Crafting with Chemical Reactions! Create Home Make Stencil in Minutes that last Forever!

Crafting with Chemical Reactions! Create Home Make Stencil in Minutes that last Forever!

hi everyone welcome Hedgehog Hollow
I’m super excited because I’m going to be teaching you how to make your own
stencils and we’ll be making a super super cute shirt
and this is really means you can make stencils for anything now they’re
designed for screen printing but you can use them with anything which is the
coolest parts so I know we’ve shown you how to do it this is the one that I
created and this is my printout that we’re going from so it’s really really
simple you’re gonna love this process okay so the first thing you need is the
icon art kit which I have here and they have this light-sensitive film so you
want to keep it in this special bag until you want to get one out and then
you’re gonna take out one of there’s these special sheets in here so this is
what we’re going to need we just want to plug in and turn on your light and
there’s also some special paper they give you which is what you want to print
on and what it’s going to expose is anything that’s yellow and anything
that’s black so the other things won’t get exposed but those will so we take
our film and you want to do it so that it’s glossy side down there’s like a
glossy side and there’s a textured matte side so it’s glossy side down matte side
up then you’re gonna take your printout and you want it with the printing
downwards and you’ll know because one slides slightly dark and the other so
darker side your printing goes down and then you take this special
film and you put that on top and then we’re going to expose this for 30
seconds so I have a timer here on my phone I’m going to set my 30-second
timer and you really can do anything so as I mentioned it’s going to expose
whatever is black and whatever is yellow they’re the only two colors it exposes
but you can print out anything you want Ali did a really cool wire and she
printed out a Disney design so that’s what she wanted to try so you can make
your own stencils with absolutely anything and then I’m going to show you
how to screen print it onto a t-shirt too so
I mean we’re already down to six seconds you see how quick that is and then
you’re gonna hear my phone go nuts yeah so a little bit of one of my favorite
songs on that so then all you’re gonna do is take this away take it out of your
light and that is it all the magic has happened so the next thing we do is peel
this off and you can’t actually see anything on there but the next thing I’m
gonna do is wash it so you go to the sink give it a really good wash I like
using the power hose that’s on my kitchen sink and then once you’ve done
that your piece will look like this one here and then you’re gonna leave it to
dry for around about 45 minutes or if you’re an impatient crafter like I am
you can just use your heat gun on it hair dry heat go if you need to heat gun
just been a bit careful because I just start to melt this wonderful bit but
hair dry heat gun you want it to be thoroughly thoroughly dry so that’s the
process that I’ve done here and then we want to re expose it so that part you
wanted to take your piece here you pop it on again and what we’re doing is
we’re just making sure that it dries and solidifies and does everything that’s
supposed to so you can put it under the light for like another thirty seconds or
so I’m gonna kind of guesstimate just because I’m talking and I’ve already
done that part once anyway so I know it’s gonna work for me but it’s just
that hardens your stencil back up again there’s really good instructions inside
of your kitchen with all of your timings you know when you should do everything
so check those out too but you can see what a simple process is so now I have
re exposed my film this is how it looks and when you’re cleaning it off one
thing I didn’t mention is you can put it on this clipboard that they give you so
you can do this here like this pop it on the clipboard and then give it a really
good clean and then it doesn’t kind of swim all over the place so that’s a
really top tip in there and just for that so that’s why they give you that
clipboard I shouldn’t mention that to you so now you have a finished dental
and it takes no time at all apart from the drying and say you can expedite that
with a heat gun so once you’re done you’re gonna grab whatever your t-shirt
is so this is the one that we grabbed this is for Tilley I’m just gonna pop
some wax paper in the fryer you can use parchment paper just
doesn’t bleed all the way through so I’m just slaughtering this inside here and
the reason I’m doing this is just so that when I apply paint in a second my
paint doesn’t soak through to the other side so now I’m going to take my stencil
here and it has a little bit of a sticky on the back and I’m just gonna peel that
off so you can see and then my stencils are now sticky so this is a sticky
surface to stick on to my project you wanna give it a really good smooth down
so you make sure it’s stuck down the more the better and these are reusable
stencils and when I’m done you can go and clean this off and you know you can
use this as many times as you want which is super super cool so we’re gonna pop
this down on here and you can see so anywhere that you can see the pink
that’s where it’s gonna expose to and I’m gonna use I’m gonna be brave and see
if this black paint will work so this is just laurdiy this is you combine any
big-box store obviously we’ll have links to everything for you but I’m just going
to pop some down and around and this was one that Ali gave me tips for so we’ll
see how this goes and they also give you a squeegee in there like this so you can
do your screen printing yourself so I’m just gonna hold this as I go just to
make sure squeegee and the other thing is you can take all of your excess paint
and you can squeeze you off and put it back into the bottle
if you want to I’m gonna go for time on this just because we’re doing it in a
video what you can do is you can scrape off all your excess pop it back into the
bottles and grab myself a little tissue to pop this on and I’ll just give it a
you know wash with warm soapy water afterwards and now you get to see the
magic so there is my unicorn tea for miss Tilly isn’t that just the cutest as
I say these are completely reusable stencils you can
surface to put this on for a second you can I’m just going wash it and then use
it as many times you want so maybe you want to make team t-shirts maybe one I’m
excited for school and you can make all sorts of different things you could
customize them if you wanted to and but your course you’ve got one sense you
just make it over and over and over again which is just awesome so I love
love love being out make my own stencils and plus I could use them with sprays
and things on my cards and my scrapbooks you don’t just have to use them on
fabric either there’s lots and lots of different ways to use them I hope you’ve
enjoyed today’s video I’ve added links down below to the icon art and there’s a
full blog post explaining the process and we’ll make sure we add all of those
specific timings in there for you as well so we’ll do a step-by-step tutorial
over in the blog post so hop down below check out the blog post hit subscribe
ring the bell all of those fun things and we will see you again very very soon
for another tip trick tutorial or maybe something a little bit different happy
crafting everyone bye

7 thoughts on “Crafting with Chemical Reactions! Create Home Make Stencil in Minutes that last Forever!

  1. Thank you for showing this! IKONART and its parent company have been around for well over 30 years and have pioneered this process with photo emulsion. IKONART is not a MLM like the "Stencil company that shall not be named" You are free to be your own Designer!!! Awesome Share!!!

  2. Too pricey. Can do quality stencils with Brother ScanNCut for far less. Many thanks for your time for showing those that can use it or have not known of it's existence. Happy Holidays.

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