Creating a Scene – Guest Designer at Gerda Steiner Designs!

Creating a Scene – Guest Designer at Gerda Steiner Designs!

hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and I am
here for Gerda Steiner designs today and we’re going to be creating a scene
now I have the Oh manatee set it’s a really sweet she does the best critter
stamps and this manatee set is heaps of fun I have made a couple of cards today
using this set but I’m only showing one here on the video so if you head
through the link in the description below you’ll be able to see the other
card that I’ve made using the manatee alright so what I thought would be fun I
like to look at a stamp set and see what the small images because often I overlook
them and just see the big sort of the main images of a set but a lot of stamp
sets have a lot of small images that could be used just as easily or in
conjunction with other stamp sets to create some some fun cards so there was
some really cute little fish stamps in this set and I thought it’d be really
fun to make a fish tank so what I did was just created my fish tank with some
Bristol smooth card stock just masked off the background and used some tumbled
glass distress ink to sort of color that up I stamped out just a small portion of
the seaweed on each side of the fish tank just to make it look a bit more
fish tanky and now I have stamped out three of the fish images and I have come
in with my copic multiliner and actually changed them up a little bit just to add
some fun to my fish tank so this is Nemo you might have heard of him okay is that
anemone fish a clownfish depending on what you want to call it we
have lots of them around here where I live on the coral reefs and they are
just beautiful and they really are this bright orange
is amazing like Copic Y17 anyway so I did color up my fish in some
funky colors added some stripes to my tiger fish and then what a lot to do is
come in with my gray markers so this is the T0 I came in and actually added
some shading with that. the present image that I’ve got here comes from the
moody unicorns stamp set and so does the sentiment that I’ll be using today but
you won’t see that a little bit later on I had a bit of a sentiment sort of what
do you call it crisis today I knew the sentiment I wanted to use I just really
struggled with how I was going to incorporate it into the card alright so
I am outlining the back of my images because I did fussy cut them right up to
the line I thought it’d be fun just to add some bubbles to one of the little
fish that’s swimming and then I figured it was going to be easier I have don’t
really color with my copics onto any other sort of ink I’ve seen other people
do it but I have a tendency to either use my copics and then add my other
colors afterwards so that’s why I came in here with my prismacolor pencils to
add their coloring to the seaweed and of course to the bubbles so now I’m going
to actually adhere my little fish into place I’ve just got some dotted adhesive
and this is quite forgiving this adhesive so you have got the opportunity
to move them around a little bit if you’re not quite happy with the
placement of your images I find that it sticks well though after it’s sort of
settled in but initially you can actually move things around if you’re
not really happy some tapes are very unforgiving especially on like a
distress ink background you don’t want to rip that because if they are quite a wet
wet ink the distressing and I just got this little Nemo’s
actually the one giving the present today isn’t that cute
all right so I’ve added some really thin be creative tape to the bottom of my fish
tank and this is how I’m going to hold my piece of acetate in front I just
wanted it to look shiny like it’s glass and then I’ve got some some tape behind
a piece of bark this is some cherry wood I think it is and I’ve just cut a really
thin piece of that to make the base of my fish tank and I used the same card
stock of the bark cardstock to cut some legs for my fish tank which I’m just
going to adhere with some be creative tape as well because there’s a nice
strong tape you could use a liquid glue here that would hold it really well you
just don’t want to squish it out onto the acetate because you’ll be able to
see it and dry tape is much quicker right so I’m making a panel to go up on
the front of my card and this is some really old design paper out of my stash
I just wanted something to look like it was kind of like a retro wallpaper and
this is from my mind’s eye paper pad called gertie and I think I was hoarding
this because it’s so cute it’s some really pretty patterns in this and I’ve
hoarded it so much that you can’t even get it anymore
I’ve got some if anyone wants any though and this is the first time I’ve use I
can’t remember the last time I use my corner Chomper but I used this smaller
edge I think it’s the quarter inch edge on my panel and then just popped it up
with some orange fun foam just because orange is fun and it’s fun foam and I’m
going to adhere this on the front of a top fold card so it’s a little bit
smaller than a normal Austalian size card it’s more like an American size
card this one and then I’ll just use some foam squares to pop up my fish tank
and you can see here I thought I was going to do my sentiment in two pieces
ignore that because what I decided to do and this is what I originally wanted to
do I just didn’t know how I was going to do it I wanted to create a mat for my
scene and the other sentiment just wasn’t working for me so I’m stamping
that it’s some like I said from the moody unicorn said and this is just on
some other design paper from the same paper pad and I’m cutting it on kind of
an angle to make it look like not three-dimensional but that it fits into
the room scene that I created I kept cutting that card stock all the way
along and then actually cut some pieces off to create tassels on the edges of my
mat and that worked really well I was really happy how this turned out and by
doing it as a separate piece of cardstock I could just offset it
slightly to make it look more 3D and I just love the way this turned out so I
did that on both sides of the mat and I thought the stripes worked really well
from that kind of effect as well and I wanted something that you could see the
sentiment on after I’d stamped it if it was too busy you would have been able to
see it so I just popped my little mat up on the front of my card and that’s my
finished card for today thanks for joining me don’t forget to
head to the blog where you’ll see the other card I’ve made using this Oh Manatee
set look forward to seeing you there until next time happy papercrafting bye

30 thoughts on “Creating a Scene – Guest Designer at Gerda Steiner Designs!

  1. How fun!! What a clever way to use this stamp set. You always make such wonderful cards!! Thanks for sharing. Headed over to your blog to see more. 😉

  2. Oh my goodness, it’s a rug with fringe! That’s just the perfect touch to this cute, cute card¡. I just bought the Manatee set and I love seeing what you can do with the smaller stamps in the set even without using the Manatee!!!

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