25 thoughts on “Crazy puppets at Annecy Film Festival 2018

  1. im looking at these puppets and movies. then im looking my movies. and then just thinking the meaning of life…..

  2. Hi edu! Can you please make a video about a free version of dragonframe? I try the trial version but 50 frames are very frustrating and i can't afford dragonframe….

  3. Whats up, my dream is always to continue creating high quality movies and We have a short film that I would really like to show you, if you need to see it try to look for "Planeta Zeme Stonjaus" on Youtube or even get in touch with me for the link. THANKS🤝

  4. Fun movie of the process on the Annecy film festival. I like the take on the people, behind the scenes and where to meet the people (at the parties!) Thanks for sharing!

  5. La verdad es que me gusta muchísimo tu trabajo y sigo atentamente tus publicaciones. Sigue adelante muy bueno. Abrazo desde Argentina.

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