Creating Halloween Designs with CAD-CUT® Glow

Creating Halloween Designs with CAD-CUT® Glow

I’m Courtney Matlick with Stahls’ CAD-CUT®
Direct. With Halloween just around the corner now is the time to begin offering custom t-shirts,
sweatshirts and even costumes for the holiday. Today we’re going to get a little bit creative
in decorating a sweatshirt with glow in the dark finishes for Halloween. For this we’ll
be using the vinyl cutter, the heat press and CAD-CUT® Glow. Let’s get started. I’ve
already loaded my CAD-CUT® Glow heat transfer material now I’ll send my design to cut. The design we’ve cut and are about to weed
is a full body skeleton design that’s going to cover the entire sweatshirt. Because the
designs so large, I’m going to go ahead and trim it apart so it makes it easier for me
to weed. I’m going to start by weeding the center of the design that’s going to go down
on the body of the skeleton on the shirt. Now that I have the body done, I’ll work on
doing the arms of the sweatshirt. The nice thing about this artwork, Is there’s not a
whole lot of cavities for me to go back and pick through so it’s easy for me to weed with
this glow material. Now that my designs have both been weeded I can go ahead and prepare
them for heat application. Since the design we’ve created is larger then our 16 X 20 heat
press, we’re going to be pressing it in 3 separate applications. I’m going to load my
garment on first and preheat the whole thing to remove any moisture and wrinkles. I want
to make sure to preheat both sides of the garment since the designs going to cover the
full thing. For lining this up I’m going to go ahead and line up my sweatshirt on the
platen like I normally would to center my design. I want to start by getting the center
of the neck line up to where the center of the sweatshirt is and then I’m going to pull
the sweatshirt over a little bit so that I’m going to get a full pressure on this whole
side. I’m going to be heat pressing at 305 degrees for the recommended 10 to 15 seconds
to get a full application on the right side. Now that that application is finished I’m
just going to go ahead and slide over the other part of my design that hasn’t been hit
yet with the application. And follow through again with another 10 seconds at 305 degrees.
You’ll notice that the center part of my design is actually going to be hit twice and that’s
okay it won’t ruin the design or ruin the vinyl at all I’m just going to give it a little
longer application. Once I have my full design complete I can peel the entire design. The
last part to the body of my design is actually going to be the bottom of the skeleton. So
I’m just going to go ahead and place this down on the design. Looks like it’s going
to line up just above the seam on the bottom of my sweatshirt. So that will be a perfect
fit. Again I want to cover it to protect this design from sticking to the heat press and
heat press for the full recommended 10 seconds. Now that I have the front os my design complete,
I’m going to start with the arms to finish the body up. The arms are actually going to
place in the center holes here so I want to make sure since I’m going to go over the seams
I want to make sure that I have accurate pressure with the glow material. So for this I’m going
to be using a heat printing pillow. I’m going to just load it into my garment through the
neck line here since it’s a little bit wider in this sweatshirt. And i’m going to make
sure it places were the seam is and also where my design is going to fall on the sweatshirt.
The nice thing about the glow in the dark material is it has a sticky carrier on it
so I’m able to kind of position this in place I don’t have to worry about it shifting around
in the application or anything like that. Again I’m going to have to do this application
in 2 hits so I want to go ahead and do my first hit over the seam here. And I’m just
going to slide my pillow down a little bit to get to the bottom of my arm. Again another
10 seconds for 305 degrees. And hot peel away the carrier. And then I can take my pillow
out and do the other arm. Again I’m just going to load this pillow in to were I think the
arm is going to fit onto the body of the design and make it’s down where the designs going
to be. Place my arm in the arm hole here on the skeleton I’m going to shift my pillow
just a little bit to make sure it’s getting accurate pressure. Perfect. A little bit of
exposed glow material here at the top so I’m just going to cover it to make sure it doesn’t
stick to the heater. 10 seconds on this first application we’ll rotate the pillow and do
the last 10 seconds. And this material is a hot peel so I just have to peel this final
carrier and we have a completed design. So there you have it a little creativity in
the application and the design and you can begin creating Halloween inspired with glow
in the dark finishes. To learn more on the CAD-CUT® materials you saw here visit us
online at

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