Creating Designer Series Paper by Stampin’ Up!

CARRIE: Hi Everyone! I’m Carrie Cudney from
the Training Team with Tiffany Breinholt, one of our amazingly talented designers here
at Stampin’ Up! We want to show you the three of the beautiful
hand-painted Designer Series Paper Packages from the Holiday or Autumn/Winter Catalog.
The first one we want to highlight is called Home for Christmas. You can see the traditional
colors and traditional images. They have a retro or vintage feel to them. You’ll see
the images like ornaments and fun patterns. TIFFANY: This one is my favorite.
CARRIE: The playful reindeer. TIFFANY: So cute.
CARRIE: This one is my favorite, the jolly Santa Clause. The idea behind these images
is that they’ll bring back memories from childhood Christmases with that vintage feel. They are
really beautiful. The next one that we want to highlight is called Season of Cheer. These
are traditional colors and images as well. You can see the patterns and some of the same
images like the ornaments. These really focus on the watercolor trend. This watercolor paper
has a softer look to it, just creates a different feel for your projects. All of the images
have been water colored by hand. It is just a really pretty, soft watercolor look for
your projects. The third one that we want to highlight is called Into the Woods. This
one was done for the autumn season. This is actually the paper that Tiffany worked on,
and there is lots of really fun texture in these papers, images that can be used on any
autumn project. Really beautiful colors. They have that hand-painted look to them. They
will create a vibrant, earthy and beautiful feel on your projects. Really fun colors and
textures for autumn. You heard me mention the term “hand-painted” more than once.
Tiffany, why don’t you explain what that means, and what the process is behind creating these
papers. TIFFANY: When we are designing a DSP we start
with an idea. I usually go on the internet and I gather some images. I make a board like
this, and then I do some rough sketches of what I think the DSP should look like. Usually
when we do the watercolor we use our own inks so that they are pretty color accurate, but
with this one we wanted to do a thicker paint so we used acrylic. I went to the store and
found some paints that were similar to some of our cardstock colors and then I started
painting away. You can see that these coordinate exactly to the final printed DSP. Here is
the wood-grain. It has a cool texture. CARRIE: I wish everyone could feel that, the
layers of paint. TIFFANY: The texture is fun. All of them kind
of have a cool texture, but the wood grain feels like what you would imagine wood feels
like. On some of these patterns I actually didn’t paint the 12×12. You can see I painted
little bits, and then in Photo Shop I would arrange them so that they would make a full
sheet. CARRIE: It would have taken a long time to
paint that whole sheet. TIFFANY: Yes, it would have. After that, I
actually took these to our photography department and we shot them individually, one on one.
Then we put them on the computer. I had to do some color correcting with them, so that
they match our cardstock very accurately. As you can see the paint didn’t match exactly.
CARRIE: This is the finished papers. TIFFANY: You can see the color difference.
When we go to the printer then we get these big press sheets that they pull of the printer.
We actually bring cardstock with us and we match them to the paper to make sure that
they are very accurate. CARRIE: Perfect. So what all of this means
for you, is that when you purchase and sue these papers you will know that every image
is hand-painted or hand-drawn and completely unique and exclusive. you won’t be able
to find them anywhere else. That’s exciting! You can use these art pieces in your paper
crafting to elevate them to a whole new level. If you want to purchase your own package of
hand-painted paper, be sure to talk to your demonstrator or visit our online store today.

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