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Cranes large graceful gliding birds. They’re the best travellers and can be found all over the
world. Cranes generally live in grasslands and like to be near water. They have long
skinny legs tall necks a really big wingspan. But they’re probably best known because
they are great at flying really long distances. As
winter approaches they fly to where it’s warmer. This is
called migration. Sometimes it can be thousands of miles. Some cranes even have
to fly over the himalayas- which are the tallest mountains in the
world. The cranes get a free ride on hot air that takes
them very high in the cloud down until they get another
free lift. Together they fly in a V formation Which looks very impressive. Along the
way the cranes stop at staging areas for
rest. When they arrive there are thousands of cranes. Wow that’s a lot of cranes. Have you
ever seen an origami crane? An origami crane is a crane made a
folded paper. Maybe you could try to make one? to see more amazing animals be sure to
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