold and read them. like an inspirational type of thing. Without knowing that was the beginning of the project I put together on the 1st of Jas. of 2015 [Leyla] I was looking at all the cranes you’ve made and thinking “wow, you’ve come a long way, you’ve flourished in your perception, in the way you’re presenting, in the quality of your work [Cristian] I have to agree with that At the end of last year, at the close of 2015 I thought it would be good to go back through each crane and read what I wrote about them and what other people said. It was exciting to see how I saw the world what impressed me and what inspired me as I evolved both in technique and in meaning. [Leyla] How do you get the ideas for the crane? [Cristian] Good question! I don’t really know myself! I get most of my ideas at night. Before I go to sleep, in bed… Iv’e got my phone I open it 10 times before sleeping and write things down But also I get a lot of inspiration from music. Music plays a really special roll in my life. I couldn’t go through a day without listening to music. I also try to get inspired by everything around me. simple day to day things I filter through my mind and whatever comes, comes out! Give us a little background about yourself. You’re from Romania. What is it like to grow up there? I was born in a little town in the north of the country called Siret… of about 9000 people…very small Growing up in Romania was very interesting. I have ten siblings. It was exciting to always have someone around me. someone to play…. [Leyla] What have you taken from the people who follow you in Instagram? [Cristian] I get my mind blown every day by the support. They are strangers, but not anymore… I have people with whom I have become very close friends I almost visited one of them in Amsterdam, but next time! I have developed close and precious friendships. Because this was a day-to-day project I shared my thoughts and moods. Not every day is a happy day! There were days when I was down and people sense that. They write amazing supportive messages. I would not have been able to come to where I am now without the support of the people. Thank you Cristian for your time and for sharing with all the audience of Origami Spirit. Thank you for the chance… it’s quite a privilege!

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  1. wow finally i can see who is behind the Icarus on Instagram. thank you Leyla to introduce him. i really love the way he designed the crane. warm regardsfor you both.

  2. Great interview! And a beautiful project. I've been following Cristian's work on Instagram for a while now.

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