Create a Star Ornament for Christmas | Ricky Riot Art & Craft

Create a Star Ornament for Christmas | Ricky Riot Art & Craft

[Arty]: Put another one over there Ricky!
[Ricky]: Over here? [Arty]: A little bit lower no a little bit higher left no the other left [Arty]: There! There, Ricky. That’s it. I still feel like somethings missing though.
[Ricky]: Really? [Sirens blaring]
[Arty]: It’s the Big Blue Box, Ricky! It’s Riot Art time! [Arty]: Quick! Catch it! Catch it!
[Both]: Whoa! [Arty]: Good catch Ricky!
[Ricky]: Oh Arty, it’s really heavy. I think it’s the heaviest Blue Box we’ve had! [Arty]: Quick Ricky open it up!
[Ricky]: I wonder what’s inside, I wonder what it could be! [Arty]: Come on, hurry up!
[Ricky]: Ok, ok! It’s it’s air-dry clay! [Arty]: Air-dry clay?
[Ricky]: We could make so many things from air-dry clay! [Arty]: Ricky! I’ve got the most riotastic idea! What about making some Christmas decorations for our Christmas tree? [Ricky]: Rioterrific idea! We could make stars! [Arty]: Oh let’s have a look at the Big Screen!
[Ricky]: Great idea! [Big Screen dings]
[Arty]: Wow! [Ricky]: Okay, Arty. What we’re gonna do is get our packet of air-dry clay. [Ricky]: And we’ll get out our toolbox as well.
[Arty]: Oh good idea, Ricky, don’t forget your tools. [Ricky]: What we’ll do is we’ll need some scissors to open up our special air-dry clay. [Arty]: How much are you gonna use, Ricky? Are you gonna use all of it?
[Ricky]: I think we’re only gonna need to use half. [Ricky]: The easiest way to do it is just to open up the packet like this. [Ricky]: Just cut like this. Then I think we’ll break off roughly about half the packet. [Arty]: Oh, it looks good enough to eat, that.
[Ricky]: Just to start off. [Ricky]: It’s fabulous stuff. We’ll just roll it into a little bit of a ball,
[Arty]: Ohhh. [Ricky]: And then we need to roll it out to about 1 centimeter thick with our…
[Arty]: I know! Rolling pin! [Ricky]: That’s right Arty! Here’s one.
[Arty]: Oh, wow! That’s a nice one. [Ricky]: Oh yeah. We’ll just give it a nice rolling out.
[Arty]: That’s going flat! [Ricky]: Spin it around and roll it that way.
[Arty]: Wow that looks like a pancake! [Ricky]: It does look like a bit of a pancake, but don’t eat it.
[Arty]: Oh no, don’t eat it kids! [Ricky]: Because it’s made out of clay.
[Arty]: That’s gross! [Ricky]: Alright now that we’ve finished rolling it out, that’s perfect!
[Arty]: Whoa! Look at that! [Ricky]: Now what shape did I say I was gonna cut out?
[Arty]: A star! [Ricky]: A Christmas star!
[Arty]: A Christmas star! [Ricky]: Here’s our little shape cutter-outer up, and we’re gonna put it on the middle there and press down nice and hard to cut out our Christmas star. [Ricky]: Give it a bit of a wiggle. Wiggle wiggle wiggle.
[Arty]: Wiggle wiggle wiggle! [Ricky]: And it should just lift out like that. Then really carefully you wanna push your shape out of the cutter. [Arty]: Don’t forget to put a hole through the top of that, so we can thread a ribbon through later! [Ricky]: Absolutely, Arty. I think for that we might use the end of our paintbrush.
[Arty]: Oh yeah, good idea Ricky! [Ricky]: Ok and we’ll just put the hole round about there. There we go! [Ricky]: And obviously we can make a ball out of this again, and roll it out and make some more stars.
[Arty]: Wow! What a good idea! [Ricky]: And we could make other shapes as well!
[Arty]: We could make lots of Christmas decorations! [Ricky]: Now we’ll leave that to dry… [Arty]: Is it dry yet, Ricky?
[Ricky]: It is! It’s perfectly dry! [Ricky]: Now we can move on to our next step.
[Arty]: What’s that? [Ricky]: It’s your favorite thing
[Arty]: Is it painting?
[Ricky]: Yeah it’s painting! [Arty]: Oh can I help? Can I do some of it?
[Ricky]: You can do it all yourself! [Arty]: Yippeee!
[Ricky]: Alright what color do you think we should paint? [Arty]: I know! Could we paint it gold? Because Christmas is really special.
[Ricky]: I’ve got some gold paint right here! [Arty]: Oh goody!
[Ricky]: Alright so I’ll put some gold paint right here, and I’ll get you the brush. [Arty]: Can you dip it in the paint for me first, Ricky?
[Ricky]: Of course I can. There we go. Oh! This is fabulous gold paint! Look at that! [Ricky]: There you go, perfect. I’ll hold it for you. [Ricky]: Here you go. [Ricky]: Great job! Now once you’ve finished doing this, we’ll leave it to dry. [Ricky]: There we go. Arty, now that it’s dry doesn’t it look rioterrific!
[Arty]: Absolutely, Ricky! [Ricky]: Do you think we could make it a little more special for our Christmas tree?
[Arty]: We could make it more shimmery! [Ricky]: Rioterrific idea! I know! Some shimmer powder!
[Arty]: Perfect, Ricky! [Ricky]: So what we’ll do is grab some glue…and we’ll have to put a coating of glue on our star. [Ricky]: And then sprinkle on some shimmer powder.
[Arty]: Oooooh. [Ricky]: So I’ll put some glue on the end of my brush and give it a good coating of glue. [Ricky]: Just like that.
[Arty]: Our star’s gonna look really, really special! [Ricky]: It’s gonna shimmer so beautifully. Then we’re gonna get our shimmer powder.
[Arty]: Mmmhmm. [Ricky]: Now be careful with this you don’t wanna make a mess everywhere.
[Arty]: It’s impossible not to make a mess with shimmer powder. [Ricky]: Now watch this a little bit of Christmas magic
[Arty]: Wow! Look at that just sprinkling the spirit of Christmas all over our star! [Ricky]: All over there. We might just use a brush to brush it all over. [Ricky]: Just to make sure we get a nice, even covering.
[Arty]: Oh that’s so shimmery. Ricky that looks riotastic! [Ricky]: It looks beautiful! And we’ll leave that to dry. [Arty]: What next, Ricky?
[Ricky]: Well, next we’re gonna need to hang it on our tree. [Ricky]: We’ll need to get out what we need: a ribbon, a scissors, and just for an extra bit of Christmas
[Arty]: Jingle bells! [Ricky]: First of all we’re gonna cut out our ribbon. We’re gonna need about that much! [Ricky]: And we’ll thread our ribbon through our jingle bell. [Ricky]: There we go. Bring it around. And then through our star. [Arty]: Oh, that looks riotastic Ricky! Really really riotastic! [Ricky]: Then we’ll match up the sides, make it a bit even. Oh! It sounds Christmas-y doesn’t it?
[Arty]: It’s jingling! [Arty]: I bet you Santa can hear that!
[Ricky]: Tie the knot and there, Arty Toucan, it’s complete! [Ricky]: One jingle bell, air-dry clay star.
[Arty]: Wow! That looks so Christmas-y let’s put it on the tree! [Ricky]: Alright! Where should we put it?
[Arty]: Just up there near the top, right in the middle! [Arty]: Yeah, just right there. That’s rioterrific!
[Ricky]: Ok, just like that. [Ricky]: And guess what, Ricky? I’ve already put the instuctions on the website for all the boys and girls at home so they can make their very own Christmas tree decorations! [Ricky]: Riotastic idea, Arty! They’re gonna love it!
[Arty]: Yeah! [Ricky]: Well I think our Christmas tree is complete.
[Arty]: It just needs one more thing. [Arty]: Something really extra special on the top.
[Ricky]: Oh yeah, like what? [Arty]: Me! Merry Christmas! Hahaha!
[Ricky]: Arty Toucan! Hahaha! Merry Christmas!

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  1. I can't believe I watched this. lol.
    Here's a tip though: Mix the shimmer powder into clear setting glue…makes less mess.

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