45 thoughts on “Crane implosion at Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans

  1. This "plan" makes absolutely no sense….My career in construction management screams the total ignorance that went into this if it wasn't for some more nefarious purpose!

  2. Kailas building ?, they should look at ( all ) of Kailas prier construction and permits workmanship, Mohan Kailas tentacles reach a long way, a crime has been committed, their greed has coursed irreparable damage to the community

  3. It did not go as planned. I watched from a vantage point from across the river. The west crane not only lawn darted into the street so deep it ruptured a main city sewer line, it also whipped the boom over the street into other structures that also cut the street car lines.
    East crane is not down. It has been put into a state that the tower section could kick out into the theater. And the boom is hanging over canal street.

    Media has been told to put a positive spin on this. …. BULLSHIT!

    If " down" was the plan… they nailed it.
    Oh, dont worry about the sewer line, sewage and water board are on it. The same folks that could not find the fucking cars stuck in the sewage system after Katrina. It took the 12 years to figure that out.

  4. Stop talking about what you do not know. What you are looking at, is the part that is hook to the hotel. the top part fell to the street.

  5. The most destructive thing about this entire 5+ hour video … has to be the three dingbats commenting throughout the entire thing. geeesh

  6. Ok guys… This is what we'll do… Have one crane fall and get hung up on the top of this unsafe building and the other is gonna shoot down into the ground a dozen feet like a giant lawn dart…
    Ready??? Roll cameras…..
    Great… Perfection…. Success… ( don't forget to pat everyone else on the backs while cameras still rolling )

  7. I know you're just a CBS affiliate but come on. From the incoherent title, to the three clueless news presenters, this checked all the boxes.

    This content couldn't complete with low budget YouTube channels, it's amazing they have a TV station.

  8. Blowing them cranes that was unnecessary they couldn't took it came down the same way to put them up what a waste what a dumbass..

  9. oooooh! Big pile of expensive broken new stuff!? Throw some 737 MAX and California high speed train on there to keep the $$$$$$ wastage at maximum.

  10. 7 Union Ironworkers show up on this tragic construction site shortly after the collapse with a 500 ton hydraulic crane and volunteer to take down the two tower cranes Safely in a day ( is what they do ) and were thrown off this job site, Kailas & Citadel the contractor should be removed from this construction site for incompetence & safety issues and Jailed, their GREED has caused irreparable damage to this community.

  11. 3 stupid gash with a low rated TV channel talking like they know something – they were told to fill "dead air" and they sure did.

  12. Somebody get these women back in the kitchen……make some sandwiches or something……and bring us a beer ! …and then these ho's start talking about the long job penetrating the street….but they don't know the extent of penetration…..but it CAME down in a CLIMACTIC way….😁🤣😂😂……..are they doing this because their street corner had to be evacuated?

  13. lol What a freakin' shitshow! I don't think one part of this demo was thought out at all. What I do know is neither of these three loons know wtf they're
    talking about. If this actually went the way they wanted it to go, I would really like to hear it explained in detail. Man…just speechless. What a cluster F.

  14. I watched the whole thing just to see if the three in the studio would ever make any sense . The jenga analogy was cringe and they seemed surprised they couldn't hear the sirens in a soundproof studio .

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