Creating Rainbows of Color without Mud by Kate Crane Part One

Creating Rainbows of Color without Mud by Kate Crane Part One

Hello. My name is Kate Crane from the
north of England in the United Kingdom. Today I am going to be using my 8 by 10 Gel Pess to make my favorite thing: Rainbows. I love color wheels and I love
rainbows. I love these colors and sometimes when I’m printing with my Gel Press I
like the kind of accidental layers and the vintage, shabby look. But sometimes I
really want to keep these colors nice and clean. So I am going to be showing you how I create these very clean stripes of my rainbow colors. If you follow me to
part two of this #fromPrintstoProject series I’m going to show you then how I bind
these and make separate signatures. And my duct tape binding to make these
little journals. And here is a slightly bigger one. Just
look at those rainbow colors. Thanks for watching. Don’t forget to come and join
me in part two as well. See you soon! Because I want to create some really
nice clean rainbow stripes keeping those colors separate, I’ve picked out my
colors ready. So I am using DecoArt Americana Premium Acrylics. These are
highly pigmented and will give me some really super strong rainbow colors. In
order to keep colors separate for this kind of technique, where you definitely
want my colors to say separate, it’s really important to have a brayering
off piece that in itself can be used for something. And I’m starting at one end
and I’m going to put some paint halfway down and at the top. I’ve got my colors in place. As I start
brayering I’m just going to go in one direction, towards me. And I’m just going
to keep working one area until those colors are blended. And then I’ll move
across. In between those colors I’m going to use my brayering off piece so that
I’m not mixing those colors. I don’t want these to turn to mud. Now that I have my stripes
there. I’m just going to use a stencil to take some of that paint off. This is held
in place by the magnets. There is my first floral rainbow. And this time I am going to use the
texture plate. I am going to have some card ready as well because when I remove paint with the texture plate I can also print with it which will give me a
coordinating piece of card to use in my project (stamping into the paint and then off onto a scrap piece of paper will make the images removed from the plate clear with each impression, rather than transfering the paint from one area to another.) To create these really light and airy
prints, still with the rainbow of colors but lots of white space. And the answer
of course is just to use much less paint.

20 thoughts on “Creating Rainbows of Color without Mud by Kate Crane Part One

  1. This was fun, Kate! I usually make prints, as a warm up activity before doing most projects. Not only do I have loads of gorgeous prints for future play, I have that quiet time, preparing me for an art activity, or even just to get motivated with color and texture to unload the dishwasher and empty the litter box. Thanks for this morning’s inspiring video. Look forward to another one of your adorable books. I love making signature covers using gel prints. Fun to see that you do too.

  2. Oh what fun!!! Love those happy ‘it’s Spring’ colors too. Kate, your work stands out in its clarity and beautiful simplicity. I eagerly await part 2!

  3. Great quality rainbows – ive just got my 8×10 gelli plate and was wondering where to start with its huge expanse. Now I know….Thanks Kate for your lovely soft and gentle approach to printing 🙂 Respect Mandy

  4. Thank you for the wonderful fun on this video. Beautiful colors and designs. Thank you So muchfor the inspiration shared

  5. What a great idea to use the MISTI! I don't have the big one and my gel plate is 8 x 10. But, I do want to get some of the smaller sizes of gel plates.

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