Craft Ideas : How To Make DIY Handmade Paper Gift Bag | DIY  Paper Projects

Craft Ideas : How To Make DIY Handmade Paper Gift Bag | DIY Paper Projects

How to Make a Printed Paper Gift Bag This cute little paper bag is an ideal gift for Valentines Day. Things You Need… Printed Paper, Satin Ribbons, Thread, Scissors, Adhesive, Ruler, Decorative Stones, Pearl, Pencil Draw the necessary markings on a printed paper as shown here. Now mark the center of the paper and make the other markings as shown. Fold the sheet along the drawn lines as shown. Apply adhesive at the corners of the two paper flaps leaving the center. This is how the paper gift bag will look. Now punch the holes on the bag as shown to insert the ribbons. Pack the paper bag by inserting and making a ribbon bow. Cut out the loose strands of the ribbon. Now take a red satin ribbon and make a weaving rose as shown. Tie the end of the rose using a thread and cut out the remaining satin ribbon Paste the satin ribbon rose on the paper bag to decorate it and stick a pearl at the center of it. Now decorate the bag using decorative stones as shown. Your pretty handmade paper gift bag is now ready. Hope you enjoyed watching our video. Thanks and Happy Crafting!

32 thoughts on “Craft Ideas : How To Make DIY Handmade Paper Gift Bag | DIY Paper Projects

  1. Hi,I am a new subscriber to ur channel.simple n beautiful work.i loved the satin rose.can u plzz show how to make it in detail as it is shown in a jiffy in the video

  2. Thts gd u reply all
    U replied me alot
    now make something different like decorating scrapbook notebook or an easy origami
    if u hv time plz see & reply my commnt + see my new vdo abt paper tulips 😈😀😀😊☺

  3. These look great for a girls birthday party. I am going to try these, modifying the fabric rose for a tropical hibiscus fabric flower for a tropical theme. These look as if they are a good size to put a few treats and toys for a birthday favor.

  4. can u pls say where can we get this paper..plz say na…I liked it a lot ..I want to give this gift to my bro

  5. It looked really nice with just the pink bow. I would love a tutorial on how you made the red rose though. It was too fast.

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