Creative Interview With Coletta Peterson (A Touch Of Blu Designs)

Creative Interview With Coletta Peterson (A Touch Of Blu Designs)

hi everyone I’m Vone Kevitz knit and
crochet designer for one-of-a-kind makers who dare to be original and I
have somebody who is super super original a beautiful Coletta Peterson
from A Touch Of Blue Designs hi Coletta I’m fantastic now that you’re on here
with me I’ve been trying to get her on forever you guys glad I tell everybody
who you like Vone said I am Coletta Peterson the face and hands behind A Touch Of Blu Designs where I make mostly brown and black dolls for brown and black
girls and boys late I have been really big into fantasy dolls and my favorite
fantasy doll to date happens to be this cutie right here this is just sell the
forest pond she was a doll that I made for Halloween and she’s just hanging out
in my Etsy shop and I kind of didn’t want to list her simply because I don’t
really want to let her go but this is one of my fantasy dolls that I made for
Halloween and I occasionally find inspiration from the little people that
I run into it around you know around town or just in my lights and so this
particular little boy this is Logan Logan was inspired by a little boy that
I met when I was a resident at the local artists market and he was introduced he
was he’s a nephew of their social media coordinator and he comes into the shop
he’s running full streams like look at my outfit and I took a picture of it I
was like I have to figure out how to make that outfit into a doll and so it
took me about a month to actually find the time to make it but I did and I love
him and he’s been claimed by another maker but I have to figure out how to
write the pattern up because I completely freeze
the whole thing so that’s Logan and then I have my personal favorite my mascot
that I had at the artist market this is bloom yes this is my favorite
doll she is not based on my pattern she is based on a pattern from another maker
but I absolutely loved how she turned out and so initially when I was making
her she was going to be up for sale and then the more I made her she was talking
it’s not weird occasionally as a doll maker my dolls tend to talk to me while
I’m in the process of making them and so as I’m working on her she’s like yeah
I’m kind of your so kind of do what you want just know that you’re not going to
sell me and so by the time I was done with her I was like yeah she’s not going
in yet so she’s there yeah oh my god Coletta you you’ve touched that
so many so many things like I you know let’s let’s stay focus on my questions
because there’s so many things that I do want to come back around how did you get
started on your creative journey I’ve always been a really creative person
it’s just it always has expressed itself with using my hands and some sort of
fiber or beads I can remember very distinctly as a child growing up in the
80s when beaded in sequin purses were like all the rage my mom would always
have them and I remember one day she come home this beautiful beaded purse
and it’s floral motif on it and all the beads were really iridescent and so I
kind of snuck in her room and took the purse and picked all the beads off and
stitched him onto a bandana so they were Paisley now and when she found out I got
into the biggest truck oh my god I got into so much trouble I think I was
grounded for like a month there’s a nice home being grounded
for months it was the worst punishment ever
but then she started bringing me B or Percy’s home that she’d found at the
thrift shop and she was like you think it’s destroy this all you want just
don’t touch my stuff and so it kind of grew there I had teachers who would
teach at a really I went to hold on I think my internet connection
is slightly going downhill I’m not sure and so we are tighter Coletta you just
came back you um we froze up at went you went somewhere
Oh third grade maybe elementary school I was referring to I went to what was
called an open education school and so I had an art teacher
there was really no set curriculum and so the art teacher would introduce
different media’s pottery and embroidery and painting and I kind of I fell in
love with all of it and so you know slowly but surely I didn’t I love
pottery I suck at it but I loved it but I loved embroidery and so I would I
would do that every now and then but you know as time grew on I kind of said all
that to the wayside and about six years ago I was working for I was doing a
contract job for the government I’ve been working it for about five or six
years and I ended up getting laid off one day and came home and had a pity
party for about a week just a pity party for one and one of my friends called me
and she goes are you done now are you done because there’s really no reason
for you to sit and on the fact that you don’t have a traditional job you have
all of these creative talents that you are just holding on to figure it out
what is it that you want to do you really should work for yourself figure
out what you know how to mesh all your talents together and make them work for
you and I’ve been trying to teach myself to crochet for years but as a
left-handed crochet it was always very difficult for me to learn and so I kept
at it and I made a bunch of dish towels and a bunch of scarves and in my boredom
I’d taken a part-time job at Michaels as a restock associate and so during breaks
I would crochet and there were other crochets and they were like what are you doing it’s all wrong you
have to switch everything you’re left-handed do it backwards and it just
kind of clicked and so also around that time a friend called and she was like
I’m having a baby can you make me a doll and I’m thinking girl
I’m make dishtowels and the scarves and hats you want a doll you a doll she was
like well you have time just you know try to figure it out so first doll I
made which is packed up I wish I’d brought it out oh she was a mess
shed I gotten her her limbs mixed up there were tubes so she had one long arm
one short arm one short leg one long leg she was a mess but I loved I loved it
when I was done and so I perfected it I finally got it to where I wanted it to
look you know it took about a year of me following other people’s patterns and
figuring out how they combined their stitches together and I started taking
classes with another maker just to hone in my techniques and then I finally said
okay I think you got it try to write you know you know how you want your dolls to
look try to figure that out how would that look on paper for you and so I
slowly but surely started writing about this doll pattern and perfecting it and
I started using it for all of the dolls that I was that slowly the custom orders
that started coming in which initially was very shocking for me like I thought
technique-wise I was just okay and the fact that someone would want to actually
pay me money to make something for them it was kind of mind-blowing and completely unexpected not at all what I
I’d set out to do I just wanted you know just some supplemental income just to
keep me from being bored sitting at home while I still job hunted and the first
few dolls they picked up more people started ordering from word of mouth and
I was like alright revamp your Instagram page because initially a touch of blue
designs I was doing jewelry um and so I revamped
branded and it just took off and I’ve been making dolls and plushies and
little security blankets for the last four years and I’ve loved it
Caleta you I think you’re just gonna leave me speechless I’m just gonna stay
there and listen to you there’s so many great gems in and in your entire journey
you know I feel like I your friend your friend is
golden by the way oh she is golden – – not if you don’t have that kind of a
support system in your life you need to figure out how to get it
cultivate it and because to have that to have that on your shoulder with you is
is just it’s everything you know to have a support system but that’s why and if
you don’t come join the dare to be original Facebook group and there’s a
whole bunch of makers in there that that will come in and cheer you on
and give you that support that you need because she quickly snapped you out of
because you know I feel like in life we’re always we face adversity day in
and day out small tiny big huge catastrophic sometimes they’re minor but
they can trip us up or they can render us catatonic and we have to have
failsafe systems that get us back into place
and keep us moving I think that is one of the reasons why I keep going on these
on these youtube videos because if anybody ever comes across it that’s just
my one message is to keep going you know I am creating keep making and then we
have issues and I remember there was a diversity talking in the facebook in the
histogram you know all that stuff and I’m always like you guys stay focus on
your creativity let whatever happen happen out there stay focus on you
because that’s what you know I mean that is the most important because in the end
in the end when our life when we’re at the end of our life we don’t look back
at the adversities you know what I mean that that trip is sorry we never do we
never get hung up I met you know what you know what we end up regretting the
things that we don’t finish regretting that yes we’ll start regretting the
things that we don’t pursue and all those things out there that were
problems they don’t they’re not in your final days you know sitting there with
you you know so that’s why our goal each day is to get up and keep moving and
pursuing the life that want and your friend like just gave you
that nudge that you needed and I’m so glad that you found ways to to figure
things out like just everything that you’ve said if you guys haven’t like
paid attention good gems of everything that Caleta is touched on when we make
something you know you start off with a dishrag which is a square you didn’t
know how to make crochet and now look at look at the creations like and I get why
you have like now now it actually makes so much sense to me because your dolls
are so intricate I make dolls I used to make those so this is not Caleta and I
became like doll sisters when she first jumped on the chair to be original
Facebook group in them and I remember um I remember one of your post was talking
about pricing and and and posting the value of your worth and I’m so glad that
I can see you like in your element and feeling the confidence that you know
what you’re worth you don’t I mean yes but those things and those things like
the dolls that you’re making they’re so intricate and the fact that when you
don’t have a pattern you just make one the bag and when you learn it when you
learn something you mark it down and you make it your own
I’m so glad that you came on today just my biggest gem from your being on today
is the fact that I know that you have a doll pattern so make sure you send me
that link to this well diffic tall pattern because I have a number one
viral video on my youtube channel that is stranding doll hair it’s an hour long
of me just ranting doll hair Caleta I kid you not it’s got I think I’m over
seventy five thousand views on this thing and it brings in subscribers every
day because doll maker’s keep coming so there are doll makers out there and
Caleta is not in short of fighting like we’re both we were both doll maker’s
we’re not fighting to sell dolls because there’s not enough doll makers to their
problem do you know what I mean all we could do is share our craft and get more
makers to you know but um but they’re always asking me do you have a doll
pattern and I don’t have a top a turn I followed
a my crochet doll book I don’t even remember the author like yes I got it on
clearance at the local clearance store you know what I mean and I was like what
is this I’m like let me see if I can learn how to make her you know and so I
I’ve been just following that pattern and so I it’s not my I’m not comfortable
with using her pattern so obviously I didn’t you know I mean all I did was
film the things that weren’t in the pattern but yeah you know what I mean
like basically the clothing the hair like she doesn’t tell you how to strand
the doll hair I figured it out and so therefore I did and there I think that’s
what it made valuable was because nobody ever told people how to do it and anyway
I did it work for me and so therefore they follow how I did it but they’re
always asking me for a doll fatter so now I’m so excited that I have a doll
pattern to refer them to so definitely leave me of the link and and and your
doll your doll looks like very similar you know they’re basically all there I
mean they’re basically very like big they got the head they got the arms I
got the neck you know and I love like they said when you make your first stuff
people when they when people are new we could we could put this in the newbie
tips you know but when people are new people that they follow people that
aren’t new right so when we know we end up like ragging on ourselves that we are
good enough but that we I’m like but you’re not supposed to be you know
you’re not yeah your arms are gonna be longer than your laisure always going to
be a mash-up somewhere when you’re first starting out and I think for me being
when I was first new the biggest issue for me was comparison
my two favorite makers who are like mentors in my head now are niqua
Wilkerson of my kind of thing and Yolanda Jordan of my pretty brown dolls
when I first started following them they were so creatively intimidating
because I would watch them and I’m like oh my god these dolls are amazing oh my
god I could never and as I’m working it’s like well my daughter’s not like
holding things up to the screen like well that doesn’t look like that I
follows the same pattern she follows my stuff doesn’t look anything like that
and not understanding your not knowing how many years of experience this person
has versus me just starting out and that is the biggest deterrent I find for a
lot of people who are just starting out is they run into one obstacle and they
want to quit because they’ve compared themselves to someone who they feel has
it all together and trust me I will have it all together
creatively I’m always learning something crochet for me is always I’m always
operating on a learning curve and so you know I even with my own pattern I worked
I did a couple stitches I changed something in the face shape and he gave
me a heart-shaped face and I didn’t write it down but I was done with the
doll because even just looking at it I don’t know where I changed the stitches
I just knew I changed the stitches because it fit what I needed to for this
pattern but I really like how this worked out so comparison is oh
comparison kills so many dreams and I wish I wish that our self talked to
ourselves when we are comparing ourselves to others would be so much
more positive and we would just keep going and pushing through for me that’s
that’s been the biggest thing just being able to push through even on the days
when I absolutely don’t feel like it just gathering that energy just to say
okay I may not work like this person my work made
look like this persons however it is mine
and I’m going to put it out there like it or love it I’m gonna put it out there
yeah and it’s a great tip do you have any more tips for the four newbie makers
because that’s a big one that’s a packer you take that one you’re
golden so many people in my inbox who say well how do you keep your accounts
even how do you how do you know where you are and I’m like this is one of them
there’s billions of stitch markers out there everywhere kalenna that is a great
way to store your stitch marker that with those rings it’s it’s on your post
from Michael’s you are like that and I but had a bunch of locking ones and so I
just leave them on here and then I also have a little box that I just throw them
in as I’m working and the same with my knees out Wade’s box yeah bunch of
magnets in there and so I just throw my needles in my pins in there and so if I
knock it over I’m not stepping on jeans and needle craft wrong you’re still up
to the inside little things so many times as I mean I’m gonna collect my all
my stitch markers in that ring that is so clever I love those rings I’m always
finding ways to store things in those rings that I never thought to put my
stick markers on them and I’m always before my stitch markers I want to say a
hundred pack of stitch markers on Alibaba for like 75 cents oh my god and
I didn’t even mind that it was gonna take me a month I’m gonna order
I maybe have half of them because I’m such like when I’m working or I used
them to hold pieces too gather or to mark certain spots on dolls
and if I look in my my work-in-progress bin I just see just little stitch
markers just sticking up like I’m marking your spot I mean you come back
to me so they’re the stitch markers are invaluable and if you don’t want a
stitch marker a row counter late huge projects you never want to yes you never
want to have to go back to separate one or even if you know even there’s various
times yeah yes even on your cell phones mm-hmm you’ve been on your cell phone
there’s a bunch of apps bunch of knitting crochet that tell your rose yet
you get a real count or even just a just a piece of paper and and a pencil just
crossing like dashes and then a five-year so you know which Rose you’re
on those little very much help you that’s awesome you know going back to
stitch markers real quick I have a bunch of different kinds of fancy stitch
markers but half the time I never can find what I when I need it so what I end
up doing is cutting a little strip like an inch or two of yarn and using that I
can tell you the number of times when I was making those dolls how many times I
use a little spray a scrap yarn as my stitch marker because I can never get a
hold of a stitch marker or bobby pin yeah surviving pins that’s awesome yes
paper clips covered in plastic yes Nick earn just yeah what is your big why for
pursuing the solopreneur lifestyle I I’ve realized at some point in my life
as I’ve gotten older that I like the freedom of being able to work for myself
being able to provide for my family and for my children in a way that doesn’t
tire me out when I worked for when I worked the corporate when I was in
corporate America I was working 60 hours a week and while the while the pay was
good the health insurance was fantastic I missed out on a lot of my kids lives I
missed out on a lot of sporting events on a lot of plays and musical concerts
and just you know that one-on-one mom mommy-daughter time and they liked me
being at home I was a stay at home mom for six years and when my youngest
finally goes to school I’m like all right time to go back to work but I
would see that shift as we’re making that transition that it was it was a
really hard transition for everybody and being on at work all the time wasn’t
hiring and having to come home and switch heads and go into mommy mode it
was you know it was it was a big relief because that that I knew that you know
hug and cuddle and kiss and there is no stress there’s no demand for oh I need
this report in an hour or we have this meeting that really could have been an
email or you know we we’ve got all of these demands from work when working for
myself I had all the time in the world to to be mom and to be a maker and still
be able to provide for my kids and to be able to do the things that I found joy
in and being able to create has always brought me joy always and and in making
dolls growing up well let me rephrase making
black dolls as a black woman you know not to bring the whole but not wanting
to bring the whole diversity conversation into this because I know
it’s it’s been had but I think it’s it’s it’s still a very important conversation
like when I initially started making dolls
I would Google dolls know crochet dolls and there were always so many dolls but
they were never a lot of dolls of color and so when I would find them I was like
oh that’s cute let me go see if I can find a pattern
but they were never really too many patterns we would find a pattern it was
never a published pattern it was just you know personal pattern
not for sale you can’t use it blah blah blah and so being able to offer my
perspective as a black doll maker has been very rewarding being at the artists
market I was at the artist a local artists market for nine months um just
the look on the kids faces who would stop outside the shop and they go that’s
me oh that’s amazing and I have a mini board add a menu board with all of my
skin tones that were available and just to watch the kids of all of all races
stand there and say I can have this doll made to look like me mm-hmm I can have
you know my hairstyle my eye color because I do hand paint eyes every now
and then my eye color my favorite outfit and I can have this doll made to look
like me was just it was so it was mind-blowing and it was very rewarding
yeah because I got to have really good conversations with parents and social
workers and teachers who are in the trenches and they see it every single
day about you know how having that representation makes kids feel
yeah and so that was another and I honestly I didn’t realize that that was
part of what really made me want to continue to pursue being a solopreneur
until you know I really started to sit down and think about part of my big why
like why do you do this do I love to create absolutely do I love making dolls
absolutely but I also love what me as a black woman
in this arena represents does that make sense yes it makes absolute sense and
I’m actually gonna even branch out just slightly further because that’s actually
the point that’s actually the point of every creative maker that’s you know
what I mean yeah because it’s not it’s not a talk of not necessarily a
diversity conversation but that is the point of every single individual maker
is that you take perspective you give your perspective you know what I mean
and you create things from your act I point you know and that’s why it is so
important that we all create what we are made to create you know the needs from
our perspective and when we don’t use that when we don’t do it when we don’t
learn the skills to cultivate it when we give up and quit before we even start or
halfway through because it got hard this is what you rob people of is your
perspective your creativity your creations you know what I mean and
that’s the most one that’s why we have to get up every morning to keep pressing
yeah for that reason to put out the things that you were meant to that only
you can do from your point of view from your perspective you know what I mean
and that is the gem that’s golden to the world and everybody in the world needs
it benefits from it and and like I’m trying to I’m at a loss but but
when you don’t that’s what you rob them off you know yourself yourself as a
whole a huge disservice especially if you feel that this is part of what you
if this is something that you want to do and suddenly it becomes rough or
suddenly you know there are things that are being discussed that you don’t want
to be a part of and you say you know I’m done with it I don’t do anymore yeah
you’re doing yourself a huge disservice you are doing yourself a huge disservice
I can’t listen you know I did I did do a diversity video in reflection to this
and basically it was just to talk to talk about my perspective of the
conversation and and it’s starting to to gain some traction because I think it’s
a topic that’s just coming up right now but at the same time I’m also offering a
different perspective on the topic because I guess I’m not about that that
hate and vitriol that consumes people because my goal is to to keep moving
right and anything that shuts down is is not gonna help us and if it shuts you
down it’s not helping you and I’m not not at all so like in someone of one of
the comments that somebody had said to me and she was a person not of color and
she felt really like she was thanking me for putting out this video because it
calmed her heart you know what I mean because she was thinking about starting
her own knitting crochet shop or something you know something in the
creative and and putting her work out there but because of all this talk you
know in this environment right now she was terrified to do so because she’s if
she doesn’t address it she’s gonna get attacked if she says something and she
says it long she’s gonna get attacked so not only is she’s battling you know her
own insecurities about her creations if they’re good enough
that’s a battle in and of itself you know in against that we have dental
every time and gain confidence and put a work out there not only is she fighting
that but now she’s fighting like the world’s problems I called him the
world’s problem because there are yours they’re the world’s problems that was
trying to confuse into you know and and she was just like and when I was
basically my video is just to remind everybody that that is out there focus
on what’s in here what you can control what you’re creating what you’re making
what you’re doing and and don’t let all that come into your world and when she
it felt like really good that she was like maybe I will start and like that is
I was like can you imagine can you imagine if she doesn’t do what she’s
supposed to do and put her and work out there like and and then so when you
actually find all that and you have the Creed the courage and you and you and
you see the result it’s it’s magic it is magic you know you deny yourself
something that is on your heart to do the pull to do it becomes stronger and
you are either going to be forced to deal with either you’re either gonna
have to step up yeah in some way and get it done or you are going to let it
consume you with regret and you know sit in the oh woe is me I didn’t do it and I
wish I would have and now maybe it’s too late for me to get in to do and do it so
I think and for me every time well not every time but when things were really
rough when I was really trying to pursue this and grow a touch of food designs
and to not necessarily Sara Lee you know its profitable but you know at the end
of the day I appreciate it and I’m so grateful for you know the support at the
end of the day growing my business and growing my brand there have been
absolutely hard times there have been times where I was just
like mm I don’t want to do this anymore and I’m done I’m done I’m not doing it
I’m putting my hooks up I’m doing yard each – sale I’m it’s erect and then you
sit on it and you’re like but that’s not you you know that this is what you want
to do you feel that this is what you right now are being called to do yeah do
it now get through this feel what you’re feeling
uh-huh analyze it write it down if you need to
what are your pros and cons if you leave what do you do what will that look like
for you what were your consequences be if you
stay how will that feel what will be the repercussions of you staying and seeing
this true yeah and so you know if your list of pros outweighs your list of cons
then I kind of think you know the universe is like me there’s your answer
yeah with it so or or free for for what you for what you’re doing you just think
of that little girl yes that little girl you know what I mean that’s who you run
from every time you know when she doesn’t have when she you know the look
in her eyes when something looks just like her and yeah your sir possibility
gives her hope and you didn’t put it out there and you didn’t and you stopped the
work that’s that’s who you rob from every time yeah that’s how you really
yeah every single time so what is your making process because you’ve got all
there is I it really all starts with you know it depends on if it’s a custom
order or if it’s Etsy inventory if it’s a custom order I read over the invoice
get clarification and make sure you know all my ducks are in row I have all the
yarn that I need does anything need to be ordered and I always start with the
doll’s head because for me the doll’s head shapes the rest of the body
and no matter how symmetrical my stitches are every now and now and then
I go a little overboard like this chick right here behind me
mm-hmm I was just working one day and I finished ahead and I’m looking in the
mic her head is ginormous why is her head so big because I was on
autopilot increases too many with him by the time she was done her head was done
not like I like it okay so in my head that sparked one
other idea so I marked down and set it to the side right but for Etsy inventory
I actually have a notebook of designs and things that I want to do every now
and then on Instagram I’ll post a question like you know I’m working on
inventory what things do you want to see so right now I’ve got a bunch of
requests for floral dolls which you’re not exactly sure how that’s going to
look yeah like spring dolls okay I’ve taken
to try my hand at sewing trying to dust off those those ninth-grade sewing
skills from home egg not sure how it’s going to look but I made a doll romper
and it’s super cute so we’ll see how that goes
kalenna I spent two hours watching YouTube videos and sewing I’m learning a
sewing machine this morning so I’m I’m taking my head I’m finally gonna tackle
this beast actually what I’m trying to do is I’m conditioning myself watching
all these videos like I’m a sower eventually I’m gonna eat breathe in you
know and live this sewing machine that I’m that I’m a professional so er by the
time I’m done I’ll pull it out every now and then but you know the thought hit me
the other day like you should sew something and I was like good what are
we sewing like I have so much fabric in my craft room it’s ridiculous like
you would think that I sold all the time I do not I just like really pretty
fabric and so I have all this fabric and when I was at the artist market there
was a clothing designer from Senegal who gifted me a bunch of fabric um of her
fabric scraps and they weren’t even like you know like like scraps like long
sections of scrap and so she gifted me all this beautiful fabric from Africa
and I’m like oh my hands were like yes yes yes we’re going to make something
and then the back of my brain was like girl UK so I’ve got a ton of fabric that
I really just I need to get into but I also have all these other crochet ideas
in my head like right now I saw something on Facebook that I’m not going
to publish this is just me playing around with it
another maker had made something and I was like that’s kind of cute let me see
if I can figure this out so I’ve gotten to the point where I can kind of look at
something and break the stitches down so in my head I’m breaking stitches down
trying to figure out how she oh that’s cute I’ll make me one just as a studio
piece but I won’t you know I’m not making them for anybody yes I just want
to see if how I work this out in my head right workout will translate into yeah
kind of what that looks like so I’ve got like my makers pride my maker making
process is a little it’s a little manic like I’ll start pieces like I try to
batch work but it doesn’t always work because sometimes like I said when I’m
working on a doll sometimes I like yeah you’re not going to start anything else
I kind of want to get finished yeah occasionally I will have nothing but
heads or just nothing but arms and my kids will walk in my craft room they’re
like mom it looks like you dismembered a bunch of
people in the room what’s going on like those dolls I have a bin of nothing but
limbs and I’m just like I should probably put these people together and
then they’ll just sit there naked for weeks
let me like woman where are our clothing where I am yeah I like the fact that you
I was wondering if you ever batch anything but I do like the fact that you
do batch because I’m a huge proponent of batching so I’m glad when I was making
dolls I did batch a lot of the arms of the likes because because it just
streamlines so much things so many yes so much faster when you have things that
but but because your work is so custom I mean I just saw this gorgeous doll that
you had of the doctor with the oh my gosh let my mind is always blown when I
see your work cuz I don’t people who don’t make they look at it and they go
wow that’s beautiful people who make look at it and go holy crackerjacks what
in the world stitches the the techniques the the little intricacies that I’m like
what where where is she what did she do how does she get you know my mind is
legit I can’t believe she did that I can’t believe she figured that I can’t
believe and can I just tell you I’m going back to watch this video again and
I’m going to count how many times you use the word figure it out figure to you
like Colette are you honestly the way the pattern is written for the way it
was written for publishing publication is not the way I work it when I’m making
custom dolls like occasionally I’ll make it bigger especially or I’ll have to
make it smaller depending on the brand of yarn that I’m using because even
it’s for weight yarn it works up like a three so it’s kind of thin yeah
so I tend to modify my own pattern and I just I figured things out as I’m working
and it’s really I always tell people meth has never really been my friend but
crochet math is completely different and I don’t think people get that like when
you’re sculpting things and you need things to look a certain way they’re
very specific counts that you have to use and I just I tend to figure all that
out as I’m working and you know I would keep a stack of post-its near me when
I’m working and I bet she can scratch everywhere and I’m working and now when
I’m like especially like four feet um I had a dollar request that wanted a dog
but they wanted the doll to be able to build-a-bear shoes okay sure I’ll figure
this out and I’m legit making the foot sitting it inside the build-a-bear shoe
oh no this stitch needs to be this way or it needs to fit the curb this way and
it needs to fit the back this way and I’m just writing everything down so when
I make the other three feet because it was a to dial order how do I get this to
work and another dial that I’d made I use my pattern but they needed it to fit
1t clothing she had her niece who was about to turn two but you know as a
parent they’re always closed that linger for whatever reason they’re always
closed everywhere and so her sister had a surplus of 1 T and 12-month clothes
that she was like don’t get rid of them I’m gonna have something made and so she
legit wanted this doll to be able to fit Denise’s clothing and so she brings me
an outfit and she’s like can you make it fit this sure and so I’m in my craft
room taking dolls apart again middle of the body trying it again and
you know it for me that’s just that’s just how I
work I all I’m always figuring things out as I work that’s and I guess that is
part of my making process unless I get in and that’s this is the reason why I
don’t do duplicates this is that’s the main reason I don’t do duplicates I
don’t know if I shared in the be original group I’d made a doll based on
sharee from black panther mm-hmm if I didn’t share it I’ll go back and check
and if I didn’t I’ll share it in the grass I completely free handed this doll
I have a maker friend who’s got this doll who’s curvy and when I got a doll
order they were like I just need a Sheree doll I you know I kind of want
her you know not straight up and down like your regular dolls um but you know
you plant free rein which I love if not free-range just you know do what you
want and me being the comic book nerd that I am I was like you want movies
Sheree or comic books Sheree there be like you know do your thing and so in my
head I’m meshing as he says as we’re going through this order I’m meshing
pieces together in my head like okay well comic book Sheree is carving well
movie Sheree is this and this and this and I’m putting elements together and
when this doll was done oh I did not want to hand her over
I was ridiculously I was so proud this doll and I shared it in another group
and everybody’s like well I want that no I want that doll I meet that Darwin in
my head I’m like cannot be duplicated there was so much like from her entire
torso was figured out as I’m working like the stitching on it if you handed
it to me and said how did you do this my answer would be I don’t know I was in a
moment and sometimes my kids get on me all the time my one
more Road my one more minute gives me five usually turns into hours well mom
yeah do it you said we were gonna do this well mom it’s past 6:00 we haven’t
eaten yet mom you know I get into these creative zones where it literally feels
like everything around me is just quiet and buzzing because I’m concentrating so
hard on what I’m doing and that’s like the zone I was in the entire time I was
working on this tile it turned out so amazing and then I looked at it when I
was done and I was taking pictures in process and I was done with it and I was
like you didn’t write any of this down that’s amazing but I find my most dot
the dials and I am most proud of I don’t write anything down just cuz it’s go go
go go figure it out keep it keep going keep going keep going or if I do write
it down it’s just one itty-bitty change in a stitch and by the time I’m done and
I look at my mic cuz I didn’t know I would need it again so that if anybody
is wondering what she’s referring to that is called the state of flow you
know you’re when your creativity meets is everything in a line and time stops
for your creation that is you doing exactly what you were made to do that is
you in your complete element and and you all strive to find that one thing that
keeps us in that state of flow it’s a natural high that until you do it you
know until you get it you you won’t know about it do you have any habits or
rituals that you do daily I do my alarm usually goes up at 5:30 oh I
know me like I am one of those people who it
doesn’t matter how late I stay up I can’t sleep past a certain time and my
alarm hits at 5:30 because that’s when my oldest has to get up for school and
she tends to sleep through her alarms so mom is like a backup but my feet don’t
hit the ground until 6 o’clock then it’s tea coffee if I’m really feeling like
I’m dragging I take about an hour to do meditation in prayer just focus as the
kids are getting ready for school they pop in all right mom breakfast is eating
lunch is packed we’re leaving see you later the giant
gets up and slowly lumbers through the day and then the house is quiet and then
as I was meditating and while everyone’s getting ready I’m plotting out my day
and most people do to-do list for the day I do where I list for the day
because I don’t necessarily know what my day is going to look like like I can
plan it out all day but instead of for me to feel like I’ve actually
accomplished something which I find if I make a to-do list and I don’t do
anything on that list even though I’ve had a productive day right
I’ve done anything if I haven’t checked anything off that list
yeah and so I do will I list will I work on this dog today will I make X amount
of pom-poms well I work on this dog today will I order these supplies so if
I look on that list and say oh I’ve got time let me go ahead and do this I can
check that off the list and so at the end of the day when I go through my wine
down ritual which again is just tea and quiet time and I’m a bit of a hippie so
I burn a lot of sage and Palo Santo and just get myself back to myself from
whatever chaos of the day it was what on that list did you do and so I can
actually in our journal too and so I always start my journals out with today
I felt accomplished because I did this this this and this instead of looking at
to do list and saying I didn’t do any of that but you know if I have the energy I
finished all this stuff on my will I list because I actually made the time
and I think for me a to-do list seems like it absolutely 100%
you put that on your list for the day and it needs to be done today any kind
of sets for me personally kind of feels like I kind of set myself up for failure
if I don’t get it done but on my will I list okay well I did four of the six
things that were on this list I can move those other two things to my will I list
tomorrow yeah as opposed to making an entire new to do this does that make
sense yeah it absolutely makes sense absolutely make sense those are great
see you this is why you’re actually able to create in the capacity that you
actually create I’m not talking about time I’m not talking about skill I’m
just talking about the the headspace yeah you know what I mean that you are
able to to handle and the intricacies of your your dolls you know this is how
this is why you’re actually able to get the things seen figure it out and
everything because you have that you have the headspace and the capacity to
to process that because you’ve instilled these lis habits and rituals to send to
unit yeah I’m sure it has I’m sure it has
it’s you could see the benefits of it night and now I now I actually get the
full picture of like now I know how you’re able to you know create the
creations that you have like when I saw that like I said that doctor one with
all the intricacies and the stethoscope I’m like I know you didn’t have a
pattern I know you there’s no there’s no shame pattern out there and you do that
you know I mean they you see I know that there are various ideas of little things
but I’m like the things that I’m watching you do like these are
one-of-a-kind out of your head creations you know they bring out and and for you
to have the headspace to be that creative and to figure those things out
you need rituals and habits that Center you so that so that you get all that
stuff away so that you can make room for this creativity and now now it makes
full full-on sense because for somebody who doesn’t have a morning ritual and a
nightly ritual to come up and do the things that you have back there in your
background like it’s no way it’s the way that’s why you that’s why
people sit and follow directions so much that they are like glued to the patterns
it’s because their other stuff is so chaotic that they need order but because
you have order in your important part which is your center shelf you know what
I mean you you can you have the capacity to deal with the outside chaos which is
creativity yeah and that’s actually why I asked this question people are always
wondering like you know I had to come up with some questions structure questions
for these creative interviews and people are always thrown off like why did you
put habits and rituals in there because I’m like we as human beings are you know
what I mean we’re what 80% habitual yeah anything we do brush our teeth the
things drive eat drink everything we do all habitual
you know and even down to the closer where the decisions we make they’re so
many things are habitual you know yes and then you don’t realize you don’t
realize their habits until you try to stop it you’re going against your own
grain and the things that you know are bad you can’t figure out why you can’t
stop because they’ve become an ingrained habit you know things you know to try to
switch and the other thing is you can’t ever stop a habit you can only replace
the habit that’s like you so if you ever want to you know turn a change a habit
somewhere you know you and wonder why you’re not successful is because you
haven’t you have to replace the habit with something else and you hopefully
with good habits but that’s just us I know but that is why and now I see the
full benefits of full-on benefits of it how do you invest in yourself
oh man Niger habits and rituals well the longest I did not I
business-wise it was always just make make make make make um and take the
occasional class but I find that for business investing in classes has
actually helped my business so much so I business wise I invest in technique
classes personally I find that in order for me to be a better business woman I
actually need to take some days and we not do social media not make and now
that the weather is broken I can actually take that time and walk through
our subdivision and you know take that time to you know stretch and clear my
head and just you know just be I try not to create I know a lot of you makers are
like oh I create every day you know all day every day and I can’t fall into that
yeah it’s very draining for me um there are days where my best friend lives in
the UK and so she reminded me I had a bit of a a bit of a breakdown I was just
so stressed out about something that happened with the business I’m stressed
out about it and she calls me and she says so you do realize you haven’t taken
a break in a year nobody means she goes you’ve cancelled three trips with me you
don’t take time off during the day except for your walks everything is
business business business you’re at the artists market Friday
through Sunday you’re always on you don’t take time you haven’t done
anything for yourself in a year that’s why you’re stressed and so two days
later via air mail like this FedEx package of calendars
and one she marked business only I mean the other one she marked is personal and
on the personal calendar every other week he has marked this is your day do
nothing literally do nothing and so she’ll call me and she goes well it’s
such-and-such on your calendar you’re not supposed to be doing anything do you
have your crochet hooks in your hand and I’m just like maybe put them down you’re
not supposed to do anything and so I find that when I take that time to not
create in well you know there’s a part of my head that’s always creating so
with ticket there’s always some sort of design flowing and I just make a little
mental note pop it in the compartment and we keep them moving
but there are literally days where I still wake up at 5:30 I still do my
ritual and I’m just here I can spend that day reading I can spend a day
organizing stuff around the house I’m a bit of a neat freak um so you know if
laughs with teenagers is messy and so I’ll go through the house and I’ll clean
up and you know do all that jazz but I find that if I’m not connected to a
piece of technology I’m good or if I am it’s because I’m binge
watching something on Netflix yeah and you know I don’t really afford I don’t
watch a lot of a lot of TV except on Tuesdays when I’m watching this is us
but other than that I just I find that I have to disconnect and unplug even if
it’s just for a day it gives me such a great reboot the next day when I come
back into my craft space because there are days where just coming into the
space is it creates a lot of anxiety even though I am very happy when I am in
this space in my element with my you know button chair hooking hands working
yeah there are some days we’re just having to know that when you’ve got all
these things in your order queue and this is what you should be working on
there are some days where just full of anxiety and I noticed that
on those days I don’t work well when I’m not if I haven’t given myself time to
decompress does that one of the that is one of the best investments anybody can
make on themselves is time to decompress yes you know that is absolutely it’s
it’s amazing how how rare and even for somebody like me also to do not I’m
actually on the opposite end of that now I’ve gotten so well at decompressing
that is stuff there we go yeah but I know exactly because I’ve experienced
burned out I’ve experienced all that you know because I’ve got and never and yeah
so to take that regularly that prevents that’s such a great self-care in such a
great investor yourself you know Coletta this has been such an amazing time
chatting with you I’m also glad you you’ve offered so many great tips and so
such great advice like I’m gonna go back and take notes for myself I absolutely
had a blast chatting with you thank you so much for doing this
you guys all of our links are down below in the show description be sure to LIKE
and SUBSCRIBE this video go follow her on Instagram and her Etsy shop will be
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I’m gonna yoga this is mine that I never sold this is the only one left that I
have of mine and she’s she’s me I mean when I had bangs so you know this is
what we do yeah and knows she’s got mine as a scarf I’m and if you wonder with
did you make her the oh that’s that’s your scarf with the but uh was it a
keyhole um yes yes yeah it’s a double yes that’s the one so you guys so go
check it check your stuff out be sure to comment if you have any questions for
her she’ll definitely I know she’ll be super happy to answer you and thank you
so much Coletta until next time guys until next time God bless my

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  1. Another awesome and valuable interview Vone! Coletta's reason (WHY) is the same reason WHY I draw African American faces/women. I, too, came up against the issue of finding photos for past blogs, it was such a challenge. Vone what you said about failure to do what you're called to create and how it robs those who need whatever what we are called to create through our own unique individual eyes (my paraphrase). I used to do that comparison thing really badly; it's almost always against those who have been doing what I'm just started to do! Comparison is deadly and does kill/destroy dreams and creativity.

  2. Another fantastic interview!!! So much inspiration just flowing freely and mine for the taking. Big thank you to you both for putting it out there and being so transparently real. Tfs ~ hugs 💖 💖 💖

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