Hi Sisters!! James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. For today’s video, we are doing something that i actually have not done in a very, very, very long time and that is a Review and for those of you guys who have been watching me for a while, you know that i don’t really like doing reviews but mostly because 1. they’re boring 2. I don’t really switch up my beauty routine that often and 3. the general public is convinced that beauty gurus are literally spawns of Satan and were sent down to earth to literally fool everybody and lie to them into buying crappy products… which is true a few days ago I was doing some sister shopping with my stylist online to pick out some really cute summer clothes and I was on ASOS, which if you don’t know what that is, it is a really really cute online clothing retailer how #not sponsored but #Should be and I actually came across the beauty section on their website and found out something that had me shook To the core and that was that Crayola, the crayon company that we all used to draw with when we were kids came out with a full-on makeup line at first sitting there i was very much “sister-stumped” on why the heck an art supplies company Would release a makeup line but then I remembered it’s kind of within the same realm and you guys just saw me do my “Full Face Using Only Art Supplies” a few weeks ago and clearly the actual products worked out pretty well, so it might not be that strange of a business move for them but regardless I bought the entire collection today I’m very, very, very excited to see how these products actually test out. Will they be good or will they literally be like crayons on my face? We’re gonna find out, so without further ado let’s jump right into the video So I’m on the ASOS website and I just searched up “Crayola” and it looks like they launched 57 different items in the collection which is actually like very, very large. I definitely picked up a lot of different things today that I’m excited to try out and There are things on this website ranging from brushes, to eyeshadow palettes to mascaras to highlighters to Face crayons which I have no idea what that is, but I guess we’re going to find out. So starting off I picked up two different eyeshadow palettes that they launched. Right off the bat, I’m gonna say packaging, absolutely beautiful this rainbow moment is so, so, so cute and I got the nude eyeshadow palette and the mermaid eyeshadow palette. Brands, if you’re watching this, please stop releasing mermaid and unicorn themed items. We are all over it, this has been a PSA. The palettes retail for $29 online and they come with ten shadows in each kit meaning each shadow is $2.90, wow I love being the Queen of Math and they’re actually both cruelty free and vegan which is really, really great I also picked up the crayola face palette which once again retails for $29 and contains 10 different… oh this is the face palette I really thought this is going to contain a contouring color. I grabbed their customizable lip palette which is $35 and once again contains 10 different shades perfect for mixing. I am very, very excited to try this out later on. I don’t know if any you guys Know this or if ever tried it out, but Anastasia Beverly Hills actually has a really really great Formula for their customizable lip palette, so I’m gonna be very interested to see how this performs in comparison to that one. I grabbed the highlighter crayon in the shade shimmering blush and this one was $17.50, which looks like this. Interesting. I’m a little bit scared to put this over top of my foundation, but we’re gonna make it work, hopefully. I grabbed two different mascaras in black and navy blue and these retail for $16, but here’s where the collection for me went a little bit sister-south. od Lord. I picked up some of the “Crayola” face crayons and I grabbed a yellow, a black, a white, a mango color, a blue, a red, and a nude color just to try out different eye looks today. Now, these look great. On the website they retail for $14.50. Now to me if this price hike seems a little bit, um, high, being they’re you’re only getting .07 ounces of product for $14.50, and I know for a fact that milk sells their jumbo eye pencils for like $6, which is literally like the same exact product. Hello! I literally spent $101.50 on all seven of these eye pencils. And what I find even more ridiculous is that you can literally go to the craft store and buy a 96 packet of crayons which are probably, let’s be honest, the exact same thing as this for $9. I got 96 crayons for $9 and I got seven eye crayons for $101.50. Something does not add up here if you ask me. And finally my last purchase of this collection is probably the worst of all them being this crayola beauty make up brush set and case. Now, when I saw this brush out online originally I was like, “Wow, so cute look at this brush case, are You kidding me at holographic Crayola? Gorge!” and then I bought it for $40 and I opened it up to find this. Four eyeshadow brushes. Four! Quattro! I don’t think so. Before we go ahead and actually start my look today i thought we should do some sister swatches of the different eye crayons because these are really what I’m most excited to see how the heck of these perform so Let’s start off with the shade white oh, okay so it’s definitely a very, very creamy Formula. Thank God. it doesn’t feel like an actual crayon on my arm we have the shade Dandelion so cute that these are actually matching to the real names of the crayola pencils Putting these on they actually feel kind of like oily to apply i really thought that are gonna be a lot more like Hard i definitely interested to see if these are going, to try down because they definitely do it transfer as you
Can see it kind of feels like you’re playing a lip stick to your arm whereas i felt like they’re gonna be a lot more dry next we have the shade at mango tango okay i guess this one is a little bit Sparkly that’s kind of pretty i doesn’t want to try to use that one as a blush next we have the shade of red oh? wow that you’re kiddi ng was with literally zero pressure yeah these are a really sister soft this is like a lipstick wow that did not last long this is a mess alright next i picked up the shade and navy blue this one also has a little bit of sparkle to it as well That’s a really pretty color not gonna lie i wanna use on the lower lash line i also picked up the shade desert sand which is like a little nudie color i would got this for out the waterline and this is really really pretty and then finally of course i got why But i think the worst block that i’ve ever swatch in my entire life what is that you’d think of all the colors the block would be like the best one if anything okay i’m a little bit sister spooked after these swatches but you know what i want to see how this is gonna turn out let’s just jump right in I’m gonna first grab the base palette because I’m looking a little bit flat right now and i’m literally scared and i’m going to attempt to contour somehow i’m first gonna grab the blush brush from this collection and grab i think this shade or right over here and try to contour this let’s see luckily there’s a mirror in here which is actually really helpful it’s not like bad it’s just like not, there i was definitely right in the beginning when i said that this palette deftly does not have a contour option which is hello it’s a face palette i’m gonna grab my calvin d shade of light palette and just contour them i’m gonna go back to that in 30 seconds for blush and highlight and the full shebang okay we’re back with our regularly scheduled programming did you miss me i know you did i’m gonna grab the blush brush once again i’m gonna dip into this kind of metallic e coral copper shade down here it actually look very very sunny i want to try to use this for at blush today So once again it’s not showing up can you see that what’s going on why is it not showing up with my face oh there it is Okay it’s their shoes that are shaking into the party oh i love that okay? i feel like this blush shade is like absolutely perfect for a really beautiful bronze look for the summer time to kind of transition your bronzer to your highlight i really actually like to shade a lot oh my god wow okay cool Great love that you guys might like to do highlighter earlier on as well so i’m gonna go back into the shade in a short second i want to lay down this highlighter stick as a base first this is in the shade shimmering blushed and once again i think this was $17.50 these kind of remind me of like the milk sticks and there it’s barely there come on crayola this is like the texture of what i thought The face creams were gonna be like like this has that waxy kind of more dry texture that i was expecting and that does not look good it’s actually picking up the foundation underneath which is definitely not good do it does not look good that is canceled a million percent And sad what i’m gonna do is get my face a white spritz of fix+ just like i always do before i apply my highlighter and i’m gonna get my morphe 501 brush and i’m gonna dip into this shade right here in the face palette which actually looks like a really really pretty highlighter and let’s try out this instead okay not at that see that looks good great love that the true test here is can it snatch a sister schnoz let’s see that Is the face all complete we are chiseled out we added a little bit of color and now we aren’t glowing from with ana i’m actually Really really loving how this is looking so far but i’m gonna bake my face and set it in place and i’ll be right back a little bit closer up to start off the eyes okay literally about a sword in the eyeshadow i’m literally luck the pocket it’s literally flying apart oh you’re kidding okay this is just getting worse and worse and worse for the second we’re gonna pretend like that shadow didn’t just fall out of the entire package good lord i’m scared okay let’s freakin do this thing at this point i’m gonna start off with the nude eyeshadow Palette which is literally falling apart at its seams i think i really want to keep with the theme that i have going on it’s Officially summer time i know some of you guys are graduating at congratulations by the way so before i even talking To the eyeshadow palette i actually the yellow face cran and i think i want to pop this in the inner corners like a little fun a pop of color and see how it actually it turns out it’s actually showing up on the skin surprisingly i guess i’m just gonna grab like a blending brush and see if i can buff that out i hear they do blend thank god oh wait no they don’t what the heck okay So the cranes actually do blend out but it definitely loses like almost all of its pigmentation when you blend it and it doesn’t dry like it’s still tacky feeling this is not going well i’m gonna put a little bit more on to bring some of that color back similar to the highlighter – it’s actually taking off the foundation from underneath The crayon it still looks fine oh my god you guys can’t even oh? Wow hashtag for cyril problems when you buy too expensive hood camera and it still looks good so looking at the news power r or matte shades and then six different shimmer shades which is a very very bad ratio there should never be more shimmer shades in Math sheets in a palette i wanna grab that red crayon that literally melts it off when it was touching my hand and see if one i can create an orange in the middle of this eye look and also kind of wing this out on oh my god why is this right doing this let’s grab the One eyeshadow brush in the entire brush kit and try to blend this out the sad thing is i’m like actually Really trying here like i don’t want to lost you from crayola but i know you can feel it coming okay that’s not that? Horrible what if i grab like a regular morphe brush okay that’s not horrible it’s like bad but like not the worst me look at everything am i i wonder if i grab a blending brush and like a little bit of this oh okay that actually works okay what’s actually really annoying is that blending the red and the yellow together like didn’t make orange i wonder if i put this mango shade in here what that will do nothing it’s gonna do absolutely nothing apparently why can i make orange like red plus yellow wow look at me being an artiste oh we we welcome to patti maybe these are supposed to be like use when you’re like not wearing makeup it’s like not like it just over like a eye Thing or like you like just put it on the cheek like as like a light on the go type of thing This is just not good i think is the conclusion that i’m coming to here okay i wanna figure out to somehow finish this i look and i want to do a house quickly so i can check out some of the shimmer shades in Here because they are so you look really really stunning and i love the highlighter in the face palette that we use beforehand so i’m Gonna grab my shape tip concealer i’m gonna cut out the crease but i’m actually really nervous to do this being that these shadows are and are not drying down in the slightest bit so this might all get mixed together and we’re gonna find out in a few short seconds i’m gonna grab my morphe i’m 2 to 4 brush and start off with this kind of light gold shader right here at the bottom and i’m gonna pack that on the lid Hello what the heck what like this swatch so nicely where is this on the arm hello i do not See that do you i feel like i need to treat you all i children right now because we’re doing a crayola makeup tutorial what is going on now that the crease is all kind of caught i’m gonna grab this like a metallic kind of ready orange shade right Here on a fluffy brush and i want to use this to blend out the outer edge into that red shadow that we have going on i’m just gonna pop this right here oh that’s a good shot, oh Okay not mad about it i doesn’t want to deepen up that outer v a little bit too and add some more dimension so i’m just gonna grab a smith 235 brush and dip it it’s this kind of like muted grey tone up in this corner i’m not sure how this is gonna turn out let’s just try those So be one of the worst eye looks i’ve ever done and i’m literally not even being dramatic yes i am but i never want to use as much of the colors as possible so we did get a black crayon and i want To try to do a winged liner with this which i know i’m going to regret like you know what? you don’t know unless you try why is this black so sheer why would you ever want a block that looks like this oh my god this is also a cream so it’s literally not gonna dry down either yeah What’s the worse all right so that is the upper lashline all complete and it looks not good but let’s move on to the lower Lash line i think i want to add a pop of color because i really am dying to try out this mermaid palette i first wanted one of the crayon in the shade navy blue first of all this is like cherlene that color that we all loved not dark blue i want to pop this right up here for a fun pop of color and see how this works See that’s actually really pretty like that i can get behind? We love great and then i’m gonna go a mix of these two shades right up and here with my morphe i’m at 149 brush and use that to epochal right over top to actually set in the shade because cream eyeshadow is whether or not crayola knows they are supposed to be set with something With that same brush i want to dip into this darker purple shade right up in here and give dada spreads a fix+ as well and pack that on the outer corner because purples are so pretty and i feel like it’s very very rare that you see like a metallic purple and an eyeshadow palette so i really want to test this out Okay you know what as much as i was making fun of it the remain i showed up how a hundred percent outperform the nude palette this actually is really pretty i just can’t get over the fact that this black eyeliner is literally like not block Who does that How would you ever do that okay so i got this nude shade desert sand to pop in the lash line So we’re gonna pop it in the lash line i feel like that did like very i guess it kind of worked okay should i try white instead oh okay that’s actually a bomb white liner kind of all right that is enough of the eyeshadows i bought mascaras these were 16 dollars each i’m gonna start off with the black one on the upper lashes and see how this mascara actually it performs i like this wand a lot actually wow as if following this video literally could not get any worse i am out of lash glue a very ba 20 minutes later all right finally huh that is what i look all completes Looking in the mirror i actually don’t hate how this turned out i feel like we had a mission to go on and although we May, have failed i like the direction that this is going in and i really want to recreate this look Sometime soon with like a really good working a product that being said this eyelid literally took me 45 minutes to do and i still Don’t feel like it’s up to par the blending is not great these cream shadows still are not dried down which is very very Strange and it’s just not as bright and pigmented as those like them to be that being said i’m gonna go and do the other eye
Off-camera really quickly and hopefully try to do it a little bit faster and i’ll be right back to finish off the rest of this crayola all right hello i am back and those are both eyes Complete thank god i’m gonna finish up my look today with a lip so let’s go ahead and grab the custom lip Palette i think i want to do probably just like a nude lip i did a rainbow i look so i think i need to like balance out a little bit something you thought i want to mix in this sheet together right here with a pink to make a slightly lighter nude um let’s see how this actually works Under go this mouth shape my down here mix it on my arm i guess and then a little bit of this white shade well okay they definitely are really creamy that’s for sure which is great i want to add a slight bit of yellow as well and make it a little bit more peachy tone let’s try this what the heck that is not what i wanted okay it kind of tastes like Like not good i’ll ease lip color ever for this look it’s like a bright barbie baby pink like no that is not what i wanted i wanted like a dark nude how do i make that maybe like shad brown i Would love to tell you how i got to this color but i don’t even know myself all right guys i’m calling it quits for this video today this review has been something else crayola sweetie love you the most you made my childhood Pretty iconic but i think we need to stick to our 96 crayons for ten dollars because all this is not working out overall this collection is not absolutely the worst But i definitely not recommend you guys to go and run and spend your money on it these face crayons i would have to say by far the worst thing in this entire collection they’re way too waxy they’re not that pigmented They do not blend out very well they don’t dry down and they are way way a way to overprice the next several pencils are a much better alternative the eyeshadow palettes however were actually not that bad specifically the face when i actually really really like this one this highlighter shade right here looked absolutely stunning on the cheeks and this metallic coral blush i am literally in love with i want to reach for this all the time this summer and the mermaid palette as such as i was actually making fun of it in the beginning was actually a pretty bomb as well and i love how it looks on the lower lash line The lip palette although i was having a really hard time finding a decent shade at first i think i was actually able to mix together a really beautiful nude and the formula feels really really Really nice but i would definitely recommend buying a lipstick instead because i know most you guys don’t want to sit there i was saying good morning and mixed together a lipstick i know i certainly don’t the mascaras were okay they definitely like did their job of coating and lash and giving them a little bit of a lift but they’re definitely not something i would recommend or say that you needed in your Life and the brush collection is an absolute no please never spend $40 on four brushes ever i actually really really do love the look That i came up with today but it just took Me way too much time way too much ever and way too much packing and blending to be able to really get good eye look going on i’m actually really disappointed because you guys know i say all the time i started doing makeup for the art and you guys might grew up drawing painting and coloring and crayola actually did have a huge huge part in my life and it got me through a lot of really really tough times as a kid but it really sucks to say that i will not be recommending this collection to you guys and it will definitely not be a part of my future makeup routine that being said i really hope you guys enjoyed this video today and if you did please don’t forget to give it a Big thumbs up down below and subscribe if you have not already i’d love to have you join the sisterhood
it is a pretty lit Time because and click that bell icon So you get notified every time i upload a brand new video if you like to follow me on my makeup journey you can follow Me on instagram or twitter they’re both just jamescharles and my snapchat for more behind the scenes type stuff is jamescharless with an extra s after charles this videos sister shoutout goes to sister ethan thank you so much for always following and supporting though i love you so So so much and if you’d like to be the next videos sister shoutout don’t forget to always retweet video links when i go live on twitter all right sisters that is all i have for this video is tonight thank you for watching this crazy crazy review i love you and i will see you in the next one bye


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