Creating a Paper Craft 3D Box Part 3 Make the Cut Software

Creating a Paper Craft 3D Box Part 3 Make the Cut Software

Ok so if you’re watching this I’m assuming
you watched the previous two videos. And you have your box PDF file already saved from
Pepakura in order to import it into Make the Cut software. Simply open Make the Cut and located at the
top you’ll find the import PDF button. Just click that and find your PDF version of the
box. You can select the PDF and see a preview of the box in the right corner. All you have
to do is click the open button and it brings it on your mat. Now you may be used to seeing solid colors
on your mat and typically not having a solid color indicates there’s a break in the line…
but I assure you that this box will all cut just fine with zero gaps in-between. Some of the things you can do extra in Make
the Cut is say you wanted to add an oval window to the box. Simply go to your basic shapes
and stretch one out to fit the side of the box. Now you have created a window . Now you
can even take it a step further and make a lattice window. As you can see it’s fairly
easy to create your own 3D Box. I hope you enjoyed this 3 part tutorial – and if you
haven’t already make sure you subscribe our channel in order show your support so you’ll
be notified when we come out with other videos. So with that I’m Rob from and
I’ll see you next time.

11 thoughts on “Creating a Paper Craft 3D Box Part 3 Make the Cut Software

  1. You are just an amazing teacher!!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and these videos!!! Keep on doing what you do so well!!! Again, THANX!!!

  2. You're welcome – if you do create something feel free to post the photo on our ScrappyDewCreations facebook page.

  3. Rob,
    I am glad you did this for us! I think I sorta got you into this, I asked the other day about the .PDO files to do exactly this! I have been using this and making all kinds of things! I will post them on FB… thanks again Tracey

  4. Yes – thank you for suggesting the topic. It was something I haven't heard of and thought it would make a good mini series of tutorials:) Glad you were able to get the PDO files to work with MTC. And I look forward to seeing your designs posted on FB!

  5. when i upload it to design space the dash lines get cut as well instead of scoring, it there a way to fix this?

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