100 thoughts on “Crafty Updates! (And My Favorite Crafty Things Coming Soon)

  1. Hi friends! It looks like my Crafty Sales Newsletter sign up is working now. You can head to this page: https://www.jennifermcguireink.com/register
    On this page you have three options to sign up for:
    1. You can sign up to get my newsletter/blog which will let you know when I have a new post or video. (And occasional sales info, but not many.)
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    3. You can register with my site. You create a username and password (all is safe and I don't share) so you can bookmark your favorite posts on my site.
    Hope this is helpful! 🙂

  2. I love all of your videos Jennifer! You are a true inspiration to the card making world and we are so lucky that you take so much time putting together the videos, sale information, sharing your many techniques…EVERYTHING that you do is AMAZING. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog many years ago. Thank you Jennifer!

  3. Absolutely love your videos – they are certainly not boring. Could listen to you explain things all day – they are really helpful and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and where to go to get great deals!

  4. Ha! Your videos are definitely NOT long or boring! They are well crafted and help me so much. I am going to try to use what I have though, because I have more "stuff" than I could ever use in my lifetime! I will look at your videos with that in mind in the future instead of having to buy the items that you show. I definitely have helped many businesses in the two years I've been card making!!

  5. Is this where you leave a comment indicating my interest in your $100 boxes? I would love to have a chance to get one of those boxes! Thank you

  6. I have been caught up with other things so I haven’t been in my craft room much nor have I been able to spend time with my friends, so I can honestly say “ I’ve missed you “
    Thanks for sharing, I do have a bit of catching up…your videos are never boring and never too long. You bring sunshine to my day and I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to tune it but today is catchup day, I will be gathering with my girlfriends to do some cardmaking while sharing stories, eating and drinking and while you can’t be at my table I’ll be sharing a cuppa with you later when I catch-up on some videos.
    So with much love and gratitude, thanks again for all you do for each and everyone of us who tune in and the wider community…you have a big and loving heart that can be felt all the way across the miles here in Mandurah, Australia 🙏❤️❤️🐬🇦🇺

  7. Boring…NEVER! Love all your videos…you are such an inspiration to so many and I am eternally grateful for all you do. Thank you and looking forward “My Favorite Things”

  8. I never think your videos are too long or boring. I think you're delightful and I love how thoroughly you explain things. You're wonderful!

  9. Love to see your face and the pin wall looks amazing. Can’t wait for the series it is one of my favorite things to look forward to to see what you pick.

  10. Jennifer, you could never be boring! When I want to learn a new technique or get inspiration, your channel is the first place I look! Thank you for all you do and may you and yours have a very blessed Thanksgiving! ❤️

  11. Almost missed the end! 🤣🤣 I love your crafty things series, and when I see a video of yours that’s 20 minutes or less, I’m bummed! Love the long videos! I also sent about 15 cards to Ricky. I lost my sweet Springer Spaniel Lizzie to cancer last year 😢 so I had to send some cards.

  12. Absolutely NEVER boring and I for one appreciate longer videos xo Thanks so much for all you do for our community and this lovely industry xo

  13. Just saying………your videos are absolutely not boring AND you are the best technique teacher of beautiful cards out there!😊❣️

  14. Hi Jennifer! I always learn from your videos and am never confused by how you teach. You have such a calm voice for someone that has kids, that is crafting producer (of the big kind), and I always feel your kindness. Thanks a million!

  15. Thanks for all you do. I don't mind how long the videos are and you are so not boring! I've learned so much from watching your videos and I appeciate all the time and hard work that does into creating the video you end up sharing.

  16. Glad for all you do Jennifer. I must be super crafty (not) as my craft room always looks like a bomb went off. As soon as I put things away, I want to craft again and then start pulling things out. The circle of crafting for me i guess. Happy holidays!

  17. You are NEVER boring! You are one of my top four utubers! Always excited when I am advised of a new post from you. Love your work and your calm professional delivery!

  18. Oh Jennifer—your videos are NEVER boring! I always learn so much, and I love the fact that you encourage us to shop from our stash. 💕😘💕

  19. I love your videos, Jennifer! As far as I’m concerned, you are the best on the internet for teaching card-making techniques. 😊

  20. So many have already said it but I have to say it too. Your videos are not too long and certainly NOT boring! I love watching them because I learn so much and feel so inspired after watching them. Thanks for all you do for the crafting community!!!

  21. Jennifer, Your videos and blogs were what got me interested in making cards. You are doing a great job…keep it up….don't change a thing and thanks.

  22. Your videos are NEVER boring, NEVER too long and are a huge help to me in planning classes for my customers. When I need a "Jennifer Fix" and there isn't a new video, I go back refresh myself on the older ones. Keep up the good work for the crafting community. You are amazing. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful family.

  23. Love your enamel pins on the wall. Looking forward to your favorite crafty things video. It was how I got introduce to you by a friend a year or so ago. And I’m hooked!

  24. How wonderful to see your beautiful face! I know it makes you uncomfortable to be in front of the camera, so I'm grateful you stepped into your discomfort zone to bless us! Blessings to you for all you share with us. Btw, I completely agree with your sign in the background. My hope is the same!

  25. I'm new to card making, a switch from cake making and your long videos are just perfect. The reason I switched hobbies was that all the videos I used to watch are now sped up and shortened to only 5 mins. I like that you take the time to share, show and explain.

  26. Love, love, love your videos Jennifer! Particularly your favourite things – I’m checking them to see if I have already purchased the item ( and then I congratulate myself on my good taste!) 😘 xx

  27. Your videos are never boring, you are the most creative and artist gal around, you give us so much inspiration!💜🤗

  28. Thank you very much.
    I just want to say that your videos are never boring. I enjoy them a lot and always very much informative and educational. God has given you a beautiful gift. And you are using it well.

  29. Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer…please don't apologize for the video lengths…they are an expression of your generosity, sharing your talents, ideas, techniques, etc. to so many people who enjoy your blogs. I can't thank you enough for the first-rate videos you prepare for us "wanna be Jennifers." I'm old enough to be your mom and have been involved in many crafts and art over the years and I learn continually learn from your sharing. From elaborate techniques to how to clean up or line up with purple tape and so much more. I am blessed to be able to enjoy the results of your hard work. Thank you!

  30. Lovely to see you for 8 mins. You have a beautiful smile and a beautiful heart! You are never boring. I look forward to all of your posts. Are those all pins I see behind you? I thought I was bad……. LOL LOL

  31. Jennifer, I want to tell you that your videos are NEVER boring! NEVER! I am so grateful to you for every video you have shared with us! You are so very generous to bless us with wonderful instructions on so many different kinds of card making videos! Thank you so much!

  32. I think your videos are great I still fairly new to crafting/ card making I’am really learning a lot from your videos your videos are very informative and are great tools for me thank you fir all you do.blessings

  33. Your videos are perfect! Please don’t ever think you are boring. You are a kind and generous soul who just happens to be a brilliant crafter and artist. You are a blessing and inspiration❤️❤️❤️

  34. It's such a treat to end my day with a cheery and beautifully presented tutorial from you! You are a treasure for sure! Thanks again for the hard work invested in teaching us so well.

  35. Jennifer, NONE and I mean NONE of your videos have ever been boring to me!!!!! In fact, I go back and look at them over and over again. My hubby and I live in a small retirement community and so there's not of cardmakers for me to get together with so, I craft alone. This might sound crazy (I hope not!), but when I listen to your videos, I feel like I have a friend who is crafting alongside me. Your voice is so soothing and it calms me down after a long day working and I don't feel all alone. Thank you for generosity and willingness to share your craft and your passion for giving back!

  36. Jennifer you are Wonder Woman in my eyes! I have withdrawals waiting for your next video to come out! 🤣 Love you! ❤😘

  37. You are never boring Jennifer! You are such an inspiration and I have learned so much from watching your videos. Your video’s could be hours long and I would still watch them. 😁

  38. Your videos are not to long! I could watch you all day!! Each time I watch one of your videos I can see Gods true blessings on your life I’m so amazed at the new things you come up with in each video. I am blessed that I don’t have to own every product on the market to do what you do. I guess that’s why your channel is my favorite you tell me to use what I have and that’s great because money is so tight right now thank you so much

  39. I love these videos where you just chat with us. 💜
    My heart was about to burst with you talking about the crafty boxes & your plans for donating. You are amazing, my friend. 💜

  40. I have followed many blogs as I’ve been crafting and you’re the only one that’s always here to teach. Thank you so much.

  41. Yay! I look forward to this series every year. Thank you for your efforts in pulling this together. You are the creator that tops my “must view” list. I watch every video.

  42. Your videos are never too long and never boring. You have inspired me for many many years. I appreciate all that you do, not just for the crafty community also for positivity and your truth and honesty 💕

  43. Boring?! You?! You've got to be kidding!! Inspirational. Funny. Real. A Blessing. All those describe you but never BORING! 😉

  44. Jennifer I wish you could realise just how much you videos mean to everyone.
    Some days are tuff and a gentle video can really help.
    Keep them coming!

  45. Your videos… boring??? They are inspirational, amusing, educational, and beautiful! Can't wait for your favorite Crafty Things this year! Thank you for being such a wonderful person, giving, always thinking of others. You are a true inspiration.

  46. I’d just like to say that your videos and Never boring! Love that you take the time to share what you love. Happy Thanksgiving today xx

  47. You are amazing, Jennifer! I don’t know how you do all that you do to offer us so many projects & wonderful videos. Your charity work warms my heart. I hope someday I’ll be a recipient of one of your craft boxes so I can help a cause you are promoting.

  48. Oh it’s my favorite time of year! I would miss your Favorite Crafty Things videos so much if you didn’t do them. I honestly learn something every time I watch one of your videos, I don’t ever find them boring. Thank you for all the inspiration you give to all of every year.

  49. Thank you Jennifer for all the time and effort you put into these videos, your blog, and sharing your talents with us. You are such a kind and loving woman 💖

  50. Thanks Jennifer!! It's very hard to find people that do this type of crafting anymore left alone Christians!! Thank you for all of your hard work and everything that you do! God bless!!

  51. Your videos are never boring! We are here to learn, from our crafty friend, Jennifer. I know that I get excited every time you put out a new video. Also, I love the long videos they're my favorite! You happen to be my favorite crafty artist. God bless and protect you and your family. Thank you for everything.

  52. Jennifer! Your videos are not too long and they are NEVER boring! I have learned SO much from you and your videos, don't change a thing!

  53. Your videos are never long…and certainly never boring! You are a blessing to the crafting community! You have inspired us all to share handmade kindness! Thank you so much. God bless you.

  54. I agree with some of the comments below. Your video's are never too long or boring. I love watching you as you are a wonderful teacher and inspire me so much. I could sit and watch you all day. (and I have). Please keep the video's coming.

  55. Your videos are never to long. I work 24hr shifts (paramedic) and your videos bring sunshine to what is sometimes a dark sad shift. I have been able to learn so much from you and your friend Kristina. You always have so much sunshine and happiness and it helps. I have used a multitude of your teachings to help me become a better card maker to where I can give cards also. Thank you for all you do. Many blessing to you and your family for allowing you to bring a warm glow into our hearts.

  56. First, you are an inspiration, and inspiring to me to use the products I forget I have in my stash. When you do your crafty things series, it reminds me to go through my own stash and pass on what I no longer use or need…sometimes to friends or family, sometimes to a local nursing/hospice, etc. God bless you always. You are never boring, and I look forward to what you will show us in the future videos.

  57. Jennifer, you’re such a kind and giving person, very thoughtful 🥰! I’m so inspired by you with all the ideas you come up with in your videos. You have an endless imagination of using stamps/dies/etc in such different and unique ways, which I truly envy. I would not be able to come up with so many ideas and using so many techniques like the ones you share with us. I appreciate the time you take to prepare, plan and record all these videos! Your videos are never boring or too long, they’re always on point and very well explained and executed as well 👌🏼! I probably watched every single video you posted and just can’t get enough 😊!
    I was so looking forward to your favorite things video that I even checked the upload dates of your older videos to see when you usually posted them 😉. So I’m very glad to see this announcement and looking forward to seeing all the great stuff!
    And btw, I understand the explanation with the mannequins and my brain agrees, but somehow magically, my fingers end up putting everything in the shopping cart 😂🙈

  58. Always love watching your "favorites" videos. They usually cost me, though. 😀 I noticed your cup and thought I would share another small business with you. (I hope this is okay..don't want to step on any toes. Please delete if necessary). My daughter creates plaques (like the outdoor vertical ones that are popular right now), cups, etc. Check her out: Ginger Dream Designs on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/gingerdreamdesigns/

  59. Your videos are incredible and by no means too long and certainly not boring. You have been such an inspiration to me. Your videos are so well put together; you have taught me so much. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so know this–I flatter you a lot! You have introduced me to so many wonderful businesses. I especially love our Ohio company Simon Says Stamp. Their customer service is among the best out there. I have a rare disease that sometimes confines me to my bed. It is on these days that your videos bring me the most joy. It's like having a daughter come to visit to cheer me up. Thank you.

  60. Oh my gosh! You are NEVER boring! The techniques you teach are invaluable and I watch your videos over and over to help me improve my skills. Thank you for all you do for us and for the small businesses

  61. Jennifer – you are an inspiration to me! And you inspired me today when I saw behind you that you have your solid papers divided with file-folder tabs. Mine are in a big stack leaning against one side of a bookshelf. I try to keep it neat, but as soon as I start pulling out papers, it's a mess again. I am going to arrange mine like yours; I can see the advantage of lifting up the tab and pulling out 1 piece. Thank you so much!

  62. Thank you, Jennifer! I love watching your videos! I have learned so much from you! Thank you for all you do! Keep up the excellent work you do!🥰

  63. Wow, great idea for your boxes!
    I love your videos, they are NOT long, and I wait for,them every week! Thanks for all you do!!

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