CRAFT HACK for LAYERING INKS with ONE Ink Pad! – Inktoberfest Day 29

CRAFT HACK for LAYERING INKS with ONE Ink Pad! – Inktoberfest Day 29

hi everyone welcome back today I have
a really cool hack for you as I mentioned and that’s about using a
layering stammers with just one color because I know we all love layering
something we all not buying one of those amazing colors but sometimes you don’t
have that in your budget or maybe you don’t have the right color so I’m gonna
be showing you how to hack it and do an amazing job with just one color of ink I
leave you a black outline if you really really want to so I’m gonna grab out my
one of my favorite black inks here this is my amalgam that we inked up earlier
during inktober first so I’m gonna grab my tag and we are on day number did you
do 29 my goodness where is this month on okay so I’m using the majestic bloom
stamp set and I have my worn lipstick distress ink okay so I’m going to ink up
my base layer so this is my first layer of layering ink oh yeah layer and I’m
gonna take a piece of scrap and I’m gonna stamp lightly one slightly twice
and Bonnie’s gonna side I’m gonna press down and I have a really nice light
color so that’s that now we’re gonna go to our next one which i think is this
one and again I’m gonna ink up with my worn lipstick and I’m not doing full
stamps on my scrap I’m just doing one and then line it up you know me I’m an
approximate liner upper press down lift up so you see you’ve already got some of
that shading in I’m gonna lift this up so you can see I think of that why is
that not working for you there we go so you can see that so you can see I’ve
already got some shading in and now I’m going to grab my next one
which yeah and back on my acrylic block and this time going to ink up with more
lipstick and I’m not gonna stamp off I’m just gonna go straight down there abouts
look at that look how much look how awesome that is I mean you really
couldn’t get any better and then I’m finally gonna go in with my
outline and I’m gonna do that in black you could get into a fourth-generation
with one color is a bit tough I mean if you had a stronger red you could
definitely do that and then you can you know fill out the centers and things I’m
not gonna do all of that now but I’m just gonna add some of that
detail or you could do it with a light grey but I mean like I have all of those
shades in there there we go that’s a good way to show you so you can see that
how cool does that look oh three shades in there with just one ink pad which i
think is just an awesome idea so you want to stamp off twice lightly with
your first run and then you want to stamp off once and then not stamp off at
all so we’re going to call this the layering ink hack one shade which is
worn lipstick so really easy to do but look at that I just absolutely love this
hag and if you want to find out more of my hacks if you love this one there’s
more details on it and a more in-depth tutorial over in our essentials to
card-making class which has 30-something videos in it there is tons and tons of
content in there everything from layering tips to different layering
sizes to a4 verses eight and a half by eleven all of those amazing things so
you can hop on over what that links in the description of course and you can
watch you can all post as well so and I hope you enjoyed today’s tip we have two
more for you and they’re definitely – you do not want to miss so join me again
tomorrow for inktober fest I’ll see you then bye

3 thoughts on “CRAFT HACK for LAYERING INKS with ONE Ink Pad! – Inktoberfest Day 29

  1. Great technique, I have several layering sets that I have not used because I didn't have the correct colors to go together. Now I can use them!! 🙂

  2. Great idea! I hadn't thought of it before. My question is though if you've got four layers plus an outline, could you double stamp the fourth layer to make it the darkest? I suppose I'll just go ahead and try! Thanks so much for great idea!

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