Crafts Store Tour | Shop to buy Dent Plast and colors for name plate and Murals  |  JK Arts 1091

Crafts Store Tour | Shop to buy Dent Plast and colors for name plate and Murals | JK Arts 1091

hi friends welcome to JKArts I’m Jharna and I am Khushboo guys if you are new to our channel,
let us tell you that we have uploaded a video’s on how to make rubber mold?
how to make name plates?
and how to color Diwali diyas? for those videos, we get many comments,personal messages and calls regarding the material which we had used in that videos like where we can buy dent plast material? where we can buy rubber solution for making molds? or the color which we had used in that videos? so for that reason we have plan a craft shop tour. and the craft shop which we have decided to visit today is in Kalyan near Mumbai. Lets get started 🙂 guys we finally reach the place from
where we buy our Colors, Dent plast and Rubber Solution. click the link in description for more
videos Guys if you have any other question regarding craft material Please comment below do subscribe for more videos Happy Crafting

92 thoughts on “Crafts Store Tour | Shop to buy Dent Plast and colors for name plate and Murals | JK Arts 1091

  1. hi j&k me a new subscriber .bt enjoys it many vdeos bar itself. thanks a lot girls fr the as am n Bangalore
    can u suggest any online option fr the purchase pls..

  2. how do you upload videos so quickly?it is quite a difficult task……you guys are amazing andboth of you give me a lot of inspiration

  3. I am from Kalyan, now settled in Bangalore since 13 yrs. It was so nostalguc to see the roads of kalyan n ulhasnagar on which i hv travelled so frequently. Thank u soo much

  4. if i need articles how can i order them or do i hv to go to kalyan tobuy them. Are they available online please let me know

  5. Hi can you please make a craft supply this all in one video ya it might take you some time but I will love to watch it

  6. why dont u sale it in online, then lot of members will buy it. if u sell it in online then tell me how to do that

  7. Apke whatsap no. Bataiye taki hum qution puch sake & is vedio ka materials ap hindi/engliash m bata skate h jo linck m daal rahi hu uski DIY Colors Slime Clay Kinetic Sand Summer Beach Learn Colors Orbeez

  8. Hi I don't get most of the materials where I stay. So would like to know if you will take orders for things I require

  9. उल्हासनगर मे किस नम्बर मे है ,2-3-4 किस सेक्टर मे है plz

  10. Please ride with helmet🛵👩🏽‍🏭 .
    In Germany helmet is mandatory.
    For safety .
    We want you to be well.

  11. I stay in Lalbaug ( south mumbai) Can u guide me for some Mural classes here in south mumbai…pls

  12. Hey, Jharna&Khushboo. l'm a huge fan of your channel. I absolutely love your creative ideas. Your final products are just spot on! Great videos! Keep 'em comin'!

  13. दीदी, ऐसी दुकान के फोन नम्बर दीजिए जिनसे हम आन लाईन सामान मंगवा सके।

  14. Shop Address:
    Shree Sharda Enterprises, shop no. 3, near Annapurna hotel, Ahilyabai Chowk, Kalyan West, Mumbai. +91-9867801993, 7021749429

  15. Jai janani mem-mai aapki har video dekhta hu !bahut kuch sekhne ke liye milta hai !so please aap fiber murti making sikha de thanks thanks thanks ( jai janani -jai hind )

  16. hello jk arts My name is Yudhisthira. And I have to ask that you buy these craft goods online or from the shop. And I had to ask one thing what J.K. What is the full form of jay and ke? I also have a situation where I like jk arts name too. Designing me looks pretty good.
    Thank You Reply me on My Email Address= [[email protected]] please reply fast

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