Craft Supplies Collection and Organization

Craft Supplies Collection and Organization

– Hey guys. So in one of my recent
videos, I got a comment asking if I could do a tour of
all of my craft supplies and show how I keep it all organized. And I thought that was a great idea. A lot of beauty gurus will
do these types of videos for their makeup collections,
but since I can hold my entire makeup collection in one hand, I thought my crafting supplies might be a little bit more interesting. Okay, ready? Let’s go get started. So, back here is where I usually film, but if we swing around here, we can see how I have this cute little
nook, which is where I keep all of my books and all
of my crafting supplies. Let’s walk over here. First, you can see all my books, which are still pretty disorganized, but then over here is where I
keep all of my craft supplies. Sorry if this a bit shaky, it’s
honestly so small back here that I really can’t fit a tripod. But first, let’s start on the desk. First I have this makeup
organizer type of plastic thing, where I keep all of my most
frequently used supplies. So down here I have
some of my sewing stuff. I have a lot of different colored threads, a big thing of white thread, some needles and a measuring tape. Here I have more thread, black and red, and then needles and pins are in these little film canisters. Then I’ve got extra X-acto knife blades and a pencil sharpener. In this compartment is all
the tapes I use most often, which is duct tape, masking
tape and artist tape, as well as all my little washy tapes, which I keep here so they
don’t end up everywhere. And behind that are all my
most frequently used tools, like my metal ruler, scissors, a few paint brushes I use
pretty often, a pencil. I keep my screwdrivers
in here, X-acto knives, basically just all of that basic stuff. Then behind that, we have this container, which is actually a dish
rack to hold your dry dishes. But since I moved into my
apartment with roommates, they already had one, so I just decided to put
all my craft stuff in there. So I just have everything
separated out into little baggies. This one has tiny rhinestones
and jewelry supplies, thumb tacks, zippers and
chains and random other stuff. We have binder clips, we have rhinestones, we have, what is this,
googly eyes, buttons, just all kinds of random
stuff separated out into little bags so I can
only grab exactly what I need. Then moving along the table,
we have my hair dryer, which has never really
been used for drying hair. I really only use it
to dry paint and glue. Then over here we have a dish with just lots of random little stuff, these pins that I started
painting, a watch, this paint dish, and this pipe that I might use for
something at some point. And if we open this drawer we can see all my pens and pencils and paint brushes and all that kind of stuff. So everything is rubber banded together. I have PrismaColor markers,
hot glue gun sticks, pens, paint brushes, pencils, all
kinds of stuff in there. Moving along here we have a
triangle and a three hole punch, and this is where I keep all
of my random craft papers. So here I have a bit of
card stock, some felt, in here is all sand paper, and then some museum board
and random other tissue papers and wrapping paper and
other stuff that I save. And then over here are
the cylinders of wire and plastic tubing and
just those kinds of stuff. Okay, now let’s see what’s in the cabinet. When I open that up, it’s
basically like a medicine cabinet, just full of art supplies. I start out with paint, there
are all my basic paints, and then these other little
acrylic paints that fall over, so they’re usually all over the place. Then over here is glue
and tape on the dispenser. Moving up a shelf is just
kind of random stuff, paper clips, index cards, my cork thing that I use for sand paper, and then are a few tools. These are the corn stalks I
just showed in my last video, a big stapler, wire
cutters, another hole punch, hot glue gun and string. And then moving up to the top shelf we have my left over
gouache from art school. This holds extra X-acto knives. And then these are those
letters I was talking about in my last video that
I still have left over. You can see there are all kinds
of wooden letters in there. And up here are charcoal
and other drawing stuff left over from art school that I don’t really use all the time, but I also don’t want to get rid of. So that is my cabinet, and now
if we swing back around here, well first we can see all of the badges from all of the conventions I’ve been to. And then up here on top of the bookshelf we have a bucket of markers
that was actually given to me by John Maeda, the president of RISD. And then we have all
kinds of printer papers. This is Epson photo paper, just
random other stuff down here and then a lot of card stock. And then this is my map collection. You guys know that I’m obsessed with maps, so I just have stacks and
stacks of them up here. Down underneath that, right
next to my Scott Pilgrim books, I’ve got my silver tape, my thing of PrismaColor colored pencils, and then if we open this
up, that’s where I keep all of my rolls of tape as
well as all of my ribbon. So coming down under the table, we can see a bunch of poster tubes which have left over posters that I’ve designed over the
years, a few flat things, the Guess Who set, some
posters I’ve designed, some brown paper, and in
this bag are bags and bags of different color beads
separated out by color. There are a lot of them in here, I don’t even wanna like dump them all out. Then if we come from
there, back over to here, next to this set of bookshelves, this is where I keep big flat things. So I have some scrap paper, some Epson premium presentation paper, as well as my cutting boards. This is my newest cutting board. I really try to only use it with paper, since this is my old
one, it’s kinda gross, it has paint and other random
gross stuff all over it. So this one I use when
I’m doing messy projects, and then this one I use when
I wanna keep things neat. So that is my entire craft collection. And that’s how I keep it all organized. Well, that’s how I would
keep it all organized if I took the time to organize
it after each project. Usually it’s a bit more of
a disaster than it is now, I just spent a few hours last night putting everything back and making sure it was all in it’s place. Going through it like this, there actually isn’t that
much different stuff, I just try to only keep the
stuff that I know I’m gonna use, and I try to keep it all pretty basic, so you don’t need too
much specialized supplies to do the projects that
I show you how to do. So now I’m gonna get out of this nook, because it’s kinda hot
and cramped back here. So I hope you enjoyed that video and seeing all of my crafting supplies. Let me know in the comments
if you have any questions or if you see something that I’m missing that you think I should get. Or if you don’t care
about seeing supplies, you just wanna learn how to make crafts, you can learn how to make this necklace that I’m wearing right now, in my last Halloween crafting video, where I show you have to make three different DIY Halloween theme, slightly more subtle necklaces. So if you wanna see that video,
you can click right here. Bla, bla, bla, I’m talking
about the wrong video. Click here to see me talk about all of my favorite kinds of tape. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you all next time. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Craft Supplies Collection and Organization

  1. I love seeing how other people organize their stuff! I just recently reorganized my whole room, and the craft closet was a big part of that.

  2. Hey Karen!
    Thank you for another brilliant video, I love videos like this just seeing other peoples supplies and how they make there own creations! I really want to try and improve my skills in making stuff rather than just being confident in drawing with pencils! DFTBA!

  3. I love you! I Love all of your art and crating related videos they always inspire me and I just love seeing the process that goes into making all of your amazing decorations!

  4. Did you go into a graphic design program, or just a visual art program? I'm considering changing schools, but I can't seem to find many universities in Ontario that offer design, and I was wondering if I could just apply to a visual arts program.

  5. I so want a room or something like that to put all my crafting stuff! Right now it's just all over the place and I have to search my apartment for all the stuff I need every time I want to make something… which is really annoying and is probably one of the reasons why I don't make that much stuff. 🙁

  6. wow, and I thought I had a lot of stuff.
    It douse seem to take over right/?
    I started to find exciting storage places for my art supplies
    but I mess it up whenever i need to use them :S

  7. Seeing all your convention badges brought me back to this past weekend when my family and I went to comic con in NYC….I know you talk about going to VidCon and LeakyCon, ever been to comic con in San Diego? If so did you dress up? My husband was Arthur Dent and I was Ford Prefect from hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and my kids dressed up as their fav Internet comic characters…though no one knew who hubby and I were…lol

  8. You said you love maps.. Would you like your viewers to send you maps of where they live? That would be kind of awesome thing to have …and you could say to any oen fighting in the comments to stop since "I know where you live" ….rambling now.. Bye :3

  9. we need a name for your fans. like you know doctor who fans are called whovians, we need a name! like karenators or perpetualmotioners or idk you're creative think of something lol :3

  10. I'm confused, you said you live with roomates, are you Hank's wife? do you live with roomates? I'm a kinda new nerdfighter so I don't know much about your lives (not that we actualy have to know)

  11. Karen isn't married to Hank. A wonderful woman called The Katherine is married to Hank. Karen is friends with them though! 🙂

  12. I knew Katherine I'm subscribe to Hank's gaming channel, I though Karen was like a shorter verion of Katherine, thank you so much!

  13. I studied graphic design, but it's more about the content of the program than the name. Ask around and find out what classes you'll be taking before you make a decision.

  14. You don't need a whole room! You could even just clear out a drawer or two from a dresser and that's a great start.

  15. haha, it's usually a lot messier than this, I just cleaned it up so that I could show you guys everything I have 🙂

  16. The trick is to just put EVERYTHING away after each project, only making an exception for basic stuff you use every time like an xacto knife or cutting board, but make sure to always keep that stuff together and easy to get to.

  17. It's spelled gouache. It's a type of paint, similar to watercolors but thicker so that you can get really bright consistent colors. It's also crazy expensive, but required for a lot of classes in art school.

  18. A few drawers wouldn't be enough for all my stuff. ^-^ and we don't have enough drawers as it is in our apartment XD. Maybe when I move I can get a place with an extra room for all of it XD.

  19. I really don't have that many craft supplies because my mom has an entire room FULL of paper, glue, tapes, stamps, ink, stickers, and paints. On her bookshelf she has a whole shelf of 8.5×12 scrapbook paper and another for 12×12 paper. I just use whatever I want from her stuff. The one thing she doesn't do (maybe that's why I enjoy it- it's entirely my own!) is making jewelry, which is one of my greatest hobbies. I love your jewelry tutorials!

  20. Like, you have no idea, Karen. My parents and boyfriend want to send me to organizers rehab. I can't go into a store and not look at all the bags and boxes. Particularly metal tins. Its a problem…

  21. By the way, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me. You're one of the only two Youtubers I've ever got a reply from.

  22. I feel like you have a lot more tape than i would imagine you needed. What kind of projects do you use the tapes for, esp the patterned tapes?

  23. I love my Gouache so much. Painting in the style of illuminations is my bag, and when that is your bag gouache is the only way to fly. If you aren't using yours, I would be happen to purchase them and give them a new very loved life full of projects. =D

  24. i thought i had a lot of craft supplies! i keep all of my yarn in a laundry basket and then all of my other stuff like ribbon and hot glue guns and embroidery floss and crochet hooks and stuff is all on this triangular shelf in my room. it's not really very organized but i know where everything is

  25. I am so super jelly of your huge craft supplies collection! I only have one little drawer in my bedroom to devote to craft. I make greeting cards as a hobby – there's a couple of card videos on my channel (if you want to check them out wink wink nudge nudge) and more to come 🙂

  26. Have you considered getting square-based pasta containers for your cabinet? You could throw all your acrylic paints in there and then just grab the whole lot when you need them. It would keep them neat. You'd also be able to fit more in the cabinet.

  27. You shouldnt use liquitex basics you don't get very much color.. you should use heavy body and a bottle of medium.. takes 4 coats of basics to get the same coverage your really just over paying for tinted medium

  28. I'm a graphic design student but its a small school so they make us take painting and got the same rant from my teacher

  29. Is the remainder of that old parking meter lurking about in the crafting nook? I remember that from a while ago but I don't remember when or if you used it.

    Also, I just wanted to say that your videos are always like a beam of sunshine on my day ^_^

  30. Karen can you please make a video just telling us all of the nerdy things about you? I've just subscribed to you and I think you are so awesome and so would love to see it all in one video :3 xxx

  31. I saw among your books on 4:42 that you have JK Rowling's The Casual Vacancy. What are your opinions on the book? Did you enjoy it as a whole?
    Love your videos. Big fan 🙂

  32. Dont worry girl ur not alone …. I barley have any makeup but half a room full of craft supplies lol ^_^

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